HIHEZL: Chapter 2. It Turns Out Like That

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

When life got really miserable, wave after wave of bad luck would not stop coming. On Ke Bu’s way to his new class, he had once again witnessed the vile Zhi Li. In the staircase, Zhi Li sat on the handrail with an unperturbed look, while a popular girl stood before him. Ke Bu hid himself in the corner. This guy was popular wherever he went after all. The first day of school was so inconsistent with the reality of things.

“I like you.” the girl boldly confessed.

“But I like boys.” Zhi Li said those powerful words without face or without heart beating fast. The girl then fled as if she was running away. Ke Bu was about to get out when a man also unexpectedly showed up and stood in front of Zhi Li.

“I like you.” the boy boldly confessed.

“But I like girls.” This vile man appeared to wantonly trampled on other’s hearts. He told lies after lies as if nothing had happened. The most appalling thing was that even Ke Bu — who had been a very skeptical man — was also dumbfounded. He could not find the slightest flaw on his face.

How pathetic. Is it possible that they’re thinking of the start of a new term? The vast, cloudless day stood before the fading fallen leaves of the campus. As long as the blushing face says ‘Senior, I like you,’ the two would embrace each other with tears in their eyes. Stop dreaming, this is the reality. In the end, the vast majority of people aren’t just reduced to casually looking for a partner; every day with a computer, living a decadent life — this is the end of the university. It’s only strange that they think too simple, even stranger that they like Zhi Li. This man was simply a reality in the big reality: a dream destroyer! Ke Bu went out and spoke out: “There’s no word in this world that can describe your vileness.”

“A peeping tom isn’t qualified to talk to me.”

“Peeping on you, what are you talking about?” Ke Bu righteously asked. Ke Bu was even more righteous than he was.

“Then, am I good-looking?” He had an expressionless face and had no skin to feel ashamed as he spoke — this man was really Zhi Li. He did not have the slightest amount of shame in his heart.

“Don’t ask such a misleading question!!”

“What did you misunderstand?”

He was acting dumb, he was absolutely acting dumb — a harmless face of a two-faced[1] man!! For such a shrewd man to unexpectedly fall into a language trap, Ke Bu was somewhat annoyed.

([1]「腹黑」fùhēi – outwardly kind but inwardly evil)

Zhi Li jumped from the staircase handrail and headed straight for the classroom — toward Ke Bu’s classroom. Ke Bu gritted his teeth, was this the so-called cruel reality? Ke Bu casually looked for a place to sit. Zhi Li was just off to the side, as if seriously looking over the school freshman handbook. Chu Haoyu was near Zhi Li, standing by his side: “Zhi Li, so you’re here, I’ve been looking all over for you. Oh, by the way, have you found out what’s different about me today?”

Ke Bu disgustedly knitted his brows. Here we go again, that crazy pervert. Zhi Li did not even lift his eyelids which only left Chu Haoyu full of joy and expectations: “I didn’t wear underwear today.” How could such shameless things come out from his mouth!

Zhi Li tilted his head and looked at Chu Haoyu’s lower body. Five seconds later, Zhi Li reached out and pulled Chu Haoyu’s pants down. Many girls shrieked and covered their eyes. Only Zhi Li’s face was so calm: “So you really didn’t wear them.” After he finished talking, he continued reading the freshman handbook.

Chu Haoyu panicked as he pulled up his pants up. He gasped for his breath and loudly roared: “Zhi Li!!”

In that chaotic time, the homeroom teacher came in carrying a big pile of reference materials. The homeroom teacher was a woman, about thirty-years old, dressed in a claret-colored suit, which concealed her mature lingering charm. She discussed a lot of official stuff then let everyone go to the auditorium to prepare for the school-opening ceremony. Ke Bu followed the crowd from behind. The big auditorium was overcrowded with people. Ke Bu stood with his class.

“Ke Bu?” Ke Bu turned around. It was Gong Zhu. He was also with his class. Ke Bu completely did not notice his arrival.

“It’s you.”

After the headmaster gave a tediously long speech, a man dressed in a suit went up on stage from the side: “Now, may I request the Freshman Representative Zhi Li to speak.”

“Zhi, His Excellency Zhi Li is the freshman representative? My Master Zhi Li.” Gong Zhu softly said. When did he become yours? Ke Bu glanced at Zhi Li who stood behind him. He still stood there as if he did not hear it.

The man in the suit once again shouted at the microphone: “Zhi Li.”

“What?” Replied Zhi Li who was amongst the crowd, aloof and indifferent.

“Zhi Li, you should go on stage.”


“Zhi Li!!”


Ke Bu was driven beyond his forbearance, he shouted: “If you don’t want to go up there, say it!! Stop using those deceitful words, Zhi Li!” Only Ke Bu’s voice echoed inside the quiet lobby. His figure shrunk back as soon as he realized this. In the end, Zhi Li still did not go on stage. The freshman representative was changed to someone else.

Gong Zhu whispered from behind Ke Bu: “I say, Ke Bu, is it only my illusion? You seem to be more… about Zhi Li’s affairs as compared with others…”

“More what?”

“It’s the type of feeling that can’t be said. You shouldn’t be…”

“You, you, don’t you take this conversation in that direction.” This time, it was Ke Bu’s turn to be embarrassed and at a complete loss: “It’s definitely not like what you think it is, but it always feels like you can’t leave that guy alone no matter what, no, he’s certainly going to ruin my quiet campus life.” Ke Bu arrived to such conclusion.

“Leave him alone no matter what? I never expected that you’d be so disillusioned to be able to understand meticulously such a person like His Excellency Zhi Li, whom you’ve just got acquainted with in a day. I guess I was wrong. You’re a good and honest person, too.” Ke Bu looked at Gong Zhu’s innocent face. This person was absolutely brainless; however, was also considered as the type that men would be fond of: considerate, kind-hearted, and good-looking. Although he was a man, his delicate body still made people feel willing to protect him; yet, Ke Bu only wanted to crush this adorable feeling. This type of appearance was too extravagant on a man.

“When did I say that this is the first day that I got acquainted with Zhi Li?” Ke Bu’s words was beyond astonishing. It took a moment for Gong Zhu to react. Ke Bu continued discussing: “We’re junior high schoolmates. It’s very unfortunate that we’re even senior high schoolmates.”

“What!!!” Gong Zhu could not believe and stared at Ke Bu: “Why didn’t you say so earlier? Then do you have a very good relationship?”

“Just in the same school, that’s all. We don’t usually talk that much.”

“Then, how come you understand His Excellency Zhi Li very much?” Gong Zhu suddenly became interested.

“Not at all!!” Ke Bu quickly denied: “I just knew his habits that some people know. Such as just now, of course he unexpectedly doesn’t want to respond to others at times. Zhi Li’s style is to bluff his way out by his mechanical repetition.”

“Then, Ke Bu, could you introduce us?”




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  1. Haruki Natsuyu

    I say, His Excellency must have already made Ke Bu as His (Excellency’s) wife way back then and been following him ever since 😂😂😂😂


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