TUMBT: Chapter 4

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

After he was done speaking, Chen Youzai immediately went inside the house to wander around, only to find nothing worthwhile to see. He turned his attention back to the uncle. He suddenly managed to puff a laugh and then while laughing out loud, he said: “What? You said you were in that lake for three years? I say, you look strong but when I pulled you, you were as light as a feather; as it turns out, you were all soaked up when you came out! ha ha ha…”

He laughed and laughed but Chen Youzai sensed that the uncle’s expression was still cold and gloomy. He realized that he was being silly so he stopped laughing. At that moment, the uncle slowly started talking and said: “As long as you tell me what you desire, I can help you fulfill it.”

Chen Youzai heaved a deep sigh at himself for reading too many fairy tale books during his childhood, to go as far as to have such a childish dream. Seeing the uncle’s deadly, earnest facial expression, Chen Youzai, nevertheless, acted in concert with him, gathered his thoughts, and said: “I have no desire. Even if I do, it will be difficult for you to make it come true.”

“Let me hear it first…”

Chen Youzai rolled his eyes. He figured that if he said it in his dream, he would not lose face and he could vent it out. Finally, he simply said it bluntly to the uncle: “I would like to look good. It doesn’t have to be particularly good-looking, as long as it can be looked at.”

“This is indeed too difficult,” the uncle slowly sighed.

Chen Youzai stared blankly. He did not expect that he would be humiliated even in his dreams. Finally, Chen Youzai impatiently stomped his foot on the ground in an attempt to wake up and change to another dream. This time it did not work as he was still standing here.

In spite of his reaction, the uncle continued to state: “But we can do this, I’m proficient in the transferring souls. I can transfer your soul to another body.”

Chen Youzai, in order to match the uncle and also to make his dream even more bizarre, deliberately put on an astonished look, shouting: “Wow! You really are a god, eh?”

The uncle nodded seriously, then looked calmly at Chen Youzai, waiting for his reply.

Chen Youzai laughed dryly as he thought of how wild this dream was; he was even crazy enough to even dream of this.

“So, even if I became handsome, it’s someone else’s body! Also, I’m not able to part with my mother. After changing bodies, I would have to get reacquainted with some people. I already have enough headaches as it is now.”

Facing Chen Youzai’s questions and jeers, the uncle did not even get angry but instead explained everything:

“This is not what you think. The technique is free to manipulate. As long as you take this silver coin in my hand, you can swap souls whenever you want; not only that, but, you can also return to your own body. If you don’t want others to enter your body, you can block other souls so that your body will always have a soul and doesn’t look unusual.”

Chen Youzai’s eyes started to light up. This was very interesting! He went over to look at it, and realized that it was an ordinary coin but one thing was different: there were no numbers on it. He put the coin in his hand to weigh it; it did not have much weight. He bit the coin and it felt like real silver. Really, this dream was so shabby. If it was gold, at least he would get looks when he talksd to his classmates about it.

While Chen Youzai sighed, the uncle patiently taught him how to use the coin. Chen Youzai found it very easy and simple while he sighed at himself for having no imagination. Later, the uncle warned him of the precautious. Chen Youzai listened casually. He merely has a faint recollection that he should not use it for fun.



5 thoughts on “TUMBT: Chapter 4

  1. I am afraid of finding out the backstory between Mu Xueshi and the Prince. Why was he being treated so badly by the Prince, even sent to prison unjustly (I believe so) and humiliated? Is the main couple sweet towards each other or… i hope not… is there tragedy and bad treatment ahead?
    And will MC go back and forth from Mu Xueshi’s body? What happens to the other side when he gets the body and vice versa?
    So many questions lol >.< Thanks for translating this novel! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are actually clueless as well tbh. It’s not the Prince (I think) who sent him to prison. Looks like Mu Xueshi willingly agreed to be imprisoned and the Prince can’t do anything about it since it’s the law that dictates to treat him that way. I’m really curious as well of the back story like why did the Tai Shi die, why Mu Xueshi was the one accused to be the murderer, who really killed the Tai Shi, why is MXS not denying the charges… so many unanswered questions. I want to read in advance but that would kill the fun. From what happened in the prologue, I could feel the Prince did everything he could to be the one to manage the case against MXS since it was highlighted that it was the first time in history that a prince would judge a case. If I’m right, the real MXS may not have really liked the Prince because he was rejecting the offers of the Prince (I could be wrong). Yeah um actually I want to know if Chen Youzai will be going back and forth too. From the title of the volumes, we could tell when our questions will be answered. Hehe (probably). Sorry I may be wrong but that’s what I think. Let’s all embark ourselves on a journey to find out the truth. It’s fun translating and, at the same time, reading the story. I, myself, haven’t read the chapters we translated so far but once I we were able to post a few more chapters, I would really love to binge-read. Hehe. Your welcome. Looking forward for your comments again in the future! ☺️


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