HIHEZL: Chapter 9. To Have in Hand [2]

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Just like that, the military training that was worth expending youth on was nearing its end. When the drillmaster blew the whistle to dismiss them, everyone almost wept in each other’s arms as they cheered. After all, living in this shit hole for a week, with no network, with cellphone reception that was occasionally faint, and also being taught by a devil about discipline every day, was just like living in the abyss of suffering, but the pain needed to be compared with what was clear and obvious. For Ke Bu, staying with the perverted team for almost a week was worse, by comparison, than the military training itself.

The last dinner was as rich as the first day. In accordance with common sense, the camp food should only be getting more and more scarce. Ke Bu’s right eye twitched. All of a sudden, he hurriedly counted the number of people, then he calmed down. It seemed that everyone was still living and in good health.

In other words, Ke Bu’s heart was also cruel enough to be able to imagine that the meat in the pot was his team member. But, this could not be blamed on Ke Bu’s mental breakdown as well. Though assuming the position of team leader brought him some might and self-pride, he slowly discovered that wearing the title of team leader, to put it nicely, was just like wearing a bomb; to put it bluntly, was just like wearing a lump of shit.

The team members were happy doing bad things. They were scolded by the drillmaster to be worse than a dog or a pig. Everyday, he had his heart in his mouth, afraid that Ying Xiujie would probably go to the other teams, forcing his way to violently rob from them; Chu Haoyu would deceive a woman from a respectable family; then Zhou Xinhe, from time to time, would disappear with a set of cutting tools, afterwards, she would show up with blood; Su Youyan’s attitude of, just because she had finished reading her book, at any time, would be ready to leave the team to go back to buy a book. He even had to pay attention to Gong Zhu and Zhi Li’s development. All of these filled Ke Bu with grief so that he no longer wanted to live. This was called being lonely at the top.

“It smells good, where did this meat come from?” Ke Bu asked Zhou Xinhe.

Zhou Xinhe revealed a very small dimple and she seemed a bit shy: “It seems to be a wild chicken. I was preparing the dishes when it suddenly ran into me.”

“Then our team’s luck is really good. You called Xiujie to help you butcher it, right?” This cruel scene of killing a chicken should not be mentioned to girls. Even some boys would be very afraid.

Zhou Xinhe shook her head. Her face was innocent and lovely: “Why should I ask for Xiujie’s help? To butcher a chicken, isn’t it that you just need to grab its head, cut its throat with a knife, and then put it in hot water to pull out all of the feathers? I’ve always done this minor matter by myself, but I get blood splashes all over my body, so I had to change my clothes again.”

Ke Bu’s cold sweat flowed directly. He originally thought that Zhou Xinhe was the most normal person in the team, and this not-change-color attitude, where did the shy Zhou Xinhe go!? Could it be that as long as it involved preparing the dishes, you would even forget your own character?

When everyone was eating in a frenzy, members from other teams came running in a hurry: “Not good, a farmer’s domesticated chicken was stolen in the mountain. The drillmaster asked everyone to help look for it, did you see it?”

Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie who were gnawing a chicken leg shook their heads: “We didn’t see it.”

After they left, Ke Bu pointed at the two and cursed: “You didn’t see? Then, what are you chewing in your mouth?!”

“You’re making a fuss about nothing.”

“You’re stealing chickens and dogs [1]!!” Is this an idiom contest?

– is an idiom which means “always having affairs with women.”)

“We only stole the chicken. We did not steal the dog.”

“You’re admitting it, right? If the drill master finds out, I’ll be scolded again to death. Zhi Li, didn’t I let you take a good look at them?”


“Don’t shirk your responsibility.”


Not long after, the two came running back: “It’s all right, that old man just found out that there was money inside the chicken coop, enough to buy ten chickens. He happily told the drillmaster then went back afterwards.”

After those two were gone, Ke Bu pointed again at Zhi Li: “I had you keep an eye on them to stop them before they commit a crime, not to give them a favor after they have already committed the crime!”

Ying Xiujie and Chu Haoyu respectfully made a military salute toward Zhi Li: “Thank you, Chief!” A collective rudeness toward Ke Bu.

After eating, Chu Haoyu suggested: “It’s the last day, how about if we go swimming in the stream?”

“The drillmaster said that for the sake of our safety, we’re not allowed to go down the stream. Is it possible that you guys are thinking that I’m like a fool who will jump into the water and then splash water with you? Then ah ha ha ha chase me, ah ha ha ha ~ ~ the water is so cold, don’t splash on me, ah ha ha ha ~ ~ I’ll fight back. Stop dreaming.”

“Team Leader, your description is more perverted than us.”

“I, I didn’t bring a swimsuit, so going down the stream isn’t very good.” Zhou Xinhe responded evasively as she spoke.

In a split second, Chu Haoyu stripped naked: “What swimsuits do you need? Let’s go skinny dipping together, okay?”

After he finished speaking, a naked butt, amidst the setting sun, started running and jumped into the waterstream. Xinhe, Youyan, I sincerely want to apologize for pulling you into this team.

Ying Xiujie still had some integrity and sense of honor. He knew how to wear underpants: “Dragon God Tail.”

