TUMBT: Chapter 32

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: Renkun26, chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

At first, Mu Xueshi wanted to declare his identity in a loud voice; however, when he met the Third Prince’s gaze, he started hesitating. His pants had not been lifted properly, his waistband was in disarray on both sides of his waist, and his face was still covered with ink paste.

“If I will say I’m not this person, how will you punish me?”

The Third Prince’s sight suddenly tightened up. From his pupils, he quickly casted a dark ray toward Mu Xueshi. The corners of his mouth moved as he slowly said: “Look at the situation around you. You will know in advance of the consequences.”

Mu Xueshi hurriedly looked around. His range of motion was very exaggerated; but besides perceiving the beauty of the scenery in here, the environment outside was serene and tastefully laid out, he did not see any connection between his consequences and this place.

Originally, he wanted to directly ask “how?” but looking at the situation now, he needed to pay attention to his sense of propriety as he spoke. Although they only interacted for a day, Mu Xueshi was aware that the Third Prince had always been familiar with this body’s owner. If that was really the case, then the Third Prince was also aware of the matters related to his prison sentence. The Third Prince saved him yet was not benevolent towards him?

“This worthless commoner still hopes for the Third Prince’s help to show me how to get on the right path.” Mu Xueshi patterned his manner on this place and bowed down 45 degrees toward the Third Prince, with a respectful look on his face.

The Third Prince looked straight at Mu Xueshi. He saw that he was still bent over and had not stood up. Then he coldly said: “A moment ago, servants within the courtyard could be seen everywhere, in every corner. Now, all of their shadows disappeared, do you know why?”

Mu Xueshi raised his head looking at the Third Prince, he saw that there was nothing peculiar with his expression, he then replied modestly: “I don’t know!”

The Third Prince coldly snorted. The sound that he produced was just like a cool breeze that whisked his face. In the nip of the air, refusal could be easily read out. He faced Mu Xueshi as he explained without missing a word: “Just now, you rushed out of the room, into the eyes of a crowd of servants. Every human being who sees you, all of them must die without a doubt.”

At first, Mu Xueshi had a frowning expression while thinking deeply. When he translated the Third Prince’s words in his own mind, his face was only left with a look of disbelief.

Indeed, he could vaguely recall that when he rushed out of the doorway, there was someone. When he prepared to relieve himself, there was only one person left around him — the Third Prince.

Originally, Mu Xueshi had wanted to ask whether the Third Prince was just playing with him or not, but he was struck by the Third Prince’s meaningful gaze. Mu Xueshi came to realize that the Third Prince was not the type of person who would play a joke on him. Thinking of this word ‘death,’ a slight chill rose up Mu Xueshi’s back.

Aware of the fact that this matter really happened, Mu Xueshi staggered a few steps, striding forward before the Third Prince. Feeling that his emotions were somewhat stirred up, he asked: “Why do people who see me must die?”

The Third Prince’s mind became sluggish, and did not immediately respond to Mu Xueshi’s words. He thought Mu Xueshi would further inquire about his own consequences. Who would have thought he would actually ask such a question?

With a puzzled look, the Third Prince looked up and down at Mu Xueshi. There was a crystal-clear expression shown in Mu Xueshi’s eyes; a face full of foolishness, but without the slightest hint of jest.

The Third Prince gently pinched Mu Xueshi’s chin, lifting it. While gently stroking his cheek, he whispered: “Because your face can only be seen by me, not a single person more, peeping people will be pierced through their eyes and stabbed to death by a sharp sword.”

Mu Xueshi had no time to pay attention to how ambiguous the Third Prince’s move was but, at the same time, he appeared to be upset and plopped down on the ground. His face, though smeared with ink paste, could not conceal his deathly pale face. At this moment, Mu Xueshi’s whole person became extremely dejected. The feeling of happiness was long gone.

The Third Prince had no compassion at all. He then taunted: “Are you really Mu Xueshi?”

Mu Xueshi quietly listened to the Third Prince’s words. His big eyes lifelessly looked at the ground. Very obediently, he nodded his head.

Originally, I was called Mu Xueshi. This name was pleasant to hear, but I still had an ugly face. I was also imprisoned for a criminal charge, and even got others involved. Mu Xueshi only spoke of the taboo that he did not quite understand, as a result, it has caused others to tragically die.



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