TUMBT: Chapter 30

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: KrisLo89

Proofreader: KainGuru

“You’re venting your anger out on me. What are you scaring the child for?” Mu Xueshi glared at the Third Prince in the eyes, with a face full of disdain. In his opinion, the Third Prince’s facial expression could subdue an entire town, not to mention such a little child. Mu Xueshi was very sympathetic of Su Ying, who had been crying, feeling incomparably wronged in the Third Prince’s bosom.

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped. The Third Prince coldly shot a glance at Mu Xueshi. Without uttering a word, he went straight out of the entrance portal. As Mu Xueshi saw the Third Prince leaving, he anxiously shouted: “Release me first, I want to pee.”

In the serene and tranquil small courtyard, only Mu Xueshi’s voice resounded. A servant suddenly felt that he was hearing the most pleasant voice, so that he could not help but seek for it. Just as he was in a trance, a glimmer of light suddenly flashed through his eyes. That person only caught sight of Su Ruhan’s set of black clothing, then fell into boundless and indistinct darkness.

A very deep sword mark was made on the servant’s neck, but not a single drop of blood flowed out. Su Ruhan instantly wielded his sword. This imperial bodyguard was already an anxious observer and had deft hands as he stepped forward catching this servant who had a sincere and honest face. This servant has been guarding the Third Prince’s courtyard for 10 years, but because of a trance, his life got cut off.

Two imperial bodyguards moved nimbly over to the dead servant, then quickly carried him up to the back hill. The entire process only took a few words to a laborer, and it was done without a sound. There was also no stain on the ground inside the courtyard of the Third Prince. Su Ruhan had long since vanished without making a sound leaving behind the Third Prince, as if nothing had happened.

The Second Prince held a black-colored folding fan while wandering outside the courtyard of the Third Prince, as if roaming around and enjoying the scenery. All of a sudden, two rows of shadows flashed before his eyes. When the Second Prince was gathering his thoughts, the Third Prince finally appeared in front of him, holding his darling Su Ying in his bosom.

Su Ying had already finished crying, but there were still some tear stains on his face. His big eyes were also swelling unceasingly. Although Su Ying had sneaked into the Third Prince’s courtyard before, he has never been wronged like this, and the Third Prince also did not personally send him out.

The Third Prince did not hand over Su Ying to the Second Prince just yet. Su Ying did not dare stretch his arms to hug the Second Prince. He could only helplessly look at the Second Prince’s flattened mouth.

The corners of the Second Prince’s mouth raised an evil smile. He pretended to be polite toward the Third Prince, then said: “Third Brother has unexpectedly personally sent me this unfilial son. Really, this one deserves Older Brother’s special honors.”

The obvious irony of the language made the air around the two princes tense. The Third Prince’s complexion was like ice. Behind the Second Prince’s chuckle, his heart was filled with anger. Even if it was others, treating Su Ying like this — that was something he could not bear. Although Su Ying from time to time would cry loudly, this sad expression was rarely seen.

“Third Brother, don’t forget, my child still calls you his Imperial Uncle…”

After speaking, the Second Prince put away the folding fan in his hand, and quickly shot toward Su Ying, taking him by force. Unexpectedly, the Third Prince laughed grimly, grabbed Su Ying’s back with his hands, and lifted him upside down in the air — only two bound feet were left carelessly flopping on top.

This time, the Second Prince was clearly furious. He had his usual smile on his face; however, insidious thoughts lingered in his eyes. He leaped high up in the air, jumping behind the Third Prince. Immediately beside him was Guan Rong who moved in front of the Third Prince’s body. He took a risk, leaving the Third Prince two cuns [1] away his palm. Guan Rong was planning to divert the Third Prince’s attention. At this moment, the Second Prince, who was behind the Third Prince, drew his sword, launching a surprise attack. He moved as fast as a whirlwind. He did not see the sword’s edge and only saw the sword’s shadow. Quicker than his sword was the Third Prince, himself. When everyone was tensed, the Third Prince had dodged the sword with his palms and threw Su Ying into the bosom of the Second Prince; then, he returned to Mu Xueshi, who was hidden in the inner chamber.

([1]「寸」a traditional unit of length, equal to 0.1 chi [市尺], and equivalent to 3.333 centimeters or 1.312 inches.)



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    1. Thanks for reading. This novel is actually like a roller coaster, at times you would hate it, at times, you would love it. Many thanks for reading our translations. Hehe


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