HIHEZL : Chapter 12. Zhi Li Is a Schemer

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

The scene just turned into Ke Bu leaving the gym. Su Youyan waited for Zhi Li to come out: “The answer that you just said was really cold. What do you mean ‘just familiar with him?'”

Zhi Li was indifferent: “Once in a while, we should also make him reflect.”

“When he’s surrounded by men, your shoot hit rate drops, why?” Su Youyan asked.

Zhi Li swept a glance at her: “Women are too smart to be lovable.”

“Men are too two-faced to be lovable.”

“Haoyu, that fool was bored enough to dare explore my private affairs. I’ll let you take charge of the training.”


For Su Youyan, every matter had two explanations but Zhi Li had an IQ that controls everything.

Chu Haoyu moved to Ke Bu’s side and sat down. He looked at Ke Bu and said: “Did I guess it wrong? You’re not secretly in love with Zhi Li?”

With this word, the rice in Ke Bu’s mouth all sprayed out: “What the hell are you talking about?!”

“We originally thought the plan was very thorough. We would let you heavily lose confidence after Zhi Li confirmed he would select Gong Zhu. Then your heart’s line of defense will collapse and your face would look pale. You would weep bitter tears, revealing that you like Zhi Li. After that, there would be a good drama scene to watch. But at the end, you were completely unmoved.” Chu Haoyu soliloquized, exposing this shocking scheme.

Ke Bu pointed his chopsticks at Chu Haoyu. His anger could not be contained: “Did you plan this from the very beginning?! All of the choices made from the votes were all fake. You just wanted to test if I like Zhi Li or not!! Laozi will kill you.” Ke Bu asked again: “Then, does Gong Zhu know about this?”

“Because he also wanted to know, so he very much agreed to join and plan with me. Only Zhi Li and Su Youyan didn’t know. Of course, we also wanted to take the opportunity to test Zhi Li. Youyan is his trusted aide. She surely couldn’t be informed. In the end, his response was also not worth the wait. Him liking men or women has been deeply puzzling me. I’ve never seen him make friends with a girl. Even though he would like a man like Gong Zhu, but once again, it seems to be not the case. It’s really worthy of a thorough understanding.”

“What about the basketball team members?”

“I have friends who usually play basketball together. Early in the morning, we negotiated on a bowl of noodles for each person.”

This group of people seemed to have used a pretty realistic act in order to deceive him. Also, in order to prevent Zhou Xinhe from spilling the beans, they never let her speak. Ke Bu recalled everything that happened in the morning. His brain gradually sobered up: Chu Haoyu, who was excited to make a deal online with others; Gong Zhu, who suddenly broke into the dormitory dressed brightly and neatly; and also those guys who concerted those lousy lies! And how could that Chu Haoyu, who only cared about a woman’s breasts, be concerned about which man was more attractive? Ke Bu actually made this stupid low-level mistake. In his heart, he secretly stifled a cold sweat. At that time, he only thought about being so hungry that his stomach ached. His face did not respond at all. Fortunately, he had the ability to compose himself so that whatever happened, he would not be surprised. This was an IQ war. Acting before thinking allowed him to counteract.

“I’ll surely kill you with your quilt when you fall asleep at night.”

“Oh, yes, I don’t think you’re too foolish to admit that you like Zhi Li. I originally wanted to give you a hand.”

“You definitely don’t have such good intentions!!”

“Don’t tell Zhi Li. If he knew I deceived him, he would kill me.” Chu Haoyu would soon understand that being too fond of playing would have a price to pay for the fun.

“I definitely won’t tell him such a shameful thing!!” It would be too strange to say something like having a crush on him.

At this moment, Zhi Li and Su Youyan also came to the canteen. Everyone got together, and right now, the canteen was very crowded. Ke Bu looked at his food. He took a glance at Zhou Xinhe’s lunch box which she prepared by herself. The bright-colored vegetables and meat were arranged together. As expected, a woman who could cook was better. In contrast, Ke Bu had his sights on Su Youyan. Su Youyan was even reading a book while eating. She noticed Ke Bu’s line of sight. Although she was expressionless, her eyes threw a ‘If you will dare to compare us, you will be killed’ sign. Zhi Li, who sat on the opposite side, also did not eat the food in front of him. He just stared at Zhou Xinhe’s meal. Zhou Xinhe, who was being stared at, was holding her chopsticks with a shaking hand. She clearly did not have the guts to taste her food. Finally, Zhou Xinhe nervously pushed the dish to the middle and looked at Zhi Li: “Want, do you want to eat it?” After getting along for a month, Zhou Xinhe gradually did not shy away from strangers. Zhi Li did not speak. He dipped his chopsticks into Zhou Xinhe’s dish. Was there any man who was more thick-skinned than him? At the side, Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie could only cast envious looks.

“I’m done for. There will be a test tonight. It’s only been a short while since school started. For this whole month, I was just thinking about playing. I didn’t read a book at all!” Ying Xiujie cried out in alarm after recalling this important matter; however, even if it was not the school opening, he was always playing, too. After this heavy topic was thrown out by one, a lot of people around the table had difficulty swallowing their food. Although one could say playing in this school felt very good, when it comes to learning, it was also terribly frightening. There would be a test every month. The test results would be posted on the bulletin board, like showing off others’ humiliation. Not many people studied this month.

