TUMBT: Chapter 5

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Slowly, the uncle’s body vanished. Chen Youzai felt that it was beginning to become bright all around him; subsequently, the uncle’s words incessantly reverberated in the room’s atmosphere.

“Chen Youzai’s name has now been attached to the soul transfer coin. Only Chen Youzai can use and see it with his naked eyes. If Chen Youzai, unfortunately, loses it, no other person would be able to use it. If there will be chaos in the space-time order, the soul transfer coin will automatically alter it’s properties. It is quite impossible to be artificially controlled.”

Chen Youzai absolutely did not pay any attention. All along, he was in the middle of thinking about taking advantage of this dream before he woke up, to run after his rival in love in order to get rid of his soul. It was a very good way to take advantage of the girl who he has been secretly in love with. Chen Youzai was in the middle of indulging in his flights of fancy when the uncle completely vanished, the house also disappeared, his brain became completely blank; and then, he got caught up within boundless darkness.

Chen Youzai woke up to find that the sky was already bright. He stretched out and on his face was a dissatisfied expression. There was a sound of something falling to the ground that made Chen Youzai involuntarily think of his dream yesterday.

“How ironic!”  Chen Youzai muttered to himself. To think about becoming handsome was crazy. The uncle? And the soul transfer coin? Chen Youzai rubbed his sleepy eyes and picked up the alarm clock with his hand to check the time. What a coincidence, the alarm clock rang at that moment. Chen Youzai made a big yawn, started putting on his clothes, and then got out of bed.

All of a sudden, a gleam of light flashed into Chen Youzai’s eyes. Chen Youzai shook his head, still thinking about that ray of golden light. He squinted his eyes towards the light. By the time Chen Youzai was near the bright beam of light, it, at once, slowly darkened. Chen Youzai then held his breath and picked up the silver coin. At that moment, the light of the silver coin immediately died out so that it became no different than any other ordinary coin.

Chen Youzai’s lips uncontrollably trembled; his body, from top to bottom, shuddered immediately afterwards. He firmly gave himself a slap; clear pain began to spread. Chen Youzai’s face suddenly changed color. The corners of his mouth curved up and he loudly screamed as he got up.

“No way… oh, my God… oh, my God… my mom!”

Chen Youzai was so excited he was just about to run out of the room. Chen Youzai’s mother, who was in the kitchen making breakfast, heard him yelling from his room and went to go see what happened.

Chen Youzai saw Mama Chen come in. He was sweating as he began to talk without rhyme or reason: “Mom… ah… silver coin… I tell you, you see this… silver coin… is this a piece of silver? This is really… my mom ah… not really ordinary…”

Mama Chen smiled insincerely as she looked at Chen Youzai’s eyes, and then suddenly gave him a blow on the head. She berated: “Boy, are you crazy playing games? Your mind’s entirely full of coins…”

Chen Youzai was anxious, quivered and trembled holding the silver coin. With a loud voice he explained: “No, mom, look, I’m telling you…”

“See what? What nonsense…” Mama Chen knocked away Chen Youzai’s hand, impatiently pushed him a bit, and then hurriedly urged him to brush his teeth and wash his face.

Chen Youzai did not listen a single bit. He still stood in the same place, motionless, blankly staring at the silver coin. Can’t my mom see it? Am I the only one with the power? Don’t tell me I’m going to become a fairy? In that case, am I going to be like Sun Wu Kong [1], who will become who he wants to be? That’s so cool! Chen Youzai thought to himself. He laughed heartily as he stood up. Seeing Mama Chen looking at him, Chen Youzai suddenly had a plan.

([1] 「孙悟空」the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记.)



8 thoughts on “TUMBT: Chapter 5

  1. Kaila

    Thank you so much for updating frequently. I wish you could update everyday since the chapters seem to be going slow and short for me but then again take your time and I appreciate you even doing this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I wish I can update everyday but I can’t. I have to consider the other translators since we also have our private lives and our own projects. I’m currently working on my own project. Lol later, the chapters will become longer. There are a lot of chapters with 6000-9000 words. Haha. Thank you for understanding and for being patient. If ever we get more translators and proofreaders, we will make the waiting time shorter.


      1. Kaila

        No I completely understand!! I seriously appreciate all of your efforts. I’m looking forward to your translations. It’s just that I’ve recently finished both of the Addicted books By chai Jidan (the translated versions) and I haven’t found any BL novels or actually any type of romance novel as good whether is boy love or not . I’m seriously going through withdrawal trying to find and grasp another boys love novel that is translated and I’ve been re reading and re reading constantly both of those books online. That’s why I’m a bit impatient but I’m so glad you guys have taken upon this book as well!! Like I said I appreciate it and understand everyone has their own personal lives and get busy .

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Kaila

        Yes sure, please give me any recommendations for bl novels you have 😂. I’ve most likely read them but I really am looking for more .

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Try books by Angelina (I love you as a man, Will you still love me even if I am a man?, Oh Dear, The World is a bit Sweet), Legendary Master’s Wife, The Golden Assistant, Love You 59 Seconds, Hua Hua You Long, Other CJD novels (Feng Mang, Advance Bravely, Counterattack), Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Let Me Tease You, Love Story of a Passerby, My Wife (forgot the complete title haha).. these are some that I am reading/finished reading. You can find most of them in Wattpad. You can check my wattpad account for my reading list. Hehe


      4. Kaila

        I actually haven’t read these all besides the ones by chai Jidan and two other ones…thank you!! I will check your wattpad account for sure 🙌🏻💕

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Haha sure. Actually I’m piling up more to read. Ugh. Don’t have time though. Currently working on three novels: this one, my own story (crescent love), and a new novel by Angelina. Hehe


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