TUMBT: Chapter 24

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun26

Proofreader: KainGuru, Pline

Mu Xueshi caught sight of the Third Prince’s ice-cold expression. Soon afterwards, a plopping sound could be heard as he knelt on the ground and cried out: “Third Prince, you’re the bigger person. I only wanted to sneak out and go out to roam around. There’s not a single bit to eat! I fear that if I don’t have enough to eat, I’ll take some silver from the money box. You also don’t care about that small amount of money… I’m still going back, okay? We’re not selling those precious fruits anyway. I actually ate a few more. If there isn’t enough, I’ll go pick some back okay? Hu… hu…”

Mu Xueshi opened the money box. He laid out the former emperor’s bronze statue to the Third Prince as if he was offering a sacrifice. There was a small hole at the bottom of this bronze statue. There were silver stuffed inside and displayed the ancestor’s money that belonged to them which had been put away in the treasury. Unexpectedly, he has drawn them out!

That precious fruit could not be cultivated to bear fruit. Those fruits were tributes from the southern officials. A precious vine would have to go through thousands of meandering before it could grow a few bunches of fruits, then take a long journey to the imperial capital. Basically, there was nothing left.

The Emperor only rewarded these to the Third Prince alone. Unexpectedly, the Third Prince had not eaten these fruits. Mu Xueshi, however, had already seized and eaten more than half of these extravagantly, one after another.

Mu Xueshi had a cold and dismal expression while he was on his knees; however, the Third Prince was not moved by this for a bit. The Third Prince’s cold words did not contain even just a little bit of gentleness.

“You can’t go anywhere!”

“Why?” Mu Xueshi’s sounds of weeping ceased abruptly. He was puzzled as he looked at the Third Prince and said: “I grew up like this so what are you still doing? Are you here to drive a ghost away huh? Or to disgust yourself?”

Mu Xueshi was still under the impression that his appearance was like the one he saw in his reflection on the pond. A sense of inferiority was actually revealed in his crystal-clear eyes. If he used this kind of expressions and words in the modern age, people would say that he was pretentious and deliberately modest. However, in Mu Xueshi’s mouth, he unexpectedly gave birth to a desolate meaning.

Since he was born, it was only his imperial tutor who had seen his true looks. For more than a decade, he was wearing a fake face to conduct himself. How could he not feel aggrieved? If he could draw a few knives on his face to set himself free, Mu Xueshi would have done it without the least bit of hesitation. It was a pity that he had to pay respect to the looks his parents actually bestowed — he must not ruin it.

The Third Prince obviously did not have that sort of good intention. Mu Xueshi was nothing more than a prisoner slave. Sooner or later, his death would be in the Third Prince’s hand; but nowadays, he was so silly and foolish that the Third Prince did not have any choice besides protecting him.

Seeing that the Third Prince had a quiet face, Mu Xueshi has been extremely impatient in his heart. Living together with such a person, his hearing must have diminished. The Third Prince did not move when he spoke nor did he even speak idly.

The more that you will not let me go, the more that I want to go out! Mu Xueshi screamed a protest in his heart.

I must familiarize myself with the environment here at once. In case there would be a contingency in the future, then it would be convenient for escaping. This person was a prince. When he would be in a good mood, he would save me. But when he would be in a bad mood, killing me was not a big deal. Especially in this era where there was an emperor and common people, my life is worthless just like that of a rice straw.

I must, at least, find out who I am, what background I have in this dynasty, and what conditions I could make use of. Finally, make full use of these conditions in helping myself locate the silver coin, to complete my great plan to go home.



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