TUMBT: Chapter 10

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Chen Youzai played with the silver coin for a few days, then slowly became bored. No matter how much it made him transform, in the end, it only created some sort of misunderstanding for others and he became some laughing stock. Also, Chen Youzai would often look down upon his own appearance since that girl said those words. Chen Youzai would despise his own face more and more.

During the weekend break, Chen Youzai, under Mama Chen’s watchful eyes, was forced to sit obediently in his room doing his homework. This has always been some form of pure torture for him. Chen Youzai put on a brave stance even though he felt as if he was sitting on pins and needles.

He quietly took out the silver coin. Chen Youzai placed it on his hand and examined it. This thing, in the end, is it good or bad? Why does it feel like since I got it that disaster would always follow? Chen Youzai became gloomy. The silver coin was bitterly thrown to the ground.

He did not know which corner the silver coin rolled to. Chen Youzai got angry at himself. He became nervous seeing that the silver coin was truly missing so he stood up. He rummaged all over the place trying to find it but he did not even see the shadow of the silver coin. Chen Youzai, jittery, clutched his hair and said to himself: “With just a single throw and it already vanished? If I want to be handsome, I won’t be able to change, no, no, hurry come out.”

Once the silver coin was lost, only then did Chen Youzai recall that he actually could make a breakthrough. It seemed to be more fun if he did not change into the people around him. He did not know if the silver coin could change him into that person if he directly commanded it to change him into a specific person. If telling it to change him to the ugliest person and it really has the ability to change into him, then he could still seek solace from it.

Thinking this way, Chen Youzai was even more worried. Unfortunately, losing it at that moment only made him realize how interesting it was. Chen Youzai sullenly squeezed underneath his bed.

Dusty from head to toe, Chen Youzai still could not find the silver coin. Just when he almost gave up all hope, he saw something shining faintly underneath the leg of the stool. It seems that when he moved the stool, he accidentally shoved the silver coin underneath it so that he could not find it. Chen Youzai hurriedly went to pick it up. He held it up with both hands as if gaining the most precious treasure.

Quickly try it, quickly try it… Chen Youzai said in his mind. He stealthily checked outside the room and discovered that Mama Chen was not around. Hence, just and honorable, he recited the mnemonic rhyme, while looking at the silver coin, and asked to become the world’s ugliest man.

With a trace of anticipation and snickering, Chen Youzai closed his eyes. A golden light flashed before his eyes. He slowly opened his eyes and found himself standing in the room, nothing changed. Chen Youzai was somewhat astonished. Just now, I certainly saw a flash of golden light, don’t tell me this kind of change won’t do? Still…

No! Absolutely impossible! Chen Youzai consoled himself. Even if he was not good-looking, it was impossible that he was the world’s ugliest man! There was still so many with deformities and facial paralysis… Chen Youzai’s hand trembled. Looking at the silver coin, he said: “Certainly, this kind of change won’t work. By itself, this silver coin cannot accurately determine who’s the ugliest…” That said, Chen Youzai’s forehead broke into a cold sweat.

He will know only if he would try it again! Chen Youzai suddenly realized that if he told the silver coin to change him into the world’s most handsome person, and nothing happened, then it proved that the silver coin was not effective. In order to make himself at ease, and also to face the “world’s most handsome man” title, Chen Youzai clenched his fist.

Soon, there was a loud roar within the room, “I want to become the world’s most handsome man!”

Mama Chen, who was outside, heard this sentence. With an ashen face, she rushed in only to see a scene of Chen Youzai dozing off on top of his desk. He did not look like someone in a state who could shout out so loudly. Mama Chen knitted her brows, don’t tell me I’m hallucinating again?



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