HIHEZL: Chapter 7. Who Kissed Zhi Li?

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun26, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

After the drill whistle sounded, Ke Bu struggled getting out from under the quilt. He did not sleep well last night. He folded the quilt. After he finished washing up, he went to the assembly place. The other teams were also aligned. Ke Bu stood there alone. Could it be that I was the only one who came here alone just like a fool? In the end, what the hell happened to that group of people!? Ke Bu saw the drillmaster writing something in the notebook, oh no, the best team in the military training seems to be hopeless. The drillmaster sternly walked toward Ke Bu: “What’s the matter with your team? What are you taking this military training as!?”

Ke Bu opened his mouth and ultimately did not say anything. The drillmaster got angry and continued speaking: “You think you’re proud to be here alone? It’s pointless to let you form a team. You must have a sense of teamwork. Can’t you wake up on your own?” This year’s horoscope must be a big killer.

“Go and wake them all up at once.”

“Yes.” Ke Bu answered, along with the equally aggressive deputy drillmaster. The deputy drillmaster was a young man. It seemed that it was his first time becoming a drillmaster. The deputy drillmaster stopped in front of the tents, placed the whistle hanging on his neck in his mouth, and blew loudly: “All of you, get up.” Full of confidence, each and every animal in the tents were also drilled out.

“This looks like something. Let me put on that cap properly; and you, how do you fasten a belt? You’re so lazy. Your team’s the worst in the whole year level. You’re a disgrace to this squad.” The deputy drillmaster had a serious face as he loudly berated and then counted the number of people who got up: “How is it that there’s only six, there’s still one more missing.”

“Report drillmaster, he’s a little uncomfortable.”

“Uncomfortable? Why’s he uncomfortable? Do you think you can use this as an excuse to get up late?”

The deputy drillmaster walked over toward the only tent that was still closed. He slowly pulled open the tent zipper, stopped a few seconds, and then slowly closed the tent zipper: “Uncomfortable and also cannot be forced, let’s go ahead first.” Who knew what the deputy drillmaster actually saw inside the tent, but as a result of this incident, the whole team did more squats for more than half an hour as compared to the other teams. Midday, all team members came back just like zombies. As soon as they returned, they saw that the refreshed Zhi Li just got up. Eyes of resentment and jealousy were everywhere.

After lunch, the world was scorching hot, with a heatwave whistling through the crowd. Gasping for breath, Ke Bu picked up a piece of paper and pulled his collar as he fanned. In summer, the sentence ‘Being close to the emperor was like being close to a tiger [1]’ was very appropriate. Everyone was silent. Zhi Li was frowning and very irritable: “It’s so hot.” In addition to Zhi Li’s condition, the other people were pondering how to kiss him. Ke Bu fast-scanned five individuals — Zhou Xinhe was a direct ‘pass,’ even if she uses her courage to the limit, she would not dare doing this kind of thing; Chu Haoyu began stirring; Yin Xiujie and Gong Zhu were seemingly thinking about what countermeasures they would use in dealing with the situation; and Su Youyan looked optimistic about the game and had a leisurely mood.

([1]「伴君如伴虎」bàn jūn rú bàn hǔ – It can be dangerous to follow one’s leader.)

Chu Haoyu grinned and walked over: “Come, Zhi Li, I’ll give you a fan.” Chu Haoyu moved around behind Zhi Li, thinking about which spot to kiss while Zi Li was not paying attention. Anyway, dying first, in return, was a man’s honor! Chu Haoyu gently waved the paper in his hand. Two minutes later, Chu Haoyu, suddenly, just like a ravenous wolf pouncing on the sheep’s posture, threw himself on toward Zhi Li.

Zhi Li elbowed straight into Chu Haoyu’s abdomen: “It’s so hot, you bastard, don’t stick around.” After saying this, he forcefully elbowed again, twice, into Chu Haoyu’s abdomen, which only left Chu Haoyu whimpering in pain.

“And there’s life lying in there, just give me a quick fan.” Zhi Li’s grim voice was like pressing him to death. Chu Haoyu got up with difficulty, then picked up the paper again. Who could be blamed? Blame it on that fool himself who chose this scorching hot day to hold the gamble — reap what one had sown.

Ying Xiujie was motivated, so he did some stretching. He placed his hands against the ground: “Tiger fist, ah oh~” Then he also sent out the voice of a tiger. Ke Bu watched critically, Ying Xiujie, are you kidding? Ying Xiujie rushed over to bite Zhi Li, only to be dodged. He tried biting again, only to be dodged once more. Well, indeed, biting could also count as another type of kissing. It was really a unique way of accomplishing this gamble.

Zhi Li pointed his finger behind Ying Xiujie: “Look, what’s that?”

Ying Xiujie was surprised so that he looked back. Zhi Li stamped on Ying Xiujie’s back, stepping on the tiger as he lied on his stomach: “I’m telling you, you really look stupid.” The person beside had his heart alarmed and his body leaping; furthermore, what could compare to the two-faced Zhi Li’s dark transformation? Zhi Li grabbed the paper from Chu Haoyu’s hand, stuffed it in Ying Xiujie’s mouth, then pressed his chin and forced him to chew: “Didn’t I say it was very hot? Don’t go near me. How many times do you bastards want me to say this?”

The whistle sounded, it was finally time for the afternoon drill. After seeing the bodies of the two lie sleeping like corpses in the back, Ke Bu’s soul got scared off a lot. Using strength was definitely impossible. From the first time back in junior high school, he witnessed and experienced Zhi Li’s dark transformation. Now, Ke Bu was still haunted by a great trauma. Deep in his heart, he was unwilling to think of the pain. Indeed, hot weather could cause people to feel irritable, but it was like the irritated Zhi Li was simply possessed by the Devil.

