TUMBT: Chapter 11

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

“I really changed!!” This was Chen Youzai’s first sentence as soon as he opened his eyes.

Chen Youzai did not expect himself to really change; the world’s most handsome man really exists? Chen Youzai was astonished and, at the same time, did not dare to accept the reality. So, in other words, the world’s ugliest man also exists? No… It doesn’t necessarily follow. Chen Youzai decided to compose himself being somewhat impatient to see his own face.

The scorching sun up in the sky was like a microwave oven, steaming the people’s whole body to weaken them. Chen Youzai, only then, discovered that he was in a place similar to that of a wilderness plateau: withered grass everywhere, filled with sand and stones, and sparsely-populated surroundings with only a few people standing around. His clothes were extremely tattered. He was holding a thick and slender wooden stick in each hands, each of which resembled bones of the dead, emaciated.

Chen Youzai could not help but to have some pity in his heart. Indeed, it was pitiful. However, when he glanced down to take a look at his own situation, immediately he could not sympathize. He was wearing a torturing device around his neck. Is this the legendary cangue[1]? Chen Youzai stared blankly seeing his hand and neck were clamped tightly. He could not even struggle continuously. He had to expend a great deal of effort just to lower his head. With fetters[2] on my feet, what does this mean? Have I transferred to a prisoner’s body?

([1] 「枷」jiā – wooden collar like stocks used to restrain and punish criminals in China.)

([2] A chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner, typically placed around the ankles.)

Chen Youzai immediately felt his stomach’s severe contraction. The pain, just like a knife, was twisting inside. I haven’t eaten for several days? Chen Youzai let out a weak whine.

No, a single second is entirely unbearable! I want to change back! So what if he is handsome? Who would be able to come over and see it in this barren place?! Chen Youzai thought. So he then decided to get the silver coin.

Suddenly, he realized one fatal problem: his hands were absolutely unable to budge. What to do? What should be done? Ask someone to come over and help? But other people can’t see it! Besides, he was a prisoner, who would listen to his command…

Because Chen Youzai was feeling anxious, coupled with body weakness and a stomachache, his whole body was drenched with sweat. He was looking all over the place for someone as he cried for help. Suddenly, he felt a huge force attack him from behind. He was not prepared for that so he immediately fell to the ground. There were big and small stones together with the hard roots of old plants on the ground. The fall made Chen Youzai see stars before his eyes. He almost passed out.

“Come on, get up, what are you dawdling for!”

From behind, a big roar made Chen Youzai suddenly awaken. His lips were trembling as he turned his head around only to see a big man with a tough and stocky build holding a whip in his hand. He was only in a daze for a moment but the whip had already thrashed his body.

“Wu wu wu…” Chen Youzai had wanted to cry, but because the body was extremely weak, the voice that came out was just a tiny whimper.

He felt wronged. When he was at home, no matter how heartless Mama Chen was, he only had to face a beating on his body, which gave him a physical pain that he could bear with.

These whimpering sounds, in the big man’s eyes, did not have a bit of effect whatsoever. Soon, seeing the whip once again fall down, Chen Youzai was forced to beg for mercy and said: “I will get up, big brother, I will get up, you don’t have to strike.”

It required effort and strength to stand up so he had one foot behind his body, Chen Youzai staggered and nearly fell down. At this moment, he had suffering of which he could not speak of because he was not sure whether he would end up carelessly bringing calamity upon himself. It would be miserable to die here.



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