HIHEZL: 10. Between Us

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

It had been a while since the military training. Ke Bu took a pen and tapped it on the table. For a moment, he examined the book in front of him. The next, he looked at the professor on the podium. Finally, he took out his cellphone and checked out the group information. A while ago, Chu Haoyu dragged them into this group chat consisting of only seven members. It was unknown as to when the simple age of writing a note gradually walked away. The unstoppable era of cars moved fast forward, just like an ignorant man who was eager to perish.

Ke Bu read through the uninteresting topic. At that moment, a beautiful woman appeared outside the classroom who was approximately 25 or 26 years old. Her hair was dyed light red. She was wearing a black laced dress and red high-heels. She was beautiful and charming, which inevitably caused a little talk among the boys in the classroom. The woman stood outside the door. The professor went out. The two exchanged a few words in whispers. Later, the professor nodded, toward the classroom, he said: “Ke Bu, someone’s looking for you.” Ke Bu did not look surprised at all. He stood up and walked out of the classroom. He knew this beautiful woman who would make any man enchanted. Suddenly, there appeared a woman that was irresistible in Ke Bu’s life.

“What are you doing here?” Ke Bu momentarily did not know what expression he would use in response. He was somewhat embarrassed.

“I was a bit worried about how you fared in your new school, so I came to take a look.”

“Oh, yes? I’m fine.”

The woman handed a paper bag to Ke Bu: “By the way, I bought you a few pieces of clothing. You’re not allowed to say no, unless you feel I used my money to make you quite embarrassed. I cannot stay longer. I only requested for a half-day off. I will come and see you leave.”

Ke Bu took the paper bag: “Well, thank you.” The woman smiled gently. She stretched out her slender fingers to help Ke Bu fix his wrinkled collar. This very intimate act in front of so many people made Ke Bu somewhat embarrassed, but his body stood still in the same place.

“Then, I’ll leave first. Remember to eat well. No matter what happens, it’s okay to call me occasionally.”

“Got it.” Ke Bu had a complicated expression as he followed the woman’s figure with his eyes. He hesitated for a moment, then suddenly stopped the woman: “Road, be careful on the road.”

The woman’s red lips slightly parted. She was very satisfied as she smiled: “You’re so concerned about me, should I be happy?” Being teased like this by a woman, Ke Bu blushed just like an embarrassed child. Carrying a bag, he stepped into the classroom. Many people in the class cast a malicious look. Ke Bu intentionally or unintentionally looked at Zhi Li. He was just supporting his chin with one hand as he listened to the lecture. He had no other expression. Noticing Ke Bu’s line-of-sight, he just inclined his head to one side forcing Ke Bu’s eyes to meet his for a moment, causing Ke Bu to tilt his head to avoid it. The cellphone in the drawer was vibrating so that it almost fell off to the floor. Gong Zhu and Chu Haoyu in the group chat had began bombarding messages.

【Ke Bu, who was that?】 Gong Zhu asked. In order to convey the same message to the other three classes, Chu Haoyu actually even took candid photos and sent it to the group.

【Too treacherous, he actually even hid such a beautiful girlfriend!】 It was unnecessary to see Chu Haoyu’s face to know how indignant he was.

【Huh? You don’t know that either?】

【Ke Bu and I have only been classmates in senior high school for a year and a half. Someone like me who gets flashed by the goddess’ boobs everyday doesn’t have the time to deal with Ke Bu’s dark mental state.】

【It turns out that Ke Bu likes this type of young woman.】 Ying Xiujie also remarked.

【His unexpected taste is very heavy.】

【I’ve always thought that Ke Bu was disillusioned, that he absolutely had no positive thinking about this world. I didn’t think that he had this side. This is too much, he didn’t even tell me.】

【He’s disillusioned, practically a cynic.】

Ke Bu’s hands were trembling as he held onto his cellphone. How did they come about this series of comments? Ke Bu did not want to talk about that woman, and also did not want others talking about her. 【What’s with all of these accusations? In the end, what’s the need to make me face life positively, just “as long as I don’t die” will do.】

【You’re so lame. Don’t you miss the soft touch of a woman’s breasts?】

【Inevitably one day, it will droop down.】

【Don’t say that. Don’t make me imagine this. I can’t accept it.】

The professor on the podium lightly coughed: “Ke Bu, if you don’t want to attend in my class, don’t influence the people next to you. I cannot control other classes, but in my class, please try not to play with your cellphone.” Ke Bu awkwardly hid his cellphone inside his drawer. Is it possible that you’re thinking that if I didn’t play with Laozi’s [1] cellphone, my scores would immediately improve?

([1]「老子」”I, your father” in anger, or out of contempt or “I” used arrogantly or jocularly.)

