HIHEZL: Chapter 4. The Strongest Team Is Established!

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Ke Bu was feeling hopeless as he faced the white paper containing the information of the remaining two possible team members.

Ying Xiujie: the father is a boxer, the mother has opened a Taekwondo hall, from childhood liked to stir up trouble, for this reason has changed to many schools, but it didn’t work, the grades were extremely poor, only liked to fight and fight, the most common thing was to be sent to the hospital and put people into the hospital.

Su Youyan: the father is the headmaster of Sheng Jie College, the mother had an untimely death because of illness, heard was proud and ambitious, heard that everyone retreated a three day’s march[1] to her, heard very few people saw her talk, preferences are unknown, experience is unknown, attributes unknown.

([1]「退避三舍」tuìbì sān shè – figuratively to give way in the face of superior strength)

Ying Xiujie did not have to say anything but what on earth was going on with Su Youyan’s information? Really, what kind of world was this? Ever since Ke Bu’s encounter with Zhi Li, he had nothing to be so surprised about. It was already the third day, yet it was still not clear how Chu Haoyu was doing so far with the recruitment. Gong Zhu called Ke Bu from behind: “Are you going to the classroom, too?”

“Yeah. How are you guys over there doing so far?”

“Chu Haoyu’s going to look for Ying Xiujie.”

“It’s already the last day. I’ll work on looking for those other two then.”

“We can always think of ways. It’s actually fine with me, as long as Master Zhi Li’s there.” Gong Zhu happily said with a captivating smile. Ke Bu frowned. He just frowned at an unfavorable time. It was just that Ke Bu wanted to frown, nothing more.

“Although Master Zhi Li’s a bit unpredictable, I think he’s very good to get along with.”

“Enough, stop it.” Ke Bu unexpectedly stopped Gong Zhu. Gong Zhu was somewhat astonished as he fixed his eyes on Ke Bu. Ke Bu continued speaking: “It’s time to go to the classroom.” The two boys went to the classroom and when Ke Bu stepped into the classroom, he felt something cold rise up from his back. He spotted Zhi Li’s head. Today’s weather was so hot so that the sun’s heat baked the earth. Everything was so hot. Even though there was air-conditioning in the classroom, it still could not keep up with the scorching heat of summer. Ke Bu left the classroom.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“I don’t know why but I don’t actually want to go to the classroom today, ahaha.” Ke Bu laughed hollowly. Dammit, I don’t want to run into Zhi Li today.

“Close the door and go buy a bottle of ice water.” Zhi Li’s cold voice came through from the back of the classroom. There, Ke Bu was dumbfounded. The usual momentum had completely vanished.

“Didn’t you understand me?” His voice was cold to the point that it was horrifying. Ke Bu closed the door so as to prevent the air conditioning in the classroom from slipping away, and then ran to the supermarket. He quickly took a bottle of ice-cold water back to the classroom and handed it over to Zhi Li. Zhi Li unscrewed the bottle lid and lifted it up toward his face to drink a mouthful. After that, he suddenly pinched Ke Bu’s chin, forcing Ke Bu to open his mouth, then poured the ice-cold water into Ke Bu’s mouth: “You call this ice-cold water?”

“Stop it, it’s already the coldest.” Ke Bu wiped off the spilled water on the corners of his mouth and subserviently spoke. Damn this air conditioner. Damn this water for not being cold enough. Off to the side, Gong Zhu was very surprised because of this strange, incomprehensible phenomenon. He felt like he could not get close to His Excellency Zhi Li. His appearance was somewhat unusual; although, it was like a charm to the face.

At this moment, Chu Haoyu rushed into the classroom. He had scratches on his face: “I lost, I lost to Ying Xiujie.” After he finished saying this, he felt the blazing heat of the classroom. He then looked at Zhi Li. He stood still and did not budge. He turned around and yelled to the people inside the classroom: “What’s the matter with the air conditioner? Quickly, find someone to repair it!”

Zhi Li immediately smashed the mineral water bottle in his hand. “You bastard, it’s not going to work, what’s the use of living?”

