TUMBT: Chapter 18

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

“Mu Xueshi, If you would say one line to admit your mistake, I will right away take you out from here!”

“You are the Heibai Wuchang[1], right?” Chen Youzai looked at the person in front of him who wore white ancient clothes, then he wryly smiled as he asked.

([1]「黑白无常/黑白無常」The Heibai Wuchang, literally “Black and White Impermanence”, are two deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the Underworld. As their names suggest, they are dressed in black and white respectively. They are the subordinates of Yama, the ruler of the Underworld in Chinese mythology, alongside the Ox-Headed and Horse-Faced Hell Guards. They are worshipped as fortune deities in Chinese temples in some countries. Chen Youzai may have been referring to the White Guard who is known as Xie Bi’an [謝必安/谢必安].)

The Third Prince did not understand what Mu Xueshi meant. He only looked at him coldly and said: “Will you obey or not?”

“How can I even refuse to obey? Won’t you still take me away? Human life is foreordained by Heaven…”

“You are really enlightened!” The Third Prince lifted the man from off the ground and carried him in his arms. Unexpectedly, he found out that the person in his embrace was just as light as a swallow. He quietly looked closely at Mu Xueshi again, then began to walk toward the carriage.

Chen Youzai squinted his eyes. His lips were trembling and his breath was unstable. He said: “Big Brother Bai, your hell service is very attentive and satisfactory. You didn’t even leave a spirit like me to walk on foot… If I will be reincarnated, I still want to become Chen Youzai. I don’t want to part with my mother… Big Brother Bai, please help me… I’ll ask my mother to burn more paper money for you…”

Mu Xueshi was whispering these words to the Third Prince, but he could not hear them all clearly. However, now, he was not impatient. Later he would have plenty of chances to talk to Mu Xueshi. With this thought, the Third Prince could not help but to tighten his grip.

He had a tediously long dream. He regained his consciousness after fainting for a long time. Chen Youzai was unable to tell what kind of situation he was in right now. He dreamed that he found the silver coin. He held and looked at it in his hand for a long time. After that, he felt that the silver coin was getting bigger and bigger, also heavier and heavier, and finally it turned into a giant UFO. It slowly rose to the sky and then fell down on top of him. He wanted to ran away, but no matter how much he ran and ran, he still could not get outside the scope of the giant UFO. In the end, he perceived darkness right before his eyes. Chen Youzai was bounded by something sturdy that pressed him on the spot, rendering him unable to move.

“Eh…” Chen Youzai exhaled, he suddenly opened his eyes.

(A/N : After this, the character will be called only by the name Mu Xueshi, because I wrote Chen Youzai to refer to the ugly man inside. Moving forward, he will be in this condition all the time, han[2]…)

([2]「汗」to be speechless [out of helplessness, embarrassment etc] [Internet slang used as an interjection])

The Third Prince was squeezing on Mu Xueshi’s body. He smiled like a smile yet not a smile[3] and secretly watched Mu Xueshi’s thick, long eyelashes fan several times. Then the crystal-like eyes were completely opened. The agile eyes looked around to the left and right. Mu Xueshi looked surprised when he saw the Third Prince.

([3]「似笑非笑」sì xiào fēi xiào – an idiom which simply means “a faint smile.”)

“Don’t recognize me?”

The Third Prince’s joking tone did not make Mu Xueshi pay any attention. At this moment he was busy looking all around his surroundings, trying to understand his current unfortunate situation.

There was a small wood-carved window with a bed curtain hanging on it that had a moon butterflies dancing pattern. Next to the bed curtain stood a palace weaving embroidered screen. On the walls hung ancient Chinese scenery paintings. In the middle stood a large case of red sandalwood. Inside the case there were grinding ink papers and a white exquisite jade vase. Inside the vase were gently fragrant flowers; the fragrances filled the whole room…

Mu Xueshi felt his body was covered with silk satin bedding. It felt exquisitely soft and smooth. The pillow under his head also had a seep of fragrance as well. He turn his head side to side. He noticed the excellent workmanship of a small square box near him. Mu Xueshi tried holding out his hand to reach it, only to be held down by the Third Prince.

Mu Xueshi looked attentively at the Third Prince’s eyes. He remembered… This person was the Hebai Wuchang from the other day, who came to get him from the pond side. He slightly lowered his head and looked at his body. It was not a baby’s body. At least this body could be counted as a young man. Once he stretched out his hand and looked at it, he saw there was still a port wine mark above his thumb. This mean he was still in the original owner’s body.

There were so many signs to fully prove that he was still in the reincarnation process. Mu Xueshi vaguely speculated that this place now should be a specially-designed room where he will await for his judgment.



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