When the class was about to end, the professor clapped his hands and began instructing them about some matters: “There are ten days for the National Day. Although the university is very strict about studying, it also attaches importance to the festive air. Your class has been given an assignment. Here are some word boards and pendants needed to decorate the classroom. Someone should take the initiative to continue this matter.” You looked at me in class, I looked at you. Whoever took the initiative was a fool.

“Since there’s no one, then Ke Bu, come on.” This was simply a malicious retaliation. Ke Bu nodded stiffly, then stuck his face on the tabletop, and squeezed it until it became deformed.

When the bell rang, the students began to rush to the door as they held onto their books. Ke Bu stood on the podium, looking at Chu Haoyu who had a drop-stones-on-someone-who-has-fallen-into-a-well [2] expression on his face. Zhi Li was behind him. When Ke Bu was passing in front of Zhi Li, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the hem of Zhi Li’s clothes. Zhi Li looked back. Ke Bu lowered his head: “You should also come help.” Zhi Li did not speak. Finally, there were only two people left in the classroom. Ke Bu dangled his hand then grabbed Zhi Li’s hand, he hesitantly spoke: “What’s the condition?”

[2]「落井下石」luòjǐng-xiàshí – an idiom which meant “to hit a person who is down.”)

Zhi Li went picking up the word board on the podium, then casually dragged a stool, climbed up of it, and stuck the first word board above the blackboard: “No need.” Ke Bu raised his head and looked at Zhi Li’s back: clean canvas shoes, sleeves pulled to the wrist, and his neck below his hair.

“It’s really rare for you to help me even if there wasn’t anything in exchange. Do you know how hard it was for me to repay you in the past? I clearly paid it off; however, I unconsciously owed you once again.”

“Next one.” Zhi Li reached out his hand, and Ke Bu handed over the second word board in Zhi Li’s hand.

“You don’t know how many inappropriate things those beasts have told me in the group. You noticed it too, right?” Ke Bu randomly looked for a topic.

“I don’t know, I blocked the group.”

“What’s the point of adding you in the group?!?”

The two didn’t talk. When they were almost finished, Ke Bu spoke: “I’ll handle the next small pieces, okay? I won’t let you do all of the work alone. Even a person like me would feel sorry. It’s already late, you should go ahead.” Ke Bu also did not see Zhi Li glance. There was no movement behind him. When he looked back again, he could not see Zhi Li’s figure. A little lost, Ke Bu held on to his heart. He shook his head and started keeping himself busy. With great difficulty, he managed to finish everything. Ke Bu exhaled. He used his sleeve to wipe off the beads of sweat on his forehead, then he went back to his seat and prepared to take his books back to the dormitory. Suddenly, he stood there, dumbfounded. A stunned expression was suspended on his face. Zhi Li was lying fast asleep in the corner of the last row of seats. The wind from the window blew the curtains, which gently brushed against Zhi Li’s body. The corners of Ke Bu’s mouth curved into a lovely arc. He went over there, took a seat in front of him, and then lied on the table, with his chin propped on the back of his hand and stared at Zhi Li.

Half an hour later, Zhi Li woke up, opened his eyes, and looked up, only to see Ke Bu staring at him.

“How come you haven’t left yet?” Ke Bu indifferently asked.

Zhi Li reached out his hand toward Ke Bu’s forehead, bent his thumb and middle finger, and flicked Ke Bu’s forehead: “Because you look like you wanted me to comfort you.”

Ke Bu wrinkled his nose and felt a bit of pain in his forehead: “I didn’t.”

Zhi Li stood up, he lightly pressed Ke Bu’s hair: “You put on that look, so how could I leave you alone?” The warmth still existed where his beautiful fingers left. He still had that look, but the blunt words soothed his uneasiness.

“To say such words, even if it’s not your intention, those debts affecting my emotions also want to force you to be responsible.” Ke Bu jokingly muttered to himself, with a voice that only he, himself, could hear.


“Nothing, let’s go, since you helped me, in return, I’ll also help you take your book back to the dormitory.” Ke Bu grabbed the book in Zhi Li’s hand and held it in his embrace.

“Your repayment is really small.”

“My repayment isn’t bad!!!”

Between us, there was always a very warm feeling in the commotion.




10 thoughts on “HIHEZL: 10. Between Us

  1. AbsoluteMeowster

    Ahhh who is this woman? I feel her relationship with Ke Bu is not as simple as it seems. Definitely not a girl friend, with how much Ke Bu unconsciously (or even consciously?!) likes Zhi Li. Also, Zhi Li make more cute moments with my tsundere Ke Bu please~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haruki Natsuyu

    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ASHDJFKK this slowburn is killing me!!!!! THEY CLEARLY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!! Else, why would the arrogant His Excellency be ‘lenient’ towards the nagger Ke Bu?! Why would the cynical Ke Bu always has his eyes on His Excellency?! It’s like they had a tacit understanding yet not one of them wants to confess first! Aaaaaaaaaaà


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