“This, as a matter of fact shouldn’t be blamed on me, Ying Xiujie’s too powerful.”

Zhi Li impatiently clicked his tongue: “It’s so hot!”

Gong Zhu moved to Ke Bu’s side and whispered: “What’s going on?”

Ke Bu recovered: “Oh, no one told you yet? Zhi Li can’t stand the heat. When it’s hot, he’s unusually irritable, an entirely dark transformation.”

Gong Zhu listened to his explanation and started laughing: “How can you exaggerate like that.”

Zhi Li turned his head: “You bastard, what are you laughing about?” Gong Zhu was frightened so that he stopped laughing.

“Chu Haoyu, come out and face me. What kind of a man would sneak out like that?” A man outside the classroom yelled at the window. Ke bu looked to where the voice was coming from. The man had blonde-dyed hair, dark skin, neat buzz cut, and a resolute face.

Zhi Li lifted his eyes: “Are you that bastard Ying Xiujie?”

“Who are you? I’m looking for Chu Haoyu. What kind of a man would run away after losing?”

Zhi Li went outside. “Then I’ll accompany you, if that’s okay with you.” After he finished speaking, the two went to the restroom.

Gong Zhu wanted to come forward to stop them: “Quickly, stop Master Zhi Li. Ying Xiujie’s very fierce. If… If…”

Chu Haoyu stopped Gong Zhu: “He wanted to die. We can’t do anything about it.”

“You’re obviously a friend, how can you let Master Zhi Li go there to die?” Gong Zhu’s eyes glistened with teardrops.

Chu Haoyu clarified what he meant and looked at Gong Zhu: “I was talking about Ying Xiujie.”

Ying Xiujie was really not an ordinary character in a novel. Ke Bu looked at his watch, unexpectedly, ten minutes had passed already. Eleven minutes later, Zhi Li dragged Ying Xiujie’s body back to the classroom and threw him near the door: “I said, do you want to team up or not?” Ying Xiujie’s mouth opened and was saying something. Zhi Li then stepped on his stomach: “I can’t hear you.”

“Team, I’ll team up with you.” The dying Ying Xiujie said those last two words and continued dying. Just like that, another person agreed to join in again as a team member through this cruel way. Next — the only one left was the most difficult one — Su Youyan. During the evening self-study time, the weather had started to gradually cool down. Ke Bu and Zhi Li, which had been given this important task, were very reluctant to walk over to Su Youyan’s class.

Standing outside the classroom, Ke Bu stuck his head inside and asked the girl who was sitting in the front row: “Excuse me, is Su Youyan here? Could you please help me call her over?”

Hearing Su Youyan’s name, the girl was reluctant: “Do you still want me to call her? She’s over there.” The girl pointed her finger to Su Youyan’s seat. Ke Bu looked over. Now, this woman had pitch-dark long hair; snow-white skin, so white so that her face was pale; and delicate facial features — however, was she human?

“Whatever you’re called, looks like you’re the headmaster’s daughter. Could you please come out.” Zhi Li announced to the class without waiting for Ke Bu to call for her. Ke Bu was panic-stricken as he stared at Zhi Li. In the end, how many more people are you willing to fight? Don’t you know there’s something called communication? Do you believe that adding the two words “trouble[2]” would be polite?

([2]「麻烦」má fan – hence, it’s two words)

After a long time, Su Youyan came out with with an expressionless face. Then, with this expressionless face, she stared at Ke Bu. Ke Bu welcomed her with a smiling face: “Hello, my name’s Ke Bu. Excuse me, may I ask if you have a good team for this camping trip? Although it’s a little presumptuous, because we’ve heard about you, our team members have a lot of admiration for you. I’d like to invite you to team up with us.”

“Your 2B[3] smile and 2B language makes me nauseous.” Zhi Li indifferently said.

