HIHEZL: 5. Dangerous Gambling Activities

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Ke Bu was on the school bus, glancing at the vacant seat. It seemed that many were glaring like a tiger, eyeing its prey at the seat next to Zhi Li. Ke Bu did not want to go to that seat next to Zhi Li because he was thinking about the past and was also a bit timid — yet, he had not sat down all along. He just fixed his eyes at Zhi Li, sitting over there.

“Don’t think that something would happen if you would just stare at me.” Zhi Li said slowly and did not even lift his head.

“Sorry to trouble you.” Ke Bu lowered his figure. Zhi Li stood up and moved from the seat by the window to the inner seat. Ke Bu was somewhat excited as he went sitting by the window. He had always been fond of sitting by the window. Ke Bu yawned. Zhi Li glanced at Ke Bu. Ke Bu carelessly pulled his hooded FIRS (T/N: a brand) up and covered his head. “I played games all night.”

“Do you want me to compliment you?”

“Don’t mock the calm and composed people, okay, and pay attention to this point later.” Ke Bu closed his eyelids and peacefully fell asleep beside Zhi Li. Gong Zhu, who was sitting behind them could not help but feel some gloom in his heart. What’s going on between those two that couldn’t be plugged into a day-to-day conversation? Ke Bu obviously said they weren’t familiar, but I completely couldn’t see it.

The school bus stopped at the destination. Ke Bu was in a daze when he opened his eyes. He did not know when it all started, but he unexpectedly found himself leaning on Zhi Li’s shoulder. His face was somewhat hot. He hurriedly straightened his body to the maximum and stuck his whole back close to the window. “Is it possible that you’re thinking that you’re inside a swaying car? My heart’s thumping along with the romantic music around. Something pink emerges from the back then I intentionally lean on your shoulder. I’m telling you, stop dreaming. This is just my body falling asleep, completely unconscious as it sways.”

“I don’t care.” Zhi Li shrugged his shoulders. Why would he be so comfortable that he seemed too concerned.

“Why didn’t you push me away?!”

“This shoulder was empty.”

“Don’t say it so casually. Can you have some common sense in life!?”

Zhi Li watched Ke Bu closely. “You’re blushing.”

“No, no! Don’t make any wild guesses, I’m troubled by sleeping on your shoulder, and I don’t want to accept your favor for no reason.”

Looking at the pesky Ke Bu, Zhi Li stood up from his seat. “Okay, now that you leaned on my shoulder once, I’ll lean on you once later.” His voice did not have any emotion, as if he was like saying something very common.

“I always feel that the formulation of your words have a great fault. Why is it that the last sentence don’t add up to the two words ‘shoulder[1]?!’ You’re deliberately tricking me!!”

([1]「肩膀」jiān bǎng – hence two words.)

Zhi Li shrugged as he got off the bus. Ke Bu forcefully gritted his teeth and hammered the window. He obviously understood Zhi Li very much, that he was this kind of person. The words that Zhi Li spoke from his mouth actually had no meaning at all, but Ke Bu always could not help but go take it seriously. It was not like he was completely led by his nose.

The fellow students with large bags assembled in a vacant field. The drillmaster stood there dressed in dark green battle fatigues while announcing the important matters: “Everyone, the scope of action has been drawn up with a cordon. You’re not allowed to go beyond by even half a step. The most important thing is to pay attention to safety. If you have something in mind, look for the drillmaster-in-charge. Every day, there’ll be a spot-check for each team. Quilts will be checked, together with the placement of the living utensils. All teams will find a place to set up their tents this afternoon. We’ll officially start tomorrow. Finally, please obey the management. Observe strict discipline.”

Military training was already a common occurrence for Ke Bu, but this was still the first time. That was probably why this school was famous. Independent in mind and action, the headmaster was subject to foreign country education, so it was different from traditional Chinese education. Chu Haoyu, Ying Xiujie, and Gong Zhu selected a fairly good location to begin pitching their tents. Zhou Xinhe was the good wife and loving mother type. All of the team’s possessions and belongings have been arranged in a neat and tidy manner. Su Youyan, from beginning to end, did not say a word as she sat on a stone while reading a book. From time to time, she could be seen pushing her eyeglasses. As for Zhi Li, he was beside a stream while sketching. Yes, that was right, his only interest was to scribble in his notebook. This hobby was completely out of tune with his personality.

When everything was done, everyone was awfully tired. There was still enough time so Chu Haoyu proposed everyone to play gambling. After hearing Chu Haoyu’s proposal, Ke Bu had a very bad premonition. Chu Haoyu took out 100 RMB and threw it on the stone: “I’m betting on who kisses first the two girls in the team.”