You don’t need to think about the style when swimming. Gong Zhu only pulled up the bottom of his pants and got into the relatively shallow water: “Your Excellency, do you want to come? The water’s quite cold.”

Ke Bu stood behind Zhi Li, with a sinister look, he stretched both of his hands, pushing Zhi Li with all his might into the water. Zhi Li stood up from the water. Water dripped down from his hair to his forehead. He looked up: “You bastard, what are you doing?”

Ke Bu looked pale. Before he knew it, Zhi Li changed into his dark transformation. He was completely unaware! Zhi Li grabbed Ke Bu. It was too late to run away. He directly threw him into the water, just like how he threw rubbish.

He was irritated when he saw the formidable hands and feet of Zhou Xinhe as she walked over, tidying up the clothes on the shore. Zhou Xinhe was crouching there when he mercilessly kicked her into the water: “Don’t give me any unnecessary annoying remarks, go down.” Zhou Xinhe shrieked gorgeously while falling into the water.

“Youyan, fan.”

Su Youyan went from afar to Zhi Li’s side at the shore, she was holding a paper ready to fan him. Zhi Li stretched out his hand and pushed: “You really think I called you to fan, go down.” Su Youyan silently fell into the water. Her facial expression did not change.

This, this, this individual, is he still a man? He rudely treated two women at the same time! Zhi Li slowly walked into the water, staring at Ke Bu. Ke Bu, at the risk of his own life, tried swimming away. He extended his arms toward Ying Xiujie and Chu Haoyu, crying for help: “Quickly, save your Team Leader.”

“Don’t come over, you bomb. Don’t come over here. And lead Zhi Li elsewhere.”


Perhaps they played too much, everyone fell asleep early. Ke Bu held on to his clothes for change, ready to go into the water stream to take a bath, it can be regarded as a memento. He took off his clothes, went into the water, and looked for a comfortable place where he could lean his head against a stone.

“I knew you’d also be in here.” Ke Bu did not look surprised as he said this while he moved by Zhi Li’s side. Because the weather tonight suddenly became very hot, this was the coolest place.

Ke Bu gazed at the pale moon that hung in the night sky: “A group of people who are difficult to make friends with get together. It’s not that bad. Say, we haven’t been together like this for many years.”

“You’re just like a middle-aged uncle sighing something.”

“I heard that in ancient times, when a man saw a woman’s bare arm, the woman had to marry that man, if not, she had to kill herself. If I was a woman in ancient times, and now that you have seen so much of me, then you have to marry me many times.” Ke Bu joked.

“Are you proposing now?”

Here we go again, this person did not understand the joke. This kind of situation and moment should be used to roast him face-to-face, right? He would only start following along with this joke, and so, most people would be at a loss.

Ke Bu squeezed the shampoo on top of his head. He lowered his head, which rendered the other person unable to see his pained smiling face: “Unfortunately, we’re not in the ancient times. Unfortunately, I’m not a woman.”

Ke Bu felt that the subject was heading in a strange direction. He grabbed the foam on his head, grinned like a crazy pervert, and used both of his hands to grab: “Your Excellency, I’ll help you wash your hair, okay?”

Zhi Li pushed Ke Bu’s head into the water. White foam rippled over the water surface: “I think you’d better wash yourself first.”

Inside the school bus, back to school, Zhi Li was just preparing to take his seat when Ke Bu scurried forward to sit by the window. His expression when he took the seat was just like that of a winner.

On the other hand, Zhi Li completely turned a blind eye and sat beside him. Why was it clear that there was no sense of frustration after that seat was taken: “You should also feel a bit annoyed and upset after this seat was taken.”

“Damn, the seat was taken.” The language content and the tone of the expression were completely different. It was just like a student reading a dull essay.

“I suddenly feel very sad.” Ke Bu was completely shocked.

“Ke Bu, in your previous life, you were a landlord, right? I feel that you’re very difficult to please.”

“Zhi Li, in your previous life, you were definitely the Devil!!”




8 thoughts on “HIHEZL: Chapter 9. To Have in Hand [2]

  1. AbsoluteMeowster

    Lol Ke Bu’s always eyeing ZhI Li and he doesn’t even know it himself. And he gets insecure! Goddamnit, Zhu Li he proposed to you! STEAL YOUR BRIDE AND RIDE INTO THE SUNSET.

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  2. there’s no normal person in ke bu team, even the shy zhou xinhe is merciless!! hahaha
    poor ke bu as a team leader~~
    ke bu proposing zhi li!?
    is it really a joke or is it the true feeling of ke bu??
    thanks for the chapter XD

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  3. Haruki Natsuyu

    I think… Ke Bu is aware of his feelings. He’s just denying it and wears it as a joke since he thought he knows Zhi Li much and wouldn’t accept his feelings. Like,

    *talking to the most serious person: bro i’m in love with you. Hahahaha. It’s a joke! Why aren’t you laughing?

    Why are you crying?

    Coz my joke is so bad.

    but for me it is the best. I love you, too.

    (pls refer to the * if you didn’t get my ‘joke’😂😂😂😂😂)


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