The afternoon drill did not take long because the weather today was too hot. At three o’clock, everyone was dismissed to have a rest. Of course, Zhi Li’s symptoms did not reduce for even just a bit. Everyone must keep a distance of two meters away from him, in order to avoid being squeezed together and increased the degree of the heat. Unfortunately, this secluded place happened to have no ice water and also no air conditioning. The primary purpose of this military training was to let everyone leave the electronic life.

Gong Zhu enthusiastically rolled up his sleeves, revealing his snow-white skin. There were a few beads of sweat on his small face, leaving the boys from the other teams to also seemingly take notice of him.

“Your Excellency.” Gong Zhu walked over toward Zhi Li who was sitting there. He lost his footing and fell right into the middle of Zhi Li’s bosom.

He was caught by Zhi Li and then pushed away in the next second: “It’s really hot, don’t touch me.”

Gong Zhu sat on the ground revealing a delicate and charming expression. His watery eyes glistened brightly. Ke Bu leaned over. Too bad, he was so dazzling. Could it be that this was the deeply-engrossed outrageous Xiaoshou’s method to make an attack? It seems that Ke Bu’s strange usage of words was also rather too much.

“Your Excellency, I seem to feel a little bit dizzy, can you help me go back to the tent?” The dazzling view surrounded Zhi Li but he seemed to be aloof and indifferent. He glanced at Chu Haoyu.

Chu Haoyu immediately got an inkling so he helped Gong Zhu rise up: “I’ll help you go back.” It seemed that Zhi Li felt so hot that he did not even want to say anything. Now, what to do? What should I do?!

Surrounded by five people, Su Youyan sat on the side while reading a book. Not far away, Zhi Li was lying on a stone with his hand underneath his head, serving as his pillow. His eyes were closed. Su Youyan and Zhou Xinhe were overhead under the shade of a parasol. A gust of wind came through from the nearby stream as it blew Zhi Li’s hair, causing it to gently move. The hem of his coat fluttered. If he did not speak and remained motionless, who would have thought that such a beautiful person was Zhi Li.

“It seems that the money and power won’t be taken by anyone.” Chu Haoyu realized how insignificant he was in the face of the gamble.

Ke Bu stood up and crooked his neck left and right: “Can I do it myself?” This was Ke Bu’s maximum limit. Chu Haoyu nodded, although his eyes were full of distrust and mockery. With such eyes, he watched Ke Bu go in front of Zhi Li.

“Zhi, Zhi Li.” Courage, heaven please give me absolute courage!

Zhi Li coldly lifted his eyelids. Ke Bu shuddered. Terrifying. It’s too terrifying!

“What the hell are you bastards doing? Let me stop you at this point before you go too far.” Yes, now that Zhi Li has undergone his dark transformation, his favorite expressions were almost exactly ‘You’re a bastard,’ ‘You’re all bastards,’ ‘It’s so hot.’

Su Youyan started talking at the best time when she should not be talking: “They bet on who can kiss you.”

“Obviously, you also participated. Don’t blame it all on us!!”

“Ha ha, that’s the truth.” Ke Bu pretended he was not scared. He pretended to be calm and could smooth things over. Now, he was not going to kiss him anymore. He just wanted to run away from Zhi Li.

“Well, let’s put this farce to an end.” Zhi Li propped up his upper body with one hand, the other one was stretched over. He grabbed Ke Bu’s collar and dragged him toward himself. Ke Bu and Zhi li’s lips stuck together. Ke Bu could not think. He could only feel that the temperature in Zhi Li’s mouth was too high. The top of the parasol fell down, covering these two. Zhi Li’s lips were just like his temper — plundering and overbearing as it sucked Ke Bu’s — tongue to tongue — Ke Bu opened his big eyes wide. To his surprise, he stretched his tongue forward into Ke Bu’s mouth, intertwined, separated, intertwined, who will save me? What’s this feeling wherein my own train of thoughts are being taken away from me by force?

Zhi Li released his hold of Ke Bu and kicked the parasol with his feet. He faced the four, who had their mouths agape: “Will that do?” His language was more like a threat rather than a question, the four stupidly nodded: “Will do, it will do.”

Ke Bu felt weak as he sat on the ground. He covered his mouth with his sleeve and stared at the ground with a sluggish stare.

“Xiujie, quick, take him back to the tent. Ke Bu fell in battle.” Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie helped Ke Bu stand up and placed him inside the tent. Chu Haoyu seriously said: “Although this was too irritating for you at a certain point, the price is money and power, Team Leader.”

How would you comprehend this? Did Ke Bu easily win a complete victory? Or did he easily suffer a crushing defeat?



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  1. AbsoluteMeowster


    Also Ke Bu you totally won. Through being dominated you dominated the competition. All hail the new team leader (though everyone knows it’s Zhi Li who’s the real scary one here).

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    1. IKR! We were like “what dafuq just happened?” When we were translating that part. Then we stared blankly before we know it, we were rolling on our bed. Haha. My fujoshi heart was really happy with this chapter. Lol

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  2. ahahaha that drillmaster even fear the dark zhi li!!! hahah
    and of course ke bu won!!
    after all it’s not only a kiss but a french kiss with tongue include!!! (♡∀♡)
    thanks for the chapter XD

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  3. Haruki Natsuyu

    Zhi Li, just admit that you already know their bet and just waiting for Ke Bu to approach you and kiss him! 😂😂😂😂


    1. Haruki Natsuyu

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