TUMBT: Chapter 20

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun26

Proofreader: KainGuru

“You’re not dead!”

The Third Prince’s chilly voice resounded within the quiet and secluded room. Mu Xueshi was dumbfounded. He slowly turned his head to face the Third Prince and asked: “What did you say?? Say it again!!!”

Seeing Mu Xueshi’s doubtful gaze, the Third Prince contemptuously smiled. He pointed his finger at Mu Xueshi’s feet and said: “Just now, didn’t Young Master Xue say his feet were cold?”

Right! If he died, it would be unlikely for him to have consciousness. He always thought that this person was Bai Wuchang. Actually, he never expected that there would be someone who would come and save him. After wondering, Mu Xueshi’s body trembled as he walked over toward the Third Prince. Two sparkling and translucent tear lines flowed on his tender face. He slowly walked toward the Third Prince’s side, firmly held onto his clothes and asked: “I’ve been fooled, what’s to be done?”

The Third Prince did not say a word. He carefully watched Mu Xueshi’s emotional eyes using a cold, threatening gaze to let him know the fact. Mu Xueshi understood that this kind of meaningful glance was because of anger and dissatisfaction after being suspected; hence, he was completely convinced that this person saved him.

“Waa… Oh my God…” Mu Xueshi screamed as he clung tightly onto the Third Prince. He shook him hard and while shaking, he also tearfully said: “Big Brother… Big Brother… Let me speak properly! You’re very nice, really, without you, I wouldn’t be here… You made me completely change my mind about this handsome guy… Really, big brother, based on what you’ve said, even if I worked like an ox, I would never be able to repay your great kindness…”

Mu Xueshi spoke without rhyme or reason and whimpered on Third Prince’s chest. The Third Prince placed his hands around Mu Xueshi’s shoulders. All at once, he pulled him gently and looked straight at him.

Mu Xueshi’s eyes were flushed. He looked fragile and pitiful, but the corners of his mouth were still smiling. This was clearly a sign of insanity. Just then, Mu Xueshi suddenly bursted into laughter. While laughing, he said to the Third Prince: “Let me have a little excitement first, if you don’t mind.”

After saying this, Mu Xueshi continuously played around and did a handstand within the room. One moment, he laughed out loud a few times. After a bit, he picked up a saucer of plum blossom cake and stuffed all of it in his mouth. Next, he went around the Third Prince in circles and never got anywhere, shouting and jumping for joy…

Outside the room, all the maidservants and eunuchs did not know what happened. Although in their hearts they suspected something, they did not dare take the slightest action. They could only pretend to be deaf. There were loud sounds again inside the room. The sounds came from the Third Prince. It had nothing to do with the servants. If they would seize the opportunity to make a little sound, the Third Prince would not need to give orders. The imperial guard in charge would directly send that person who made the noise out and use their sword to kill them.

The strangely quiet room suddenly became so noisy that even the birdcages hanging on the window lattice began to stagger, and the birds were flapping their wings to escape from the cage.

“Imperial Doctor!”

A loud command came from inside the room. The eunuch in charge, who stood outside the door, softly answered a ‘yes.’ He quickly ordered the imperial guards in the small courtyard to go request from the central courtyard to have the imperial doctor on call. The best imperial doctor in the imperial palace, Doctor Li, stayed in the small courtyard of the Third Prince. He could not take half a step out, even if the Emperor suffered from an illness and would have to appoint other imperial doctors from the imperial palace for the treatment. Doctor Li was solemnly prepared to serve as Third Prince’s imperial doctor. It was thus clear that the Emperor’s partiality toward the Third Prince has come to the extent where the news has become overwhelmingly shocking.



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