TUMBT: Chapter 38

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

The Third Prince already had an enchanted look on his face. However, Mu Xueshi was the least bit aware of it. He rubbed his hands on his arms, and toward the Third Prince, he said: “Third Highness, this worthless commoner sincerely mended his ways, and has now come down to carefully receive his punishment.”

When Mu Xueshi turned around, he still had an excited look on his face. Because he happened to feel a little cold ashore, he wanted to go down and have a soak to warm himself up.

Mu Xueshi plunged into the water just like a mermaid, but was yet to sink when he heard the Third Prince coldly ordered: “No!”

Mu Xueshi resurfaced from the water feeling irritated. Ah, why didn’t he say so earlier? I already went down and now I have to climb up.

Originally, he wanted to pretend that he did not hear him, but with just a touch of the Third Prince’s eyes, Mu Xueshi was forced again to gloomily go back to the shore. While swimming, he was even pouting and muttering, expressing all of his discontentment in his actions.

Mu Xueshi went ashore then glanced at the Third Prince. In an angry way, he said: “Would the Third Prince please instruct in advance next time, so that this worthless commoner could have a better mental preparation.”

The Third Prince laughed with a tone of disapproval. No one has ever dared asking him what to do, let alone giving him an order. Mu Xueshi could pay a grievous price for his impertinent remarks. However, the Third Prince solemnly did not want to play like this. It was delicious in the mouth. He also wanted to taste it first before getting concerned about how this dish was made.

“Undress me!” The Third Prince stretched out his arms. With an indifferent look on his face, he commanded Mu Xueshi.

Mu Xueshi suddenly realized this seemed to be the one that was mentioned in the television and in the books. These imperial palace nobles lived their entire daily lives being served by their servants. It was actually not difficult serving others. Although he was an only child in the modern times, Mama Chen did not stop making Chen Youzai work as cheap labor.

“Understood!” Mu Xueshi nodded one after another, then went in front of the Third Prince’s body.

The Third Prince looked leisurely as he watched Mu Xueshi. Mu Xueshi noticed his face that had the ‘reap without sowing’ expression, making him annoyed. At first, he wanted to directly pull down the Third Prince’s clothes, but he recalled what the Third Prince had mentioned to himself about those servants’ fate. He also had to slow down his own actions and patiently served the Third Prince.

The clothes on the Third Prince’s body were taken off, one piece at a time, by Mu Xueshi. His almost-perfect body contour gradually became distinct. Unlike Mu Xueshi’s delicate body, the Third Prince’s figure was tall and sturdy. His muscular contour was quite erotic. Mu Xueshi caught sight of the hard chunks of flesh on his abdomen and forearms. He could not help but to lean over and compare his own arm, then he took a deep breath.

Originally, the Third Prince thought Mu Xueshi would blush doing all of these things, but from the beginning till the end, Mu Xueshi’s expression was very at ease, and was clearly from the heart.

Missing the first part of the fun, the Third Prince suffered holding back and he was also baffled, because this matter could not be imposed. After all, he could not force Mu Xueshi by ordering him to blush or to feel ashamed. He noticed Mu Xueshi’s expectant look. The Third Prince had a calm face as he and Mu Xueshi went down to Lingzi Lake.

As Mu Xueshi advanced into the lake, his whole person became cheerful, and the lake had recovered its original clarity and transparency, which could clearly reflect the body that was under water. Mu Xueshi had no suspicion whatsoever. Later on, he flopped a few times around the Third Prince and also took the initiative to help the Third Prince rub his back.

The Third Prince also had a mortal’s body. How could one be so aloof and indifferent in front of such a big temptation? He turned around briskly, bringing himself close to Mu Xueshi, who had a puzzled look on his face. Mu Xueshi’s eyes moved nimbly and was like a muddled newborn fawn, as if oblivious of the facts, which made the Third Prince breathless.



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  1. Vun

    No fruits falling from the sky above Lingzi Lake hiting Mu Xueshi’s head to make him look at Third Prince’s big expanding erect bird being reflecting on the water surface?

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