TUMBT: Chapter 40

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Renkun27 ★彡

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

The morning sky just shone. When the Third Prince pushed the door and went out, Su Ruhan and a man knelt outside the Third Prince’s door. The lower part of that man’s neck had a clear bruise. He slightly lowered his head down. The Third Prince lifted the man’s chin with a scroll. He was unexpectedly met with the face of a young scholar. His age and appearance was generally the same as with Mu Xueshi’s.

“Report, Third Highness, this man is a servant in the Imperial Tutor’s official residence. His name is Ning Yue. Since childhood, he was sent into the Imperial Tutor’s manor to become Mu Xueshi’s personal imperial bodyguard, until the time when Mu Xueshi was imprisoned.” Su Ruhan reported with a solemn face.

When Ning Yue heard the three words ‘Mu Xueshi,’ his figure became motionless. At once, he acted in spite of his own plight. He directly said to the Third Prince: “Third Highness, this worthless commoner was bold enough to intrude into this Courtyard of Exuding Harmony, in order to seek audience with the Third Prince, and at the same time, to help my Young Master Xue seek justice. Since Young Master Xue was a child, he revered the Imperial Tutor. It is absolutely impossible for him to do harm to the Imperial Tutor. This worthless commoner also hopes that the Third Prince would make a judicious judgement…”

Ning Yue spoke this time with an indignant expression. After he finished speaking, he suddenly did a loud kowtow for three times toward the Third Prince. When he raised his head, his forehead was bleeding.

The Third Prince looked as if he did not hear, rather, he looked straight at Su Ruhan with his eyes. Su Ruhan looked indifferent. He could not utter a single word. When he was waiting for his eyes to be brought into contact with the Third Prince’s brilliant eyes, the sword that followed him for twenty years had been snapped into two, lying on the ground not far away. (T/N: Su Ruhan attempted suicide.)

“What is Your Highness’ desire?” This was the first time Su Ruhan took the initiative to ask the Third Prince a question. In his eighteen years of accompanying the Third Prince, the conversation between Su Ruhan and the Third Prince was hardly as much as ten times.

The Third Prince had chosen Su Ruhan as his personal imperial bodyguard, thinking that since childhood, he was reticent and talked less. He behaved steadily and resolute. The Third Prince only gave him a glance, then he immediately understood the Third Prince’s instructions. But at this moment, when Su Ruhan waved his sword to cut his own life to make up for what happened last night, he was stopped halfway by the Third Prince. Su Ruhan failed to understand clearly the reason why the Third Prince wanted to keep his own life.

The Third Prince’s face was expressionless. With big strides, he walked over toward the Lofty Gaze Pavilion that was not far away from there. Su Ruhan followed the Third Prince from behind. Both Ning Yue’s feet and arms were tightly bound. He was unable to move. He had no other choice but to kneel with a righteously indignant face outside of the Third Prince’s bedchamber.

Ning Yue solemnly thought that Mu Xueshi was still sent away to serve his penal sentence by doing a heavy manual labor in a far away land. The thought of his righteous master was being framed like this made Ning Yue feel extremely worried and troubled. He had accompanied Mu Xueshi since he was a child. Ning Yue was the only one who understood Mu Xueshi’s temperament.

Since he was a child, Mu Xueshi was considered as an unworthy son, only because of his face. It has been said that when Mu Xueshi was born, the midwife and the Imperial Tutor were all burdened at the side. After the