HIHEZL: 6. Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Finally, it was dinner time. Looking at the sumptuous dishes on the tablecloth, Ke Bu could not help but look at Zhou Xinhe with admiration. That woman was a different person when she was cooking. From timid, she became so confident. She turned the messy ingredients into a delicious dish. It seemed that the only contribution the team had ever made was to win Zhou Xinhe over.

Gong Zhu sat down next to Zhi Li, and carefully handed him the chopsticks: “It seems that we still haven’t gotten along, Master Zhi Li.” Gong Zhu smiled, revealing his spotlessly white teeth.

“Is it?”

Amidst the noise, Ke Bu could only hear the two people’s conversation. He ate his meal as if nothing had happened.

“Your Excellency, it’s a fact that you don’t know me, and we’ve never exchanged words.” Gong Zhu anxiously stared at Zhi Li.

“I know you.” His voice was low. Ke Bu had some inexplicable anxiety in the left side of his chest. Gong Zhu’s face appeared flushed because of Zhi Li’s words. Amidst the noise, Zhi Li continued stating the fact: “You like men.” These words were astonishing. The noise suddenly died. Ying Xiujie’s chopsticks fell down to the ground. Chu Haoyu’s mouth was agape as he looked at them.

Gong Zhu’s face became redder: “Your Excellency, why would you say that?”

The tangerine glow of the bonfire next to Zhi Li made his handsome face even more enchanting. Such a good-looking face said those blunt and frightening words: “The way that you look at my eyes is very strange.” The mood was extremely wonderful. Ke Bu racked his brain as he thought of saying something to break this mood. Zhi Li looked at the petrified group of people, and with a harmless face, he asked: “What happened to you?”

“Now isn’t the time to ask, do you know what you just said!!” Ke Bu denounced.

“Oh, that’s a joke.”

“Your face looks like a joke!!” Here we go again, the elusive guy who did not think about it with a word.

Gong Zhu followed with a laugh: “Master Zhi Li really scared me so that he made me jump.”

“What? It was a joke. Your sense of humor is too weird.” The others returned to normal, and even genuinely let it go in a short while!! Ke Bu was no kind fool. The total IQ within this group was also both of Su Youyan’s and his own high point; however, Su Youyan was also a woman who failed to clearly understand. Ke Bu suspiciously looked at Zhi Li. In the end, does this guy really not know anything or does he know everything in his heart? He was wearing a naturally dull and good-looking skin, was outwardly kind but inwardly evil, and had a high IQ of a devil. Thinking this, Ke Bu sneered. It was impossible. He knew Zhi Li for a long time. His makeup could be so complicated the more that Ke Bu thought of it.

In the depth of the night, Ke Bu was fast asleep when Ying Xiujie woke him up. He turned over: “Why?”

“Get up, now’s the time to do something like a man.”

“Something like a man.”

“I heard that there was a girl who hanged herself in the forest before. Chu Haoyu will go find that tree where she hanged herself. He’s a man who’s going to meet head-on with a ghost.”

“Is it possible that you’re thinking that when you walk into the woods there will be women in white dresses? Or a woman with a stretched-out tongue riding on your shoulders? Or a quilt suddenly puffed up, and when it opens up, there’s a child lying on your body? Stop dreaming. There’s no such thing as anything unscientific in this world. I don’t want to waste my energy on this nonsense. You go by yourself.” Ke Bu was a person who did not move as much as possible.

Ying Xiujie grabbed Ke Bu by his collar and dragged Ke Bu out. Outside the station was Zhou Xinhe, Gong Zhu, and Chu Haoyu. Ke Bu narrowed his eyes and looked around: “Where’s Zhi Li and Su Youyan?”

“Zhi Li’s tent is a den of monsters. I always feel like something bad will happen if I’ll go inside. I just opened and looked inside — It was pitch-dark. I could only hear the sound of breathing; so, I took a step back,” Chu Haoyu said. Alas, Ke Bu also could not understand Chu Haoyu’s state of mind.

Zhou Xinhe stammered: “That, the front of Youyan’s tent is full of thumbtacks. There’s no way to get close. Can I not go?”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m here.” Chu Haoyu said. That was his ultimate goal — to give the girl a hug, and then rub his arms on her breasts, this cheap man. His brain only contained breasts and butts.

It was not long before they entered the forest when everyone got separated. Ying Xiujie was left walking behind Ke Bu. Ke Bu was holding a flashlight when he started getting bored roaming around. Ying Xiujie was in a state of preparedness. They were not walking for too long when Ke Bu turned around and found that Ying Xiujie was also missing. How did this happen? Looking at the pitch-dark woods, the shape of terror swayed in the wind. Ke Bu yawned. It’s so boring. That’s enough, it’s better to get back first.

