TUMBT: Chapter 17

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun26

Proofreader: KainGuru

With this thought, Chen Youzai raised his head to look at the sun. It seems to have already gone to the west to set; the next day was about to come. He should do something for himself this time.

His legs started striding forward. Without even thinking, Chen Youzai sprinted toward one direction. He must reach the lakeside before 12 o’clock. He must see himself, before he would die, otherwise coming to this place would have been meaningless. If his memory was intact in his next life, he was still in the right and self-confident[1] about the possibility of informing other people that his previous incarnation was the world’s most handsome man.

([1]「理直气壮」lǐ zhí qì zhuàng – an idiom which meant being bold and confident with justice on one’s side; to have the courage of one’s convictions; or just and forceful.)

Chen Youzai imitated “Kua Fu Zhui Ri[2]” as he ran toward the west. Of course there was the feeling of thirst but the faith in his heart was quite firm, too. He had a hunch that there must be a lake not far ahead; even if there was no lake, there should be a pond. Chen Youzai fiercely ran. He ran until he became so worn out that he had to stop after traveling a short distance just to gasp heavily for air. He then ran again afterwards.

([2]「夸父追日」which literally means “Kua Fu Chasing the Sun.” It is a Chinese story about the mythological hero Kua Fu. The story is Kua Fu is recorded in the ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas [Shan Hai Jing].’ Kua Fu had a race with the Sun. He chased and got very close to the Sun, when he was too thirsty and hot to continue. He drank all the water from the Yellow River and Wei River, but he still felt thirsty and hot. So, he marched northward for the lakes in the north of China. Unfortunately, he fell down and died halfway because of thirst. He dropped his walking stick which turned into a stretch of peach, green and lush. The story of Kua Fu chasing the Sun has become the trope of man’s determination and volition against nature. However, in modern day Chinese usage, the story of Kua Fu chasing the sun is used to describe a person who fails to obtain his goal because he greatly overestimates himself.)

The Third Prince, who was sitting inside a carriage, incessantly sneered. Trying to escape? Mu Xueshi, you cannot bear one day? If I told you that I was just doing this to test you, what would be the expression on your beautiful cold face?

“Pond… Pond… Reed…”

Chen Youzai’s vision became blurry, then suddenly fell to the ground. As a result of this fall, he could not stand up. He felt his legs with his hands and found out that they were completely numb.

Chen Youzai could not allow himself to die in vain in this place when he was far too close to the water. So he used his arms to raise himself up from off the ground. Inch by inch, he crawled forward on the ground. With every step of the way, his face became more excited.

As a result, this journey consumed more time than when he began running, which made the journey even longer. The sky was going to be dark soon. Finally, Chen Youzai desperately crawled to the side of the pond.

He stuck his head out so that he could see his whole face. Chen Youzai took a deep breath and slowly opened his eyes. The reflection on the water made Chen Youzai feel suffocated. He quickly moved his head around looking at his face. He also touched his face, and the reflection on the water mimicked what he was doing.

Miracles did not happen as what Chen Youzai expected it would be. There were dark crack marks on his face. There was no trace of smoothness on his skin as he touched his face. Spots and specks were embedded on the surface of those crack marks.

Chen Youzai realized why he was not chosen by the recruiter officers to become a servant. Now, he completely understands. He did not expect a change in his identity; yes, he was still a joke.

Chen Youzai made a determined effort to pull at his face. He felt his skin was going to be ripped off. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter anymore. Chen Youzai was devastated.

Could it be that he only existed for the sake of others to have someone to ridicule and make fun of? I got greedy? I just only hoped that I could have a normal face, with equal status to interact with other people. Why, why is it that even God would make fun of me?

Chen Youzai was pawing at his face and at the same time crying and howling. His real face immediately emerged: white ~ clear, pure, and limpid contours of the face with a series of tears, all the more made him look miserable.

The man that rode the horse in front of the Third Prince just slanted his head; he could not move and remained frozen there. (T/N: he saw what was happening to Chen Youzai so he was in shock) He was still brandishing the whip in his hand; his eyes were set at that spot for a very long time but still his spirit was unable to return to normal (T/N: meaning he’s still in a daze.).

The man who rode in the horse gave out a sigh. The Third Prince suddenly jumped off lightly, and took a few steps toward Mu Xueshi’s, who was before him. Looking at the familiar face with the expression that he had never seen before, the corners of the Third Prince’s mouth showed a gloomy, cold smile. He used his foot to gently touch Mu Xueshi’s already-bony hand and started to ask a question.


He’s finally here for real!



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