TUMBT: Chapter 31

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun26, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

The Second Prince had doubts in his heart. This was not the Third Prince’s usual style! Normally, he would be so against it that the Third Prince would have unlikely said something to let Su Ying go. Today, he had already been struck; however, he was not angry at all. The Third Prince also compromised to return Su Ying to himself.

The Second Prince quickly looked down at the little man in his bosom. Su Ying seemed to be waiting for this moment. By the time that the Second Prince bowed down his head, Su Ying immediately cried out a ‘wa’ sound. While crying toward the Second Prince’s chest, his face, hair, and neck part were also nipped and scratched by Su Ying, whose little face was covered with tear stains.

The Second Prince’s face was filled with distress. He knew that although Su Ying was naughty, still, he would not go as far as offending the Third Prince in any way. The Third Prince must have vented out some resentment in his heart, only then did Su Ying suffer from such grievances.

The Second Prince used his big and gentle hand to caress Su Ying’s back. In a moment, Su Ying became tired. His little head lazily leaned over the Second Prince’s shoulder, softly sobbed, soon enough, groaned and fell asleep. Shortly after Su Ying fell asleep, the Second Prince went back to his own yamen [1] to return to his imperial palace. He took off all of Su Ying’s clothing and carefully inspected.

([1] A yamen was the administrative office and/or residence of a local bureaucrat or mandarin in imperial China.)

Since he did not see any traces of harm, the rage in the Second Prince’s heart eased. When he was about to help Su Ying put on his clothing, the Second Prince suddenly found a red mark on Su Ying’s shoulder. Although it was not distinct, it was not that difficult to find it in Su Ying’s fair, sparkling, and translucent body that was also just like that of a baby at birth. The Second Prince stuck his nose on Su Ying’s shoulder and gently took a breath. It was indeed common to detect the scent of San Qi flower. San Qi flower was specifically used to drive away mosquitoes and its usage will not leave a mark; but, where did this mark come from?

After he reflected on this, the Second Prince did not forget to peck his baby on the lips a few times, who had the look of a spoiled face — this expression has never changed since his birth.

On the other side, Mu Xueshi hurriedly left without getting any permission. The Third Prince just helped him get his acupuncture point released. He rushed out just like an arrow. The Third Prince knitted his brows. He thought that Mu Xueshi wanted to escape. Without batting an eyelid, he followed closely afterwards. To his surprise, Mu Xueshi was just looking for tree roots, and then hurriedly untied his pants. Because there was a great range of clothing on his body, and due to its complex structure, Mu Xueshi could not untie it so he was anxious and his face was also streaming with sweat.

Finally, Mu Xueshi looked around, only seeing the Third Prince’s person, so he swallowed his pride. He immediately pulled his pants down until it reached his feet, and then began acting as if no one else was present so that he could solve his own priorities.

At first, Mu Xueshi’s audacious actions were completely controlled by the Third Prince. In this dynasty where male homosexuality was prevalent, a man’s body was quite precious. Taking your pants off in public was considered as a galling shame and deep humiliation. It was also listed in the penalties, to punish those who behave in an indecent manner.

Mu Xueshi solemnly did not know this. Even if he knew, he would still be likely to put the urgency of relieving himself in first place. So his two beautiful long legs, including that thing in between his long legs, could all be seen perfectly clear by the Third Prince. If Mu Xueshi did not make this kind of boorish act, surely there would be no one who would be able to escape such temptation.

Even if it was like this, the Third Prince still could not take his eyes away from Mu Xueshi’s body. He felt his throat tighten. It’s been a long time since such a hot desire attacked his body.

Yet, the Third Prince was accustomed to restraining himself. He was accustomed to preserving his own reason in front of Mu Xueshi. He did not want to go down on his knees in surrender under Mu Xueshi’s face. Unless one day this person voluntarily begs for pleasure for his own crotch, otherwise the Third Prince would not submit to touching Mu Xueshi’s body.

Mu Xueshi’s face looked carefree as he lifted his pants. When he turned around, he finally caught sight of the Third Prince’s smile-yet-not-a-smile expression. Mu Xueshi suddenly felt a tingling sensation in his scalp. His big eyes turned around for a few times. In his mind, hundreds turned into thousands of answers, wondering why the Third Prince was so unusual.

Was it because the liquid he excreted polluted the air in the Third Prince’s small courtyard? Not at all. This could even be considered as a fertilizer. It could be beneficial for the Third Prince’s big tree. Was it because he escaped from the room without the Third Prince’s permission? It’s not that serious, right? No need making the Third Prince himself feel stifled because he imprisoned a man who was born like that, right? It is possible that he wanted to retrieve (seek back) his confidence.

“Who are you?”

All of a sudden, he asked a question. This made the birds in the trees, one after another, fly off like a rocket. A few green leaves on the branch were knocked out, fluttering about as they descended slowly to the ground around Mu Xueshi’s side.



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