TUMBT: Chapter 14

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Seeing everyone’s gaze did not have the slightest amount of sympathy, Chen Youzai’s breath was weak as he cried. Apart from crying, he could not think of any other way to vent. These people could not make sense of my words. I could not understand this place, as well. I do not dare to guess what hardships that the prisoners suffered through… At the thought of this, Chen Youzai felt he was near the brink of collapsing.

This was like the pear blossom raindrops[1] crooning; it made the big man, who was currently resting, could not help but soften up his gaze. He did not expect such an ugly face had the capability to let out such a loftly sound.

([1] 「梨花带雨」an idiom that figuratively means “tear-stained face of a beauty” or “weeping beauty.”)

A clamor could be heard from a nearby troop of officers. Everyone present at the scene were willingly kneeling on the ground. Those people who started the clamor panicked and were confused as they bowed their heads, quietly awaiting for instructions. Chen Youzai, aware of the silence all around, also stopped crying. He rolled, crawled, and posed strangely-knelt on the ground.

Listening to the dialogue between the officials, Chen Youzai roughly understood the situation. Most of the people gathered here were to defend the frontier village, open up a farm, repair a bridge, construct a road… Those newly-arrived people who had strong physique would be banished to an army post as a form of punishment. As for those who looked upright, clever, and young may also be reduced to local officials’ slaves.

As Chen Youzai listened, the last option, seemingly, was the only one that could be considered easiest. He laid down his emotions. Chen Youzai realized that it was important for him to find the most comfortable route for himself at this moment.

Chen Youzai heard those four words “looks upright[2]” and he knew that hope would come. He was the world’s most handsome man. If he was not considered upright, then these people must have crooked eyes.

([2]「模样端正」mú yàng duān zhèng – hence, four words.)

Chen Youzai had knelt in the back of the crowd. When the officers finally announced the results in front, he immediately straightened his back and kneeled toward the prominent place to be seen, in order to attract the attention of the officers.

An officer, not far from him, did notice Chen Youzai. He went directly to his side and looked down. Chen Youzai also very confidently rose up for him to see. After a while, the officer turned and went elsewhere. Another officer came to look at Chen Youzai, back and forth, a few minutes. At the end, those officers left the crowd.

I should be pretty close to be chosen, right?! Just now, they all paid attention to me. Chen Youzai thought to himself. He sighed. He could not help but feel this person’s appearance was really a revolutionary weapon.

After a while, the big man, who had whipped Chen Youzai earlier, walked over. He yelled, forcing the crowd to leave the place.

Hearing these words, those who dissaproved seemed unhappy but had no choice but to quickly stand up. In a split second, this piece of land was empty, only Chen Youzai kneeled there and did not move. It was very unexpected.

Chen Youzai looked at the big man that came toward him. He could not help but feel afraid. He secretly clenched his fist, no matter what, he had to fight for his life!

“If I was chosen, I wouldn’t have to move now, right?”

The big man felt surprised looking at this strange behavior, but still he did not respond.

Chen Youzai saw doubts in the big man’s face. He assumed the big man did not understand his words. With this thought, Chen Youzai hastily used his billions of brain cells to think of another move. In the shortest time, he came out with another sentence.

“This worthless commoner has something to ask. When will the recruiter officers be back? If I was chosen, how can I continue to work with the other people in the mountain meadows?”

Seeing the big man’s face was still not good, Chen Youzai quickly added: “After you finished answering, you adding “too” is good….no, no….sorry[3]!….You must add “too” in the end.”

([3] Chen Youzai said the word “sorry” in English.)

Chen Youzai’s mouth cracked a smile, but the next second, he made a blood-curdling screech. The big man’s whip mercilessly waved upon the delicate body, leaving a hideous brown trace. Meanwhile the big man roared: “Quick, go move stones, today’s meal is gone.”



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