TUMBT: Chapter 25

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89

Proofreader: KainGuru

A loud voice came through from outside the door which made Mu Xueshi jump in fear. Mu Xueshi hurriedly pulled back his train of thought. As soon as he looked at the Third Prince, he discovered himself to be standing in front of what seemed to be a roll of an ancient painting. He was unable to take his eyes off the few strokes of the lonely frown on that ancient painting. (T/N: MXS was comparing the Prince to a painting. There was no actual painting here. Sorry for the confusion.)

That person was also wearing scholar’s clothes. Mu Xueshi raised the corners of his mouth up very high. Even if the Third Prince’s back was facing him, he could still detect what kind of expression Mu Xueshi had. Thinking of this, the Third Prince now turned into a lively picture scroll.

Mu Xueshi carefully moved in front of the Third Prince’s body, stretched out his hand, again and again, he probed for a few times, only to withdraw in defeat. After finally seeing that the Third Prince’s expression was counted as gentle, Mu Xueshi at long last mustered up his courage to tap the Third Prince’s shoulder. He tentatively said: “Hey! Third Prince, there’s someone outside calling for you, why are you paying no heed to that person?”

The Third Prince did not respond to Mu Xueshi’s words, and did not even turn his head to look at Mu Xueshi. Mu Xueshi was dumbfounded, he turned around the Third Prince’s body quite a few times, and finally muttered: “Don’t tell me you’re obsessed with me! Although I shouldn’t overstep my bounds, who else can tell off this ancient. Even if you are obsessed, you shouldn’t be extremely obsessed like this!”

Finally, Mu Xueshi had enough of exerting all of his efforts to hold back. In one breath, toward the Third Prince, he loudly roared: “There’s someone out there looking for you!”

The Third Prince suddenly tilted his head and emitted a cold ray from his eyes. Mu Xueshi drew back quite a few steps. The most beautiful little face was immediately covered with fear. His hands also began waving carelessly. Without rhyme or reason, he said: “That one… I just… It is…To remind…”

He still had not finished speaking when the Third Prince suddenly went out of the door with a wooden expression on his face, and closed the bedchamber’s door behind him. Mu Xueshi just got back his soul. Immediately, he also wanted to go out to see what was actually happening. As a result of his efforts in exerting all of his strength, unexpectedly, that sliding door remained motionless after being pulled.

Mu Xueshi exaggerated a sigh of relief. Initially, he wanted to see what the person outside looked like. Unexpectedly, when the Third Prince went out, he turned around and took Mu Xueshi’s things. Before he could even go out, he was already discovered. Now, there was a chance to go out; however, the door could not be opened.

What Mu Xueshi could not stand the most was simply being restricted from his freedom. Since his childhood, his teacher repeatedly said that he was hyperactive. This was because when he sat on a stool, he had to sway from left to right to calm himself down. With the thought of being trapped continuously inside this room with no breath of life, Mu Xueshi felt that life had no meaning.

Suddenly, Mu Xueshi looked as if he was thinking of something. His crystal-like, big eyes flashed a peculiar radiance. He ran toward the window at the fastest speed. He ran first to the front window. When he pushed it open, he discovered that this window was directly facing the Third Prince’s face.

Mu Xueshi believe that he reacted swiftly — before the Third Prince became aware of this, he had already drawn back his head under the window, and then crawled toward another window. Finally, he quickly got up, placed his hands on the window eaves, preparing to lift his legs; yet, at that moment, he felt that his feet had already left the ground.

“Oh my God!!” Mu Xueshi opened his big eyes wide, with a look of disbelief as he watched himself “float” toward the bedside. After this, Mu Xueshi suddenly came to realize the truth, he was being carried by his collar by the Third Prince!

Was he found out again? It was too late for Mu Xueshi to heave a sigh. He felt there were two fingers on his chest on one point, then he could not move anymore. He opened his big eyes wide and struggled with all of his might one more time; yet, there was still no reaction.

“Isn’t it…? Who taught you that?” Mu Xueshi’s had an overjoyed expression on his face as he looked at the Third Prince.

The Third Prince did not speak. He held Mu Xueshi up, immediately laid him on the bed, drew the muslin canopy again, and turned to leave.



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    1. Thanks for your question. I know it’s a bit unclear but in this scenario, MXS is comparing the prince to a painting; therefore, the painting being referred to in here is the prince, himself.

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  1. Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep

    lol MXS instantly realized that the prince sealed his acupuncture points, I bet he will want to learn that!
    Thanks for the chapter!

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