HIHEZL: Chapter 13. Like a Child…

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Chu Haoyu, who was in the dormitory, began drafting up his plan for the National Day vacation. He muttered to himself: “On the first day, go to the amusement park to look at breasts; on the next day, go to the park to look at breasts; on the third day, stay at home in front of the computer to look at breasts…”

“That’s the reason why you’ll never find a girlfriend.” Ke Bu laid on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

“I look pretty good, too. Don’t tell me all girls like Zhi Li’s type? I heard that many people invited Zhi Li to go out for the National Day.”

“Don’t blame it on Zhi Li. Look at yourself for the reason.” Ke Bu spoke with an uncertain tone.

“I always feel like you’re quite in favor of Zhi Li.” Chu Haoyu spoke of words that Ke Bu did not deny. Instead, he answered as a matter of course: “With regard to you and Zhi Li, of course, I feel Zhi Li is better.”

“You really even hit it very bluntly. What about Zhi Li and Gong Zhu?”

“Zhi Li.”

“What about Zhi Li and Ying Xiujie?”

“Zhi Li.”

“What about Zhi Li and the Headmaster?” What’s with this comparison?

“Zhi Li.”

“What about Zhi Li and Robert Pattinson? He was chosen by Glamour Magazine as the world’s sexiest man in 2012.”

“Zhi Li.” It was too unrealistic to pull up with someone so far away.

“In your eyes, is there a better man than Zhi Li?” Chu Haoyu directly asked.

This question was worthy for Ke Bu to ponder over. Finally, Ke Bu’s face revealed a sly look: “It’s only me.”

Throughout the National Day, Ke Bu spent almost all of his time sleeping, playing games, and watching TV. At 12:00 PM, he was awakened by his cellphone vibrating. He stretched out his hand to pick up his cellphone, and vaguely said: “Hello?”

“Why are you still sleeping?” The soft, sweet voice of Gong Zhu made Ke Bu quiver a little in the quilt. Every details in Gong Zhu’s life was a solid proof that he was an outrageous xiaoshou.

“If I’m not sleeping, what else can I do?”

“It’s obviously the last day. Don’t you think it’s a pity to spend time in bed when you’re young? After you die, you can sleep all you want.”

“Your teachings make me very miserable. What’s the matter?” Ke Bu sat up and pulled open the window curtain.

“It’s the last day of vacation. Ying Xiujie said he’s going to take us to his practice place to have fun.”

“Practice place? Is it possible that you will let us all wear a pair of pants and then against a pile of wood, we will breathe out ‘ha, ha’; stand under the waterfall and endure the impact; put black cloths around our faces and jump up a tree; take a sword out of the waist, wave it gently, then return the sword back to the waist simultaneously as we move around before a vast forest. After the National Day vacation has ended, there will be seven strong men and women in the shadows. Stop dreaming.”

“I’ll tell you the address. Come here quickly.” It seemed that Gong Zhu had slightly mastered the way of dealing with Ke Bu, and this time, it should be to ignore him. Ke Bu hung up the phone and looked outside the window for the weather. This time, the weather was not hot. It was just fine. Zhi Li’s temperament should be very stable.

When he arrived at the place that Gong Zhu spoke of, Ke Bu was a little surprised. Ying Xiujie was really fortunate finding this place. In general, it was like a private little courtyard. It was an open space, paved with pebbles, and surrounded by pale yellowish-green short bushes. Furthermore, there were some abandoned exercise equipment. Zhi Li was sitting on a bench holding a sketchbook in his hands, seriously drawing a picture. Ke Bu walked past and stood behind him. He looked down at his sketchbook: “To tell you the truth, for so many years, I’ve never understood what you’re drawing.” Ke Bu took the plunge and frustrated Zhi Li’s drive.

Zhi Li had a dull face as he looked at his drawing: “I also don’t understand it.” He actually asked such a question.

“You drew it yourself!!”