Hearing what Chu Haoyu said, Zhou Xinhe’s face suddenly became bright red. She hurriedly waved her hand. “Please don’t bet on me, this isn’t very nice.” Su Youyan did not say anything, but she made a frightening move. While reading a book, she took her compass in her bag and placed it beside her.

Ke Bu, “Yu Tai, what exactly do you think of the team?”

Chu Haoyu, “You’re too boring. Isn’t this so-called youth the best time to do dirty things? There’s no spirit of adventure. Just wait until you’re old, when you look back on the entirety of your student life, there’s nothing worth showing off those memories.”

“In all seriousness, please don’t say anything nasty.” Ke Bu corrected it again. Besides, it was too short-sighted to risk his life for 100 RMB. Ke Bu was not a man who would be desperate for a small benefit.

“I think it’s better if we go together and blow up all the other’s things and then dominate this place. Let those animals have nothing to eat and no tents to sleep in.” Ying Xiujie proposed.

“I think it’s better to write my wish in a bottle and throw it in a stream.” The outrageous xiaoshou, Gong Zhu, also proposed. Ke Bu finally regretted joining this team. What happened to this team? Where was this strongest team? It was precisely the most perverted team.

Chu Haoyu scratched his head. “No way, in order for this military training to be a little bit fun, the stakes will only get bigger. Whoever could kiss Zhi Li, no matter which part, hand or face, even if who won, the money wouldn’t only go to him, how about we also make him the team leader?” All at once, five people gazed at Zhi Li, who was not that far from them. Their hair was standing on end. This was not a problem of high difficulty gambling, this was gambling life.

“What’s this matter about kissing a man!” Ying Xiujie refused.

“That’s the reason why it’s called a bet. Do you think that it’s easy getting money in this world, how about it? In vain, you’re still a man.”

Chu Haoyu was quite right to incite this line. Upon hearing this topic, Ying Xiujie’s will to fight ignited like raging flames of fury. From his bag, he took out 100 RMB: “It’s a bet.” Not to mention Gong Zhu, who pulled out his money, faster than anyone else. This proposal seemed to be very interesting. Even Su Youyan closed her beloved book to pinch 100 RMB and threw it just like throwing garbage. The corners of her mouth evoked an imperceptible smile. In Ke Bu’s eyes, he looked as if he was saying ‘I’d like to see how you’re going to die.’ Seeing everyone pulled out their own money, Zhou Xinhe also hurriedly took out her own money to become a member of this team. You could reckon that Zhou Xinhe did not understand what was the situation. She just blindly wanted to integrate into the team. Ke Bu started looking at the money piling up on the stone. He snorted. He would never participate in such a boring bet. He already said that he would absolutely not risk his own life for this small profit. Whoever wanted to kiss Zhi Li could go kiss him well. I don’t care. Whoever wanted to go kiss Zhi Li, whoever it may be, could go kiss him well. Whoever wanted to go kiss Zhi Li, whoever it may be, could go kiss him well.

Ke Bu suddenly straightened his body to stand up, then threw 100 RMB over there: “I’ll win this bet!” Oh, there seemed to be some inconsistency between his thought and action.

“Hey, this is really rare, the lazy boy also became hot-blooded.”

“For the sake of the money and becoming the team leader, I can do anything, even if I have to kiss a man. What kind of thing does self-respect count as? Rubbish!” Ke Bu felt the weather. Today was pleasantly cool and a good day. It seemed that his luck was not too bad.

Who would have thought that Chu Haoyu’s next words would make his fantasy crash down to the ground: “Well, it is decided, this gamble will commence tomorrow.”

“Why is it tomorrow?!”

“Because I heard that tomorrow will be very hot, ah ha ha ha, there’ll be something waiting for you next.” Chu Haoyu winked his right eye. Five people once again simultaneously gazed at Zhi Li’s. Ke Bu could hardly gulp. He touched his chin and began to reconsider.

After the discussion, the others busied themselves. Ke Bu paced going behind Zhi Li. He stooped and softly called out his name: “Zhi Li.”


“Can you agree with me on a very small request?”

“How small?”

“Very small. Tomorrow, could you let nobody touch you?” I just wanted to win a wager and nothing more. It has absolutely no other meaning. Anyway, at any rate, Zhi Li wouldn’t misunderstand anything.

“State the conditions.”

Looks like this guy was not as stupid as he thought he was. He was simply a qualified treacherous businessman: “Then what do you want?”

Zhi Li thought: “Owe it first.”

“Deal, happy cooperation, Zhi Li.” Ke Bu finished speaking and went back. Ke Bu was definitely not a man who was desperate for a little benefit. Just for a little benefit he would go up the road skipping and hopping.



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