Suddenly, a white figure flashed right before Ke Bu’s eyes. Ke Bu was startled. He shone the flashlight in that direction: “Who is it? Don’t give me that. Get out.” It seemed that Ke Bu’s mind was completely free of ghosts. Not far from there, he heard Zhou Xinhe yelling. Ke Bu was so frightened so that he jumped. The flashlight fell on the ground, tumbling into the woods. Really! I’m nothing but blind. The flashlight’s gone. Ke Bu complained as he thought. In the lonely woods, Ke Bu heard the sound of breathing besides himself. It was getting closer behind him. He looked back and saw Zhi Li’s face in the moonlight.

“So it was you. What are you doing here, haven’t you seen Ying Xiujie?”

“Disposed of.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ke Bu, do you believe in ghosts?” Zhi Li did not answer Ke Bu’s question.

“I don’t believe, what? Hanged ghosts, water ghosts, vampires — all are fabricated. I only believe in what I see with my own eyes.”

“Oh?” Zhi Li’s subtle expression was very appropriate.

“Don’t answer me with this strange attitude!! Besides, you’ll find a good reason to lie.”

“Lie?” Zhi Li lightly touched Ke Bu’s temple with his fingers: “Use your clever brain to think of a simple question. Why don’t I like the strong sunlight?” Ke Bu looked at Zhi Li’s flawless face. The expression in his eyes was even clearer than the hint of evil that it contained. Ke Bu’s forehead was covered in sweat from fear. What does this mean? This isn’t good. Does this mean that Zhi Li’s a vampire?!! It’s true that vampires have an aristocratic, incomparable appearance. It’s also true that Zhi Li hates the scorching sun, and he often suddenly disappears; drawings that no one could understand — perhaps, it was drawn in the eyes of their vampire world. Impossible, this is beyond the reality of things. He just said that Ying Xiujie was disposed of, in other words…

“This, this kind of thing is definitely not true. Don’t think that just by saying these words, I’ll believe you. I only believe in science. Yes, there are no vampires, there are no…” Ke Bu was also not confident with the words he spoke. Again and again, he drew back. Finally, his back was pressed against a tree, with no way to retreat. He looked pale. Zhi Li leaned his body close and slightly parted his lips, baring his teeth. Ke Bu looked at him and closed his eyes as he revealed two seductive fangs. Could it be that this is how Ke Bu’s life would come to an end.

Zhi Li pressed close to Ke Bu’s ear: “I’m going to bury your body in your favorite place.”

“I would like to live to enjoy that place!!” Ke Bu’s voice trembled.

Zhi Li moved his teeth close to Ke Bu’s slender neck and started nibbling. The warmth from his touch made Ke Bu’s heart tremble. Ke Bu’s consciousness was somewhat blurry — to be close like this to Zhi Li, to be lightly bitten like this by Zhi Li — why was it so… At this time, he gave himself a slap in his heart. He was going to die. It was not the time to be enchanted.

Ke Bu finally laid his pride down. He pulled Zhi Li’s sleeves and was at the brink of pleading: “I was wrong before. Give me a chance to turn over a new leaf, please, I won’t tell the others. Don’t, don’t turn me into a vampire. I don’t want to sleep in a coffin.”

Zhi Li finally lifted his head up, and yet, it was this harmless expression that made him take out the fangs of his mouth and threw it on the ground: “You really believed it.”

With just this short sentence, Ke Bu became speechless. Is there anything more humiliating than this? Blue veins emerged from his forehead. Vicious words jumped out from his teeth: “Zhi~~~ Li ~~~!”

The out-of-sorts Ke Bu narrowed his eyes in response to a light that shone through from a flashlight. Gong Zhu’s voice then came over: “Here you are.”

Chu Haoyu, Ying Xiujie, and Zhou Xinhe were in there, too. Chu Haoyu asked: “What are you doing here?”

“Ke Bu begged me not to turn him into a vampire.”

Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie looked at Ke Bu’s blue face and started laughing heartily: “Ha ha ha, I’m laughing to death! What decade are you living in? Ke Bu, you really believe in this kind of thing? Ha ha ha ha, you’re more naive than I imagined.” Laugh, laugh to your heart’s content. Ke Bu had no face to save. He also could not think of anything to answer back. All of his energy had long been used up by Zhi Li. He just wanted to escape, escape into a hole where there were no other people and spend the rest of his life in it. Su Youyan, who was wearing a white skirt, suddenly appeared. Everyone jumped in fear.

“Why are you here?”

“Taking a walk.” Su Youyan briefly answered.

“Someone takes a walk in a white skirt in this hellhole at midnight!!!”


After tossing and turning, Ke Bu was unable to get into his quilt. He placed his palms around his neck — that part — Zhi Li’s warmth was still in it. It was faint and shallow, as if there was nothing else that could tear apart his rationality.



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