TUMBT: Chapter 13

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

“Why? Why can they see… Isn’t it that they can’t…” Chen Youzai muttered to himself. He already had no time to take into consideration the pain in his hand. His mind was filled with the shadows of Mama Chen and his classmates. A desolate feeling welled up in his heart.

It was true… was it true that he could not go back?

His eyes became dark, and Chen Youzai fainted. In his dream, beside his ear were sounds of endless quarreling. Furthermore, there were loud interrogations and blood-curdling screeches. He frowned. He felt someone caressing his cheek. It felt just like Mama Chen’s hand. He had only felt this gentleness when he fell ill.

The Third Prince gazed at the man’s body before him. Since he sent one of his trusted aides to secretly observe Mu Xueshi, he seemed to always hear bad news. Nowadays, indeed there were evil people who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth[1] that would insult the body of this clean man. The corner of the Third Prince’s eyes twitched a few times. His face became cloudy.

([1] 「不知天高地厚」is an exaggerated opinion of one’s own abilities. It literally means “Don’t know how high the sky is and how deep the ground is.” It compares the number of people who are better than the person referred to the height of the sky or the depth of the ground, which is innumerable.)

The Third Prince carefully groped a few times and realized that he could not bear what he felt with his hand. Hence, soon afterwards, he quickly broke himself off of this reverie. He gently smeared brown ink paste on Mu Xueshi’s face and chuckled watching how this unrivaled handsome face become unbearably ugly.

Mu Xueshi, I will await for the day that you will beg for my mercy.

When Chen Youzai woke up, nothing was changed. That kind of warm and comfortable feeling in the dream was fleeting. He did not know when his hands would be released from the cangue. The fetters were still on his feet, in fear that the prisoner would flee. Chen Youzai tried to feel his whole body, from top to bottom; he was trying to check all of the places where he could put his things into, but he could not find the silver coin.

Realizing that he did not have the possibility to change himself, Chen Youzai started to cry a loud “wa.” At the moment, he did not care about his own image. No one knew him anyway. He just wanted to go home. His wish to return was incomparable. He was thinking about how he could survive in this kind of condition in the future. Chen Youzai felt very afraid and regretful. If only his curiosity was not too strong, perhaps he could still have a normal day. Now, with this kind of condition, even if he was handsome, he did not want to have this kind of person’s day.

Chen Youzai’s wailing attracted countless eyes around him. He has been unconscious. With a pitiful and delicate expression showing in his eyes, he looked at the apathetic eyes of the people around him. He was begging as he cried.

“Let me go home. I want to see my mom… I want to… go to school… I want to go back… I want to go back!”

Chen Youzai desperately pulled the clothes of the man next to him. With only one pull, the man’s clothes were already ruined. He saw that man did not pay any attention to him. Then he went to beg to another person, again, he pulled and pulled, just at the point of madness.

The basic strength was still there although those prisoners’ bodies have already been entirely tossed from side to side. Chen Youzai’s body was frail and thin. Chen Youzai’s clothes became tattered when those people rushed over; the man(CYZ/MXS) lied on his back, unable to move a single step.

Those men’s eyes were blazing as they gazed at the clothes of that man (CYZ/MXS) falling apart. Such an ugly face, to one’s surprise, has delicately smooth and white skin, so white, it was almost transparent. His neck and the whole face formed a sharp contrast. It looked strange as if it was like a person whose head was not a part of his body.



6 thoughts on “TUMBT: Chapter 13

  1. yare yare

    This is nice and all, but I can’t help but think that CY has little to no redeeming features. He’s… well… ugly, and arrogant, and inconsiderate of his mom (?) and he planned to sexually harass a girl on the last few chapters right? He has basic human decency (when the saved the uncle), sure, but is that enough for the Third Prince to fall in love with him? Isn’t that a misled relationship?? The prince is thinking the whole time that he’s with the original MXS, yet CY comes in wishing that he’s hot and now he regrets it because, what, he thought as long as you’re hot you won’t have troubles? How naive.

    At this point, I like the original MXS more than our MC. Hell, I know nothing about the original body but even then, he seems much more preferable than our main character. //sigh

    I wish the story will develop so that CY will become a more kind and mature person. Because even if that’s a cliche, at least MC will become a little bearable.

    Liked by 1 person

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