After seeing that everyone was present, Ying Xiujie took out a suspicious big cardboard box and placed it in front of everyone: “These are all my private collections. I finally got the opportunity to take these out and play with them.” Hearing this sentence, Ke Bu directly came up with a bad premonition. Seeing Ying Xiujie’s excited appearance reminded him of his hot-blooded character. This was very suspicious! Sure enough, the cardboard box was opened. Gong Zhu and Chu Haoyu exclaimed in admiration. Even Ke Bu also could not help but to have some glimmer in his eyes. After all, everyone was a boy. What emerged from within the cardboard box was a deluxe edition of a water qiang [1] which was about 70 cm long or so. The workmanship was exquisite.

([1] This word means “gun.” It was written by the author in Pinyin so we kept it written this way.)

However, now was not the right time to be moved: “You called us in order to play with water qiang? What are you, a little boy?!”

“Men should play with qiangs!” Ying Xiujie spoke with justice on his side.

“There are two girls here.” Ke Bu reminded.

“Women should play with qiangs.” Ying Xiujie said these ambiguous words.

Chu Haoyu raised his eyebrows, raised his hands with Ying Xiujie, and did a high five: “Brother, well-said.”

Zhou Xinhe, who was nearby, heard this and was about to blush. Su Youyan lifted her head up and made sarcastic remarks: “If it was a good qiang, perhaps it’s worth playing with, but…” Su Youyan’s eyes were like scanners as she began scanning them.

Gong Zhu blocked his ‘qiang’ with his hands: “Oh, your eyes are so erotic.”

Ke Bu went behind them. He did not want to let Su Youyan see his disappointed expression. The dignity of a man was very important. Because of this topic, he looked at the cover of Zhi Li’s sketchbook. Zhi Li slightly tilted his head, then took the sketchbook away: “Want to see?”

“Who wants to see, cover me!!” Ke Bu felt his blood flowing toward his face.

“Going back to the topic, each person will hold a water qiang. I’ve poured different colors of paint into the water. There’s a supply of barrels over there. The rules are such, if you can spray your color on everyone’s body, you win. Conversely, if your own color appears the least in other people’s body, you lose. The loser will treat everyone for a meal. The winner gets to decide on what they want to eat. The time is set at 60 minutes.”

“The paint that you used ought to be washable, right?” Gong Zhu very cautiously asked. Ying Xiujie was taciturn.

“It’s only now that I’ve thought of it! What are we going to do with our clothes?” Ke Bu almost choked Ying Xiujie.

Ying Xiujie shrugged. His golden-colored hair was unusually dazzling: “Well, this one, then protect yourself as much as possible from being sprayed!”

“That’s too easy to say.”

Ying Xiujie pretended not to hear him, then handed over the water qiangs to everyone. Everyone was very interested. Ke Bu just wanted to end this game quickly. He was not worried about the treat. After all, there were people at the bottom: Zhou Xinhe and Gong Zhu. Su Yoyan’s strength could not be quantified. In his final analysis, she was a delicate woman. He also regarded himself to be in the upper level. Anyway, what to eat entirely did not matter. After properly analyzing his fighting strength, Ke Bu heaved a sigh of relief. In the wake of Ying Xiujie’s go signal, everyone dispersed to look for shelter. Only Zhi Li stood in the open space. Ke Bu sinisterly smiled. Since you’re so easy, I’ll take advantage of cutting you. Ke Bu hid behind a tree and took aim at Zhi Li. Just when he pointed at him, water sprayed out. Zhi Li stepped forward. When he sprayed again, Zhi Li bent over and put his sketchbook away. He sprayed again. Zhi Li shifted to the right, at the same time, placed his qiang on top of the bench. He then peacefully sat down. Was this a coincidence? This series of coincidences was too suspicious.

“He he, found Ke Bu.” It was unknown when Ying Xiujie was able to climb up a tree. When he aimed at Ke Bu, Ke Bu quickly got out of the way. This idiot, does anyone speak before you spray? It’s in the wrong order.

Gong Zhu and Zhou Xinhe’s cries came from two locations. Ke Bu walked over to follow Gong Zhu’s voice, while preparing to give Gong Zhu a spray with his qiang. Gong Zhu could be seen clutching his feet as he sat on the ground. He miserably stared at Ke Bu: “Feet, my feet turned.”