([3] 「二屄」Èr bī or just 2B – slang which means “idiot/idiotic”)

“Will you stop spreading salt over my wounds?” Do you think I wanted to do this huh? If it wasn’t for this headmaster’s daughter’s backing, how could I have gone to such extremes? It was actually not for the team’s sake. Later on, it would be necessary for me to find such a person to cover me in school. Ke Bu’s treachery was thoroughly exposed.

Su Youyan still did not speak. She only continued staring straight at them, and sure enough, just like what the rumors said — she did not like to speak.

“Could you think about it?”

She still did not speak. She looked as if she was not ready to speak. Zhi Li took aim at Su Youyan: “If you won’t talk, that means you agree.” This trickster!! Ke Bu had no choice but to admire Zhi Li. Looks like dragging Zhi Li was the right choice.

Finally, Su Youyan was forced to speak: “I refuse.”

Zhi Li, “Speak only when you agree.”

Is this person a scoundrel? Ke Bu looked from the side. These two looked amazingly calm but the atmosphere seemed very awkward. Ke Bu just thought of it as the start of a fight scene. After staring at each other quietly for some time, Zhi Li opened his mouth: “It’s up to you.”

“You’re this foolish to just agree to anything?!” Ke Bu was somewhat surprised. It was very rare for Zhi Li to agree with someone. He even agreed with Su Youyan with just a glance. She was not the type of girl that Zhi Li liked. At the thought of this, Ke Bu pouted.

Su Youyan still remained silent. Zhi Li went downstairs and Ke Bu followed behind. Not taking a few steps, Zhi Li turned around: “Being alone is tiring, so follow me hereafter.” Zhi Li left after saying that. Ke Bu followed behind. Just now, what’s with that dialogue?

“You really dared to say anything out of the blue. Even if you like someone else, you don’t have to meet for the first time to say it.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I said…” Ke Bu had not finished his sentence yet when Zhi Li interrupted him: “If I like a person, I’ll directly say it.” Also, based on Zhi Li’s nature, he would directly say it. He just simply used his way to attract friends to gather round and nothing more!!

“You should pay me back now for the money I used to buy your water.” Ke Bu was annoyed with his way of meddling with other people’s business.


“Don’t fool me in this way.”


“You pay it back!”

“Ke Bu.” Zhi Li suddenly called his name.

Ke Bu was dumbfounded: “Wh–, why?” Zhi Li suddenly became taciturn. This made Ke Bu even more nervous. He was guessing what Zhi Li would say next.

Zhi Li broke the silence: “This name’s so strange.”

Ke Bu gritted his teeth: “Is this the only way you’ve come to know me for so long?”

“Is it possible that you’re thinking of anything else?”

“I shouldn’t have said anything at all.” Ke Bu was somewhat in a bad mood as he glared at Zhi Li. He continued to move forward.

Zhi Li suddenly stretched out his hand on Ke Bu’s head and pressed on it: “It seems that you have degenerated to the point that you couldn’t distinguish what’s genuine and what’s fake.” The warmth of his fingertips came through to his head. This, all of a sudden, made Ke Bu’s heart tighten, not lightly and not heavily.

Ke Bu: “From the past ‘til the present, I could never see through which sentence you spoke was true, which sentence you spoke was false. You’re a born liar.”

Zhi Li: “However, I could make out that you’re a fool.”

Ke Bu: “Think less of yourself, Zhi Li.”

Ke Bu touched his head that was just touched by Zhi Li. He looked at Zhi Li who was walking in front of him. The hot summer with a lukewarm breath blew onto the two boys. Ke Bu lightly smiled as he stood on Zhi Li’s shadow.

The next morning, Su Youyan unexpectedly appeared. Ke Bu could not believe it. Hence, Gong Zhu, Ying Xiujie, Zhou Xinhe, Chu Haoyu, Su Youyan, Ke Bu, and Zhi Li — the strongest freshmen team had been established!




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  1. about zhi li dark transformation, in my imaginations it’s like the ice that always surround him melting because of heat and then the dark personality is free or more like the demon king’s ice seal is melting and the demon king roaming free!!! hahahaha it’s also funny how zhi li get a friend!!
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