TUMBT: Chapter 8

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: slyCoCo, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

He touched the girl’s forehead with his hand. With a concerned look, he asked: “What happened? Do you feel unwell?”

The girl pushed the boy’s hand away and shrieked: “Don’t touch me!”

The boy’s complexion immediately changed. He looked somewhat anxious as he asked: “You, why are you like that? Did I do something wrong?”

The girl flung her head back, very proud of herself, and stated: “You ask why? I don’t like you. I fell in love with someone else. From now on, stay away from me. I don’t like to see you, understand?”

Saying that, the girl also jabbed the boy’s shoulder with her finger. She had a constipated look and was very annoyed. This time, she appeared to be not her usual, calm self.

The boy saw the girl smirk and immediately came to a realization. Unable to restrain his smile, he could not help but pinch her face and said: “Are you teasing me? You little rascal?”

“Take your pig trotters away. Who’s got the time to tease you?! I like this man who’s a thousand times better than you.” The girl snorted with her eyes full of disdain.

“Who?” the boy still appeared a little unconvinced. He squinted his eyes as he looked at the girl with interest written across his face.

“Chen Youzai!”

Two seconds later, a burst of laughter could be heard at the parking lot. The boy really could not restrain his emotions. He was laughing in front of his lover as he swayed to and fro.

“Ha ha ha… You want to lie to me and yet you found something that’s not convincing? In the case of Chen Youzai, besides a blind person and a beast of burden, is there anybody else who can fall with him? Ha ha ha…”

In a split second, a clenched fist smashed into the boy. The boy liked it and considered it as a way of flirting with him. He somewhat immediately exerted himself physically. He held onto the girl and pulled her close in an embrace. Mouth to mouth, their lips were in-sync as they made out.

The girl stopped struggling, as if she was completely petrified. Since the girl’s mouth was open due to astonishment, it gave the boy an opportunity to directly go in. When the two tongues tangled together, Chen Youzai suddenly sobered up.

The body belongs to another person, but the feeling was nevertheless his own. His first kiss was snatched away by a boy, his own love rival to boot. Apart from extraordinary shame and humiliation, together with disgust, his mind had no other thoughts.

“Ah ah ah ah ah…” Pushing away the boy, the girl repeatedly yelled more than ten times. She looked very desperate and dismal. The anger in her eyes reached its peak state.

He took out the gold coin[1], and as soon as Chen Youzai blinked his eyes, the girl became well-behaved and obediently stood in front of him (T/N: He changed bodies with the boy) as if she was a different person compared to before when she gave him disturbing looks earlier, which Chen Youzai simply loved and hated.

([1] It’s not clear why Chai Jidan used the term “gold coin” here when it was a silver coin in the first place. Possibly a typographical error.)

The girl felt that her mind seemed to have wandered off; when she had awoken, she came face-to-face with the boy’s wretched expression.

“What’s the matter?” The girl shook her finger, somewhat worried as she looked at the man she liked.

“Nothing!” The corner of the boy’s mouth revealed a sinister smile. Soon after, he said: “I only wanted to hug you!”

The girl’s face immediately became red when she heard that. She did not speak nor did she respond. The boy, seeing that she did not refuse, at once without objection, very crudely took her into his arms. A few seconds later, the boy’s vigor from a moment ago completely died, his entire person became nervous, a face of helpless expression, and his heart almost jumped out of his throat.

“That… that…” The boy’s speech became incoherent. His hands trembled badly and sweat was oozing from his forehead.

“I really like you, Li Linfan”

Hearing the familiar name, the boy suddenly became surprised; a moment ago, he also felt he would never come across such excitement and joy. Up until now, his mood totally changed. As if someone splashed him with a basin of cool water, the boy’s perspiring forehead slowly cooled off.



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