TUMBT: Chapter 26

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Pline

Proofreader: KainGuru

Mu Xueshi saw that the Third Prince decided to leave him alone to stay in there. Then he struggled shouting at the top of his voice: “I didn’t want to run away, I just wanted you to teach me that magic vital point skill that you used a moment ago, ah ah… It’s too awesome. Will you come back? What if I have to pee?”

After a good while, the muslin canopy was drawn again, revealing the Third Prince’s expressionless face outside. Mu Xueshi’s big mouth immediately closed. Seeing that the Third Prince was staring at him, Mu Xueshi averted his crystal-like, big eyes. With a slightly pleading tone, he said: Teach me!”

The Third Prince seemed to have ignored him and held a small crimson box in his hand that contained ink paste. He lightly dipped his hand in it and stroked Mu Xueshi’s fair and clear cheeks. Mu Xueshi’s flawless face immediately became darker, just like that of a naughty child. A smiling expression appeared in the Third Prince’s eyes. It was like he was playing with Mu Xueshi’s cheeks as he finished painting in three directions. He painted the word “王” on his forehead. Looking at it again, he could not help but find it funny and witty.

Unexpectedly, Mu Xueshi dimwittedly said: “What’s that? This facial mask is useless on me. Don’t be wasteful.”

Mu Xueshi uttered these words although the Third Prince did not understand, but he did say it by chance. This kind of ink paste was not only safe for the skin, but it would also nourish and whiten it. It was made up from the nectar of hundreds of ground up flowers. Of course, it was only available in the bedchamber of the highest-ranking imperial concubine; nevertheless, it was stolen in order to be used. The Third Prince was afraid that Mu Xueshi would be seen like this by people.

About half a shi chen later, Mu Xueshi’s face was left with two big, round-as-a-ball eyes that rolled rapidly around, looking everywhere at a loss.

The Third Prince looked at him with satisfaction, then took a black cloth and covered Mu Xueshi’s lovely eyes, leaving nothing that was worth looking at on his face.

With darkness right before his eyes, Mu Xueshi immediatey cried out: “Don’t leave me here alone, I also want to go, I want to go, I want to go…”

He probably shouted more than two hundred times but the Third Prince had already disappeared without a trace. Mu Xueshi pondered it was hopeless. His voice was also hoarse. Soon afterwards, he went to sleep in dismay.

He did not know how long he had slept. Mu Xueshi slept until he felt something tickle his face. Then he drowsily woke up. He was blindfolded so he had no way to determine why his face was feeling that way at the moment. Finally, the touch became more and more obvious as it felt like a small hand was constantly scratching his face. Mu Xueshi could not help but begin breaking out into a cold sweat.

“No way… There’s no cat or dog raised in this small courtyard… But, what if there are bugs and scorpions? That would be even worse.”

Unable to move even the slightest, Mu Xueshi could only stay there helplessly. Beads of sweat oozed out of his forehead. Suddenly, he felt something fleshy touch his forehead that helped him wipe off his sweat.

Followed by a breathing sound near his ear, Mu Xueshi determined that he was next to a person. Now that Mu Xueshi knew that there was someone next to him, he felt relieved, and said to the person: “Help me get this blindfold off!”

The hand that was wiping his sweat off suddenly stopped moving. Mu Xueshi then heard a small whisper next to his ear. It was vaguely heard and sounded like a child’s babbling.

“Hey… Arrived…”

What has arrived? Mu Xueshi frowned but before he could say anything, the little hand began to scratch away the mask from his face. Mu Xueshi felt that the face mask that the Third Prince applied on him was ruined by this child. It was not clear if it was a child or not. Maybe there were some exotic species in this ancient country.



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