“Whoever gets to finish the test first will have to send the answers to the group.” Ke Bu raised his opinion on this matter for his own interest. However, another problem emerged: If a person like Ying Xiujie was the first to finish the test, he would send out meaningless answers. Zhou Xinhe and Ke Bu’s scores were alike and could be regarded as average; Chu Haoyu’s was above average; but this time, nobody read their books. This was very worrisome. Everyone turned their eyes to Su Youyan and Zhi Li. If these two people had not reviewed, then they could break even, right?

“What did you come to school for?” There was no accusation. Zhi Li was only asking a simple question. It was because of the presence of such a pure sacred light so that several people could not lift their heads and were all covered in their own shame.

The preparation bell suddenly rang, waking up everybody. There were ten minutes to go before class starts, and Chu Haoyu stuffed the last of his meal into his mouth: “Run for it!”

“Whoever runs fastest is the man.” Ying Xiujie first rushed out.

Gong Zhu also followed from behind: “Don’t argue over this trivial matter. We need to get along well. We’re all friends.”

Zhou Xinhe hurriedly packed up her lunch box and left. Su Youyan slowly closed her book and slowly walked out. Only Zhi Li and Ke Bu were left in the canteen. Ke Bu, of course, was unlikely to do such a strenuous thing. The two people walked to the canteen door. Ke Bu stretched himself and faced the sun: “Ahh… It’s nice to have a little sunshine after a meal. I don’t know what those people are panicking about.”

“I actually know,” said Zhi Li leisurely.

“Let’s hear it.”

“The freshman handbook says credits will be deducted for being late.” There was a minute of silence between the two.

Ke Bu suddenly roared: “What!!! Why didn’t you say so earlier!?!” Ke Bu grabbed Zhi Li by his wrist and headed toward the school building, cursing in his heart. It was really regrettable. I should have looked at that freshman handbook in the first place. Zhi Li, this bastard, he knew it but was still like this. He was cursing at the same time but he never let go of his grip on Zhi Li’s hand. After running halfway, Ke Bu did not have the strength to continue so he let go of Zhi Li and held his knees and panted.

“I can’t make it.” Ke Bu waved his hand.

“Because it’s been a long time that you haven’t exercised, the old color’s fading [1].” Zhi Li’s words were like an arrow that hit straight into Ke Bu’s heart. Just when he wanted to raise his head, Zhi Li reached his hand out and grabbed Ke Bu’s hand: “We need to go.” Having said that, he pulled Ke Bu and started running. Ke Bu’s palm was somewhat itchy. Holding Zhi Li’s beautiful and slender hand made him a little tensed. The dragged Ke Bu staggeringly followed from behind, looking at Zhi Li’s side, intertwined in the sunlight and shadows, turning into the epitome of the word ‘beautiful.’

[(1) Lose one’s charm as years pass by.)

On the day before the National Day vacation, Ke Bu stood in front of the test results bulletin board with a look of dismay. Needless to say, looking at his would make one know how bad the test result was. On the contrary, Zhi Li’s scores were surprisingly outstanding. It made him feel very resentful. Zhi Li also obviously played around. His perfect scores were really unpleasant to look at. Seeing Zhi Li passing by, Ke Bu caught up: “Did you see the test results?”

“I haven’t.”

“You’ve done a good job in the exams. What’s your study method? Let’s hear it.”

“That—” Zhi Li paused for a while. Ke Bu ears perked up and he listened carefully to his teachings: “Youyan stole the exam key answers and gave it to me.” Zhi Li spoke of the dark secret that would shake heaven and earth with his usual tone. Ke Bu heard the sound of his brain breaking. It turned out there was this trick. At the time, he forgot Youyan was the headmaster’s daughter!!

“How come you didn’t tell me?”

“You didn’t ask.”

“Then, where did that Zhi Li who said ‘What did you come to school for?’ a few days ago go to? Zhi Li, you downright schemer!!”


“Don’t play dumb on me.”


“Do you have any plans for the National Day?


“You’re not listening!!!” He always felt like everything was being played around by Zhi Li. All of the things that happened years ago, was he naturally fooled, too? Or was it just a coincidence?



8 thoughts on “HIHEZL : Chapter 12. Zhi Li Is a Schemer

  1. AbsoluteMeowster

    Lol, this story’s summary should just be about how Ke Bu keeps getting trolled by everyone around him. Aww, why you bully my poor baby.

    (Bully him more, let him realize his feelings!)

    Liked by 7 people

  2. Haruki Natsuyu

    Ke Bu actually made this stupid low-level mistake. In his heart, he secretly stifled a cold sweat. At that time, he only thought about being so hungry that his stomach ached. His face did not respond at all. Fortunately, he had the ability to compose himself so that whatever happened, he would not be surprised. This was an IQ war. Acting before thinking allowed him to counteract.

    Even if they wanted to ‘help’, but playing with feelings… are they really treating KB as their friend? I knew i never liked CHY and GZ. If it was me that was played at, i may have remained calm but my tears would alreay have fell. Im glad KB is much steadier than me – though it’s not good. People who are calmer are people who are number – numb from pain, sadness, loneliness and misery. Meaning, they went through all that before many times, and withstood it and so they can withstood more pain now.


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