TUMBT: Chapter 9

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89 Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

The boy suddenly pushed the girl away and very viciously said to her: “Tell you what, I am actually a player. I don’t know how many girls I’ve hooked up with. You should get away from me before it’s too late. Run out of boys to choose from? Why don’t you go hang yourself from a tree?”

The flush on the girl’s face faded away. All of a sudden, it become incomparably pale. Chen Youzai’s heart couldn’t bear to see this; but, he already made it this far. Going back would render all that has achieved going down the drain.

“You’re lying to me, aren’t you? You’re testing me, right? I already said it before, in my eyes, no one can compare to you.”

“But there is a man who likes you more than I do, and I want to be good to you, so I decided to give you to him.”

“Who?” The girl asked with tears in her eyes, then she added: “No matter who it is, I wouldn’t be tempted.”

The boy sighed and said: “Don’t tell me you can’t see it? In the morning, Chen Yuozai secretly follows you along the way, every day. He goes to your class to borrow books, just to catch a glimpse of you. He even bought so many delicious foods and secretly stuffed them inside your drawer…”

“Humph… He he…” The girl sneered twice, then said: “Even if you had a change of heart, you don’t have to use him to insult me…”

The boy couldn’t understand what the girl meant so he went on defaming himself. “Let me tell you the truth. I am a very stingy person. I have to think twice about spending a jiao[1]. I am so filthy that I pick up things to eat from the trash can. I haven’t brushed my teeth for a month nor have I washed my feet for a year. I am also a pervert. I always go to the girl’s dormitory to steal panties and then I go home to hide them under my bed…”

([1] one-tenth of a yuan)

“That’s enough!” The girl cried out loud. She pointed her finger to the boy and said: “Even if it is like this, even if Chen Youzai is making more efforts, you don’t disgust me… Wu wu wu… I can’t stand it.”

The boy scowled miserably. Looking at the girl with disbelief, he asked: “Is Chen Youzai that bad?”

The girl clearly didn’t want to talk about matters related to Chen Youzai at this moment; however, the boy doesn’t want to overlook nor spare[2]. The girl, without any better option, cried and furiously said: “Come on, in my heart, I’m better off with the school janitor uncle than with him. Even if all men around the world would die, I will not fall for Chen Youzai! If you want to break up, just frankly say it…”

([2]「不依不饶」bù yī bù ráo – an idiom which means “unwilling to forgive” or “to treat severely without listening to excuses.”)

Chen Youzai couldn’t hear anymore whatever the girl said next. He only remembered the girl’s tear-stained face and her last few words. Chen Youzai changed back to his own body and lost his way on the road. He didn’t dare to come near the windows of the shop fronts ahead. At this time, he was afraid to see his face that he loathes the most.

“Even if all men in the world would die, I would never fall for Chen Yuozai…..” Chen Youzai repeatedly muttered this sentence while on the road. At first, the heartache was incessant. Later on, it gradually disappeared, gradually losing his care. Finally, Chen Youzai kicked a small stone on the road, and fiercely cursed: “You can’t look at me, I[3] also can’t look at you!”

([3]「老子」lǎo zi – an arrogant way of saying “I.”)

At night, Chen Youzai had a dream. He dreamed that he was at the lakeside again. There was a man standing by the lakeside, but he could only see his silhouette. He could see that this man was quite classy; moreover, he was wearing clothing and personal adornment of ancient times.

By the time the man turned around, he actually saw his rival-in-love’s face. Then, his face magnified a number of times. He was like a Sphinx that stood before him.

Chen Youzai suddenly woke up. The night wasn’t cold. In the darkness, Chen Youzai clearly recalled that scene from earlier when he kissed his rival-in-love’s lips. He spat on the ground, wiped his mouth, then fell back to sleep.



4 thoughts on “TUMBT: Chapter 9

  1. To be fair, CY is a creep. I bet the girls are picking up that and it has very few things to do with his looks.

    Technically, what he was planning was sexual assault. Because even if he looks like her bf who she is consenting to, he isn’t really him.

    So the boy was possessed but it was by CY…I thought he would’ve been too shocked by the sudden kiss to possess the boy right away.

    Liked by 1 person

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