TUMBT: Chapter 21

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun26

Proofreaders: KainGuru

Although Mu Xueshi stirred up trouble, he started slowly regaining his composure; however, that mouth was still babbling as he talked nonstop. The Third Prince finally had his last straw and began suspecting that Mu Xueshi was not pretending. If he was not insane, what he did today would have been impossible for the normal Mu Xueshi to have accomplished.

It was too late for Mu Xueshi to change his appearance. The Third Prince had already pushed Mu Xueshi to the back of the bead curtain, and drew the muslin canopy, exposing only a length of his wrist. Doctor Li held onto Mu Xueshi’s wrist and carefully examined it. His face showed a dignified expression.

Doctor Li caught sight of what appeared to be a white, jade-like little hand. He was rather dazzled for a short while. Having practiced medicine for many years, never had he seen such a person with beautiful fingers. Although one could make out from the joints that it was from a man, one would still think that his appearance would most certainly be that of a matchless beauty.

“There’s no infectious disease so there’s no need to feel the pulse…” Mu Xueshi said, but also did not forget to steal two grapes to put into his mouth.

The Third Prince pushed Mu Xueshi’s body behind the bead curtain and cleared his throat. Doctor Li heard this and immediately said: “Third Highness, there’s no serious problem with this person.”

“Crap!” Mu Xueshi interrupted Doctor Li with his loud voice. He opened his eyes. They were brimming with brilliant lights and vibrant colors as he looked at the Third Prince. He excitedly asked: “You’re a prince? Could it be that you’re this Prince that they called ‘His Highness?’ I remember it now… It’s… Um…”

Mu Xueshi still had not finished his words when the Third Prince sealed his mouth with his hand. The nimble little mouth in the Third Prince’s palm still struggled, wriggling. This made the Third Prince limp and numb.

The Third Prince knitted his brows. He faced Mu Xueshi and shouted with a stern voice: “Say one more word and, at once, you would be beheaded.”

After hearing these words, Doctor Li nervously knelt on the ground showing that he did not dare to impose. It was rare seeing the Third Prince getting angry. If it was not for something so serious, perhaps he would not be angry. Thinking of this, Doctor Li could not help but tremble with fear, lest he would make an error with his diagnosis.

Mu Xueshi was also a little scared. A moment ago, his face was still glowing with pride and happiness. Now, it has become completely gloomy; just like freshly blooming flowers that met with the strong rays of the sun which, upon seeing that, withered all at once.

The Third Prince was still as he gazed at him. Mu Xueshi batted his eyes a few times, then inadvertently stole a glance at the Third Prince’s eyes. As soon as he met his gaze, he immediately withdrew back. Finally, he simply bowed his head and silently amused himself with his waist ornament.

I need to make sure not to provoke him. It was not so easy to live, only to end up getting beheaded was too unjust, Mu Xueshi speculated. If I would be alive, then it would be possible to find the silver coin and most especially return back home to Beijing. Thinking of this, Mu Xueshi secretly smiled.

The Third Prince caught sight of that happy smile. It was the kind that could melt snow. All of a sudden, the expression on his face froze. He was somewhat familiar with this smiling expression. If he did not accidentally come across this smile previously, Mu Xueshi’s head would have fell off to the ground today. Now, he was repeatedly generous with his smile. In the end, if it was not insanity, what could be his purpose? Could it be that he wanted me to abandon myself? (T/N: to be fully controlled by MXS)

Mu Xueshi, do you desire to confuse me in order to live? If so, then I would be even more unlikely to be lenient.

Mu Xueshi noticed the Third Prince’s slightly disgusted smile. It reminded him of the reflection of his revolting face by the pond. Perhaps now it was even more horrible to look at! When Mu Xueshi realized this matter, he quickly withdrew his smile, and buried his head to cover his face.



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