TUMBT: Chapter 28

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun26

Proofreader: KainGuru

Not a moment later, the child’s firm facial muscles toned down. He covered his mouth with his little hand as he giggled out loud. His exquisite little face was like the white flesh of a big apple within its red peeling. Seeing this, Mu Xueshi wanted to take a bite of it. He never found himself to be fond of children before because he had never seen such a beautiful child. Although he could fathom that the child was a boy, it was rare for him to see a girl grow up to be this bright and beautiful.
Mu Xueshi looked at the child with a fixed stare and secretly wondered if he would become a handsome man in the future. Unexpectedly, this place was so prolific with handsome guys, and so far, he has not seen a woman. Was there also a problem of imbalance between men and women here?

If there really was a lot of men and a shortage of women, then their lives in this kind of place, probably would drift along until their death and never find a wife! It is better for me to leave early. Although in the modern day, I was an ugly man. After all, there was the likes of Sister Feng [1] waiting for me. If I were to waste my youthfulness in this place, and finally leave an old virgin name, think about how sad and dreary that could be…

([1]「凤姐」Luo Yufeng is a Chinese woman who became an famous internet person and bully meme in the People’s Republic of China and beyond in late 2009. Luo first gained attention in November 2009, after passing out flyers in Shanghai seeking a marriageable boyfriend who was required to meet excessive qualifications.)

Mu Xueshi was still repenting and redressing his errors when the child’s hand suddenly grabbed his face again. Mu Xueshi was astonished, but did not make the slightest move. He just watched helplessly as the child’s hand pressed on forward toward his eyes.

“What are you doing? Little Brother…” Mu Xueshi awkwardly smiled.

The child also smiled sweetly toward Mu Xueshi, then stretched out his plump little hand. He let out a “shh” sound from his mouth, while he looked around with his eyes, and then toward Mu Xueshi, he mysteriously said: “Third Uncle… Shh… Silence.”

Third Uncle? Mu Xueshi was still thinking when the child unexpectedly touched Mu Xueshi’s eyeballs. Mu Xueshi quickly closed his eyes. When he was about to close his eyes, he suddenly heard a wailing sound come through to his ears. Mu Xueshi, with great alarm, hurriedly opened his eyes to see.

When Mu Xueshi opened his eyes, the child’s weeping would stop abruptly. The child’s little body suddenly rushed over and his little hands firmly fixed on Mu Xueshi’s face. Again, he stretched out his finger toward Mu Xueshi’s eyeball.

Mu Xueshi did not react at first. By the time that he responded, it was already too late — his eyeball was already heavily poked by the child’s finger. At once, he pitifully cried out of pain, and then hurriedly closed his eyes, not daring to open them again.

Intermittent sounds of weeping came through to his ears. There were strings of tear stains on the child’s face as he pitifully cried. While crying, he said in a lisp: “Wuwu… Magic… Color… Beads… Beads…”

Mu Xueshi was determined not to open his eyes. No matter how lovely the child was, no matter how pitiful he was, he would never take his eyes as a joke. The child was most likely taking his eyeball as, what? A bead? What? A gemstone? If that was the case, then the child’s eyes were too bad to be used.

Mu Xueshi closed his eyes and tried scaring that child: “Don’t cry. If you will cry, I will castrate you.”

The child did not heed his advise and still cried badly. Mu Xueshi suddenly got irritated. He liked to quarrel with other people, but he did not like people making a noise around his ears, so his good impression of that child slightly diminished.

“If you will cry again, the Third Prince will come over. He cannot withstand noise. If you cry, he will blow your head off. You still don’t believe me? The Third Prince is a big devil. I am Master Youzai. I am the Jade Emperor, sent down to catch the Third Prince, this old monster… Ha ha…”

Mu Xueshi babbled nonsense as he used his usual tricks on the child that suited this place. Sure enough, not in a moment, the sounds of weeping around his ears gradually diminished, turned into sobs of grievances, and then there was no sound…

Thinking that it worked, Mu Xueshi carefully squinted his eyes to a small seam, and his long eyelashes gently quivered. Then the quivering intensified, then finally raised to open up, revealing a rich display of lights and colors in his big eyes.

The child that was held in the Third Prince’s embrace saw Mu Xueshi open his eyes. (T/N: Uh-oh, look who’s back haha) He reached out his hands, wanting to grab them. Unexpectedly, the Third Prince tightly secured him in his arms, rendering the child unable to move. Seeing the Third Prince’s expression, the child immediately became well-behaved, with blinking eyes and a face of grievances.

And so the Third Prince remained still as he looked at Mu Xueshi. He calmly pondered over what Mu Xueshi just said.

(Author’s notes: The rhythm in the preceding chapters may be a little slow, the plot a little boring, but later it will slowly become wonderful!!)



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