“Are you all right?” Ke Bu moved forward.

He did not expect that Gong Zhu would hold up his qiang with an apologetic face: “I’m sorry, Ke Bu.” Ke Bu’s white clothes was dyed green by chance by this outrageous xiaoshou’s weak method to cheat. When Ke Bu was thinking about holding his qiang up to fight back, Gong Zhu’s figure already vanished.

Ke Bu fell into the moat this time, so he should be wiser the next [2]. He began advancing carefully. It had been more than half of the time when he found Zhou Xinhe. He just wanted to pull the trigger with his index finger. Who would have thought that Zhou Xinhe would suddenly turn around with closed eyes, exclaiming: “Don’t come over, don’t come over, don’t come over, my new skirt.” She was completely out of control. Ke Bu’s entire face was sprayed red. He spat out the red water in his mouth. He was like a patient with a terminal illness. This year, his luck was really bad. When he got his spirit back, there was no one in sight. He did not know how Zhi Li was doing. He did not seem to see Su Youyan’s figure. He had better return to his original purpose. When he went back to the open space, he found that Zhi Li was still sitting there, drawing a picture!! Why, why was it that no one was attacking this man?!

([2]「吃一堑长一智」chī yī qiàn, zhǎng yī zhì – an idiom which meant “One only learns from one’s mistakes.”)

Chu Haoyu’s and Ying Xiujie’s sneers could be heard. Oh no, I fell into an ambush. Ke Bu looked at them. It appeared that both of them had already shot each other, so there was no danger between the two, and they were prepared to join hands against him! If he was hit by two more qiangs, the rate of his own loss was much higher. He did not know why, but his mind went blank. He loudly roared just like the hissing of someone exhausted, trying to clutch the straw: “Zhi Li!” Two colors of colored water sprayed toward him. He closed his eyes and in an instant, he was pushed away. When Ke Bu opened his eyes, he saw Zhi Li standing beside him. The colored water stains were sprayed on Zhi Li clothes.

“Yeah, right. It’s such a pity that the Prince came to the rescue.”

Zhi Li looked down at his clothes. He looked at the two men, then issued a serious threat: “These are my favorite clothes.” When he finished speaking, he walked over to the two with his bare hands. The two took a step back. Just when they were preparing to turn around, Zhi Li grabbed Chu Haoyu. He rashly snatched the qiang in his hands. He sprayed the paint on Chu Haoyu’s face then smashed the qiang toward Ying Xiujie before he could make a run for it. Ying Xiujie fell to the ground.

Ke Bu drew near Zhi Li: “It doesn’t make sense for you to spray without a qiang at all.”

“I see.”

“Did you hear it in the first place?!” When he saw the paint on Zhi Li’s clothes, Ke Bu furrowed his brows. He was rather sorry about Zhi Li. When the time was up, everyone was exhausted as they returned to the open space with a half-dead look.

“It seems that today’s the only way.”

Su Youyan calmly took her book back.

“Where were you just now?”

“Found a place where no one read a book.” Su Youyan never played again!! Only five of them were running around like idiots, tired and half-dead. This farce was even more pathetic. Finally, everyone was as tired as a tabby cat with neither strength to eat nor the courage to eat with their faces like this. As a result, it ended up with nothing definite. Ke Bu followed Zhi Li from behind, preparing to take the bus.

“That, Zhi Li, I’m sorry about what happened earlier. You got your favorite clothes ruined like this.”


“It’s just a lie!” Ke Bu opened his mouth wide to yell.

Zhi Li looked at Ke Bu’s face that was painted red everywhere. He was like an evil spirit that crawled out of the tomb. He could not help but chuckle: “What’s with your face.”

This aroused feeling swept across the entire space. Ke Bu waited for a while, then grabbed the hem of Zhi Li’s clothes. He covered his face up and rubbed it: “You’re not allowed to laugh.” Play like a child, smile like a child, talk like a child, yet feelings were fiercer than children.



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