TUMBT: Chapter 34

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun26

Proofreader: KainGuru

However, the Third Prince turned out to be even more interested in this half-truth-half-false Mu Xueshi. He was undoubtedly using another way to resist. It was for the same purpose, merely changing the method. If he was truly Mu Xueshi, in that case, he needed to carefully play along. If he was not Mu Xueshi, he also wanted to play along all together.

“Mu Xueshi, you’re just a prisoner slave. You were imprisoned because of committing patricide. Now, during the Eight-Day Festival, the Emperor and all of the ministers will offer sacrifices to the ancestors at the top of the pagodas located in all eight directions of the imperial palace, for the sake of peace and prosperity. During this period, all killings and punishments are forbidden, so your murder case will not be executed until after the first month, as implemented by a decree of the Yunxi Imperial Nation. In the meantime, you must not leave Imperial Palace of Harmony even for half a step. Also, if I take you on a journey, you need to cover your face with a mask; bear in your mind, if your face will be seen by more people, then it will account for more life.”

Mu Xueshi was unable to bear the Third Prince’s cold words making his heart quiver. The original owner of this body was so sinister. He actually killed his own father. No wonder he was banished to the frontier region. In other words, he only had one month to find his silver coin, and then he must return home as soon as possible, otherwise he came here in vain to compensate for another’s mistake.

The Third Prince had long been aware that Mu Xueshi was distracted. He was displeased in his heart. He then looked straight at Mu Xueshi. Mu Xueshi felt that the Third Prince had telepathy — as long as he stared at him, no matter what he was doing, the Third Prince would detect it.

“This worthless commoner will sincerely follow the Third Highness’ instructions. I will be sure to… be sure to work under the instructions of the Third Highness, not to have a trace of idleness… sluggishness…” Was this word right? It does not seem to be used this way…

Mu Xueshi wondered, but also could not help but reach out his little hand to grab his ears, which even made him incomparably comical. He saw that the Third Prince was engrossed in looking at his face. He stood right now, recovered his unsteady movement, and showed a very stiff smile.

After he finished talking, the Third Prince suddenly used one finger to stroke Mu Xueshi’s face, hinting that he could wash off the ink paste on his face. There was only two of them in there. The Third Prince did not want to be confronted with such a face.

Mu Xueshi had only a hazy notion as he looked at the Third Prince. He also extended his hand imitating the Third Prince’s gesture. Then slowly he lifted it up. He was somewhat hesitant to suddenly stroke the Third Prince’s cheek; at the same time, he very cautiously asked: “So? So is it a deal?”

The Third Prince also obviously did not understand Mu Xueshi’s deed. He just felt some numbness on his face. Mu Xueshi just gently touched the Third Prince’s cheeks with his fingertips. The Third Prince could feel how smooth and silky his skin was.

When the Third Prince looked again at Mu Xueshi, Mu Xueshi was smiling toward him. His eyes were transparently clear, without any perfunctory meaning. The Third Prince was almost like Su Ying’s twin. He looked upon that pair of big eyes as if they were mysterious magic colored beads.

Seeing the exceptional and gentle lines that emerged from the Third Prince’s face, Mu Xueshi could not help but feel that the Third Prince was really perfect. It was rare seeing celebrities to be this threateningly handsome.

If he would start smiling, he could certainly topple and fascinate a group of beautiful girls. He always had a serious look on his face. How many beautiful women were scared away by him? After we became well acquainted, I must carefully tell him about this.

Perhaps the Third Prince was just cold and cruel on the outside, and was actually very easy getting along with. As long as I would pay attention to my own words and deeds in the future, offend his authority less, and obey him, then I would not attract a fatal disaster, Mu Xueshi secretly schemed.

Perhaps, by building good relationship with the Third Prince, I could take advantage of his power to help me find my silver coin, and then smoothly return home.

Mu Xueshi was still scheming in his mind, but he did not realize that his facial expression right now was completely like that of a cat stealing a fish; all of those things that he was scheming about were exposed.

The Third Prince saw that he did not conceal his thoughts in his mind. He was secretly surprised in his heart. Nowadays, everyone in the imperial court found oneself to be in danger, everyone was cautious, lest want their hearts to be seen.

Mu Xueshi certainly minded his words and deeds after that. Although it did not conform to him, it was evidently coming from his heart. This kind of action was exactly the same as the fairy that the Third Prince saw, a few years ago, when they played by the riverside — all was clean and transparently clear, without a trace of worldly anger.

Suddenly, the corners of the Third Prince’s mouth raised, toward Mu Xueshi, he said: “It is already the time to retire for the night, how about if Young Master Xue and I would go together to Lingzi Lake to take a bath!?”

“Go to the lake to take a bath?” Mu Xueshi shockingly said. He then realized his words and deeds were inappropriate so he quickly covered his mouth. With a smile on his face, he answered: “The Third Highness is merciful, this is good fortune for commoners.”



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