TUMBT: Chapter 19

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

His chest felt a bit suffocated! Mu Xueshi looked at the Third Prince. Why is he leaning on me? Could this be a ritual in hell? It is better to inquire beforehand.

“Big Brother Bai, there’s something in my mind that I would like to consult you about…” Mu Xueshi willfully discussed in a civilized manner, with a humble expression on his face.

The Third Prince did not expect Mu Xueshi would take the initiative to open his mouth to speak; furthermore, he did not expect Mu Xueshi to wake up until now. This once menacingly cold face unexpectedly started becoming lively and fickle.

Is he pretending? Or really sick?

Mu Xueshi saw that the Third Prince frowned the whole time, and also did not respond. He cleared his throat, then loudly asked: “Big Brother, could you not lean on me for a while? I want to take a breath.”

The way that he spoke was so strange. The Third Prince’s eyes converged. He took several glances at Mu Xueshi then obediently complied to move away his body. He stood aside. He wanted to see till the end what kind of tricks that Mu Xueshi would play.

However, Mu Xueshi was obviously unaware of the Third Prince’s gaze. He got up from the bed, and then, strangely, started touching things as he took a look around. After that, he picked up the nearest bronze oil lamp, then loudly admired: “Man, these are all real things!”

Shocked by the sight of Mu Xueshi gasping in admiration, the Third Prince became more suspicious. Mu Xueshi eagerly wanted to put on his shoes and leave his bed, but discovered that he could not find his shoes. He jumped out of the bed only wearing underclothes. He stretched his mind as he went on trying to find it. Finally, he simply lied on his stomach then looked under the bed. In a short while, his clean, little white face was covered with dust.

“No shoes to wear? Oh that’s right… Ghosts don’t seem to have feet…” Mu Xueshi muttered to himself. He bowed his head to look at his bound feet and shouted: “Is this not feet? Fuck… Horror movies are deceiving! Barefoot is too cold. If, by any chance, I’d get a stomach ache, then I can’t go to the toilet…”

The Third Prince clearly understood what Mu Xueshi meant. This prisoner, who was charged with a serious crime, thought that he already died by the pond side, and that was the reason why he was in a trance. For a moment, Mu Xueshi still could not accept the reality of his situation.

The Third Prince looked at Mu Xueshi’s anxious eyes. He made a hinting nod that the shoes were under Mu Xueshi’s feet. Mu Xueshi was smart. All of a sudden, he understood what the Third Prince meant, but he could not imagine that such supple things were actually shoes. Initially, he thought it was worn on the head as a decoration, there were even beads inlaid on both sides.

“This is too wasteful, such good-looking things have to be stepped on by the feet…” Mu Xueshi said, while crudely lifting up his leg to put on the shoes. Unexpectedly, his underpants were loose. Mu Xueshi lifted his leg so much, that a scenery from within could be looked over in a glance. (T/N: his sensitive parts can be seen by the Third Prince XD)

“What are you looking at?” Mu Xueshi ran facing the Third Prince. He was waving his hands in the air and an excited smile could be seen on his face.

The Third Prince caught a glimpse of the amazing view that was slowly revealing from the bottom of his underpants. He became immersed into Mu Xueshi’s clear and transparent smile; however, a trace of cold light flashed before the Third Prince’s eyes. Such a smiling expression was precisely something that he did not expect to see from someone who died today or for a very long time. How could Mu Xueshi think like that! If it is insane and foolish, even if Mu Xueshi exhausted all of his tricks, he will not be able to take advantage of it.



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