TUMBT: Chapter 3

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

After pondering, Chen Youzai took a swim around the lake a few times. Feeling that the water depth and temperature was okay, he began to swim toward the center of the lake. After swimming halfway, Chen Youzai discovered that the person who fell into the water was an elder uncle. It looks like he was  going to have to swim in that direction. The two of them would be dead if he struggled.

Chen Youzai decided to swim in that direction. After swimming to the uncle’s side, Chen Youzai quickly grabbed the uncle by his hair and dragged him toward the shore. In the process, Chen Youzai felt that this uncle was so light, as if he did  not have any weight.

When they arrived at the shore, Chen Youzai realized that the uncle actually looked quite strong. He sneered a few times  and asked the uncle: “That, you encountered troubles here too? Since I can’t go back anyway, if you want to thank me, let’s just go back together!”

Chen Youzai said in defiance of everything. He held onto the uncle’s arm, afraid that he would disappear. The uncle’s face was expressionless, perhaps it was a little dark. Chen Youzai realized that the uncle’s entire body was also dark. He tried to grope up and down the uncle’s arm only to find that there was no warmth. He also recalled that the uncle’s body was very light. Chen Youzai suddenly felt chills rising up his spine.

Is he… is he… is he dead?? A ghost??

Chen Youzai made a ‘wah’ sound, like an arrow, he rushed into the woods. With the thought of the old man’s wooden expression and old (chaff?) body, Chen Youzai could not help but speed up his pace. At last, it was like he was running around like he was insane.

Finally, Chen Youzai’s legs became soft and he fell down. When he lifted his head slightly, two legs appeared in front of his eyes. He raised his head some more and saw a familiar face. He wobbled up and ran in the opposite direction.

Gasping for breath, Chen Youzai felt his lungs were going to explode. He leaned against a tree and looked around. That person was nowhere to be found. Chen Youzai closed his eyes and when he opened his eyes, another pair of unfocused eyes were gazing into his.

Chen Youzai fell softly to the ground. He clearly realized he was dreaming. Every time he dreamed, he would  struggle to wake up as long as he tread hard. After thinking about this, Chen Youzai only used minimal strength to tread a few steps on the ground. Indeed, Chen Youzai was sleeping.

When Chen Youzai woke up, the first thing that greeted him was the uncle’s haunting face. Chen Youzai closed his eyes again. It seemed that the dream was continuing so he slept again.

“I just want to repay you…”

Chen Youzai heard a deep voice. He hesitantly opened one of his eyes only to see that the uncle’s face wore an expression; as if  he was  sighing.

Forget it, it’s a dream, I won’t die. It’s doesn’t matter if some noise is made. Thinking this way, Chen Youzai quickly got up from his bed. When he got up, he found that his ‘bed’ was actually a stone.

“Will I be able to fly?” Chen Youzai jumped hard and as a result, he fell to the ground. There was no sense of floating like in his dream. He could not help but be disappointed.

“I have been in the center of the lake for three years. Only you helped me; so I decided to repay you.”

Chen Youzai just realized that the uncle was talking to him. He generously waved his hand and said: “No need. It’s just a small thing, no need to be grateful.”



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