TUMBT: Chapter 12

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89

Proofreader: KainGuru

He probably did not know how many roads he has been to. Chen Youzai felt his body had been pushed to the limit. All of a sudden, a man fell straight backwards ahead of him. Chen Youzai was in a daze when the man nearly fell on him. Chen Youzai bowed his head down to take a look when the man’s eyes rolled back in his head. His whole face became deathly pale. Foam spewed out from the corners of his mouth. He twitched a few times then completely became devoid of any signs of life.

This was Chen Youzai’s first time seeing someone die in front of him. That terrifying face made Chen Youzai’s whole body tremble. His stomach churned severely. Chen Youzai spat out blood, and his eyes entirely blacked out so that he could no longer see anything.

When Chen Youzai managed to wake up, he was sitting upright inside a pit on the ground. There were a lot of people around him. He felt that his stomach seemed to be a little better. It was as if someone fed him something. Chen Youzai was glad that he did not die. Now was his opportunity to hastily change back.

Chen Youzai exerted great effort to bow his head and saw that he absolutely did not have a pocket. If there is no pocket, then where is the silver coin? Chen Youzai exhausted his brain thinking. Suddenly, he saw a belt-like strip of cloth fastened around his trousers. If the silver coin was not lost, then it would be possible to leave this place, Chen Youzai thought as he forced himself to lower his head a little so that his hands could reach the belt.

This is clearly impossible. Chen Youzai was in that place, twisting and turning, as if he was dancing. He changed into countless positions, and as a result, the distance from the belt was still quite far away. Chen Youzai bitterly sat on the ground, gasping for his breath. While rapidly breathing, he urged himself not to panic. If he would not compose himself this time, then he most probably would not be able to find a way to get back.

Suddenly, Chen Youzai was struck by a thought. He could swing back and forth to get the silver coin thrown out, it would be a millionfold more convenient getting it once it has been thrown out from swinging. Besides, no one could see this silver coin. Even if it has fallen out, it would be too unlikely for someone to go pick it up.

After thinking about it, Chen Youzai fiercely jumped up. It goes without saying that this man’s body was apparently thin and weak. Chen Youzai’s spared-no-effort movement was just like stretching oneself (on waking or when tired), the movement was quite beautiful.

The half-asleep officer beside him slightly opened his eyes. He was pondering if he was going to yell, but when he saw Chen Youzai’s faintly discernible figure, he could not help but swallow hard. Then he looked up and was greatly disappointed. The face was really ugly. If it could be a bit fairer and clearer, then one could eat to his content in this barren wasteland devoid of women. (T/N: take note that in the Prologue, before Mu Xueshi was sent to exile, the Third Prince helped him put on some makeup to make Mu Xueshi ugly)

Finally, Chen Youzai heard a clear and melodious sound. He was pleasantly surprised seeing, not far from him, what appeared on the ground was the life-saving silver coin. He cried out a big “Yeah!” Chen Youzai was like a child, rolling about, then finally crawling on the ground to go pick up that silver coin.

At the verge of the proclamation of his misery’s end, Chen Youzai’s vision became blurry. He saw more than one foot near his hands. It was like someone was deliberately stepping on his hands as he reached for the ground. From the gap between Chen Youzai’s legs, he gave up all hope in that place when he saw three or four men, who were somewhat like native residents and were stark naked, in the course of looting his silver coin. Soon, the noise disappeared. It was unknown who seized that “spoil of war.” They were laughing heartily as they went off toward a distance.



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