TUMBT: Chapter 2

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

“I can’t take it anymore!!!” Chen Yuozai roared loudly, finally exploding after 18 years. He rushed passed the crowd at his fastest speed out of the school gate. The guard noticed and tried to stop him but Chen Yuozai already got out to the street.

I’ve endured this for too long, I’ve had enough of this in this life. Chen Yuozai tried to motivate himself while running. On this day, all the discouraging things appeared in his mind. Chen Yuozai wished he could transform his face into an extraordinary handsome face right now so he could shock those classmates who had ridiculed him.

He took his bank card that he secretly applied for from home, along with his 18 years of accumulated New Year’s gift money (red packet) and ran at top speed on the street; and here he was again, in front of the plastic surgery’s hospital door.

Standing at the doorway, Chen Yuozai suddenly hesitated, in the end should I go inside? What if the surgery failed? What if my mom couldn’t recognize me? What if other people take out my old pictures to laugh at me…?

While he was busy thinking, Chen Yuozai suddenly saw a row of people standing at the plastic surgery hospital entrance; with smiling faces and a polite voices asking him: “Sir, did you come for plastic surgery?”

Chen Yuozai suddenly felt ashamed, his face flushed and his ears red but he adjusted his attitude and frivolously responded to these people, “People like me, still need plastic surgery?”

Everyone was stunned for a second, swallowed down their saliva, and turned to enter the plastic surgery hospital.

Chen Yuozai felt despair, no one seemed to understand the 18-year-old psychological pressure that he bore, and no one saw how he laughed in front of people but cried behind their backs. Realizing the harsh day he has to endure, Chen Yuozai did not even know how to face it.

Think of a good day, think of the future of a group of beautiful girls with obsession in their eyes. Think of your crush ditching their boyfriend just to be with you… Chen Yuozai narrowed his eyes and giggled out loud. Suddenly, he felt his bag being grabbed. He looked down and saw that his hand was empty. Looking around, there was a fleeting silhouette not too far away.

“Catch the thief!!!” Chen Yuozai roared out loud and ran towards the silhouette.

Chen Yuozai looked around, what was this place? How could he chase without recognizing the road? His heart bursted with a cold chill because the surrounding area felt gloomy. Right now, Chen Youzai could not worry about the money. He directly ran back to the road where he came from. As a result, he was seeing more and more junctions (forks in the road), making it more complicated than it was. Chen Yuozai broke into a cold sweat, I did not enter a natural conservation zone, did I?

Finally Chen Yuozai took a break next to a large lake which look calm and quiet. There shouldn’t be any beast that will suddenly spring out right? Chen Yuozai thought while sitting down the lake shore and about to phone the police, only to realize that his cell phone was inside the bag that was stolen. Chen Yuozai hit his head with his hand and sighed irritably by the lake bed.

All of the sudden, he heard a crying sound. Chen Yuozai was immediately alert and thought, there was not anyone who could have suffered the same bad luck as him, was there? Maybe this was a good thing; maybe he could take this partner back. With that in mind, Chen Yuozai searched for the source to where the sound came from.

As a result, he found that the voice came from the center of the lake. Chen Yuozai realized that someone had fell into the lake. He could swim but he did not know how deep the lake was so it was better to be cautious. Chen Yuozai might be full of resentment towards society but not to the point of abandoning a person in need, especially if this person might know how to find the way back.



22 thoughts on “TUMBT: Chapter 2

  1. Kaila

    I wish this is as good as her novel Addicted. That series left me not finishing any novel half as good and re-reading it several times. This novel is by the same author so I hope it lives up to the expectations. Thank you so much for translating this – and please please update regularly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope so too. We haven’t finished reading this so we don’t know as well. We only have read as far as chapter 20. Your welcome and we update every 5 days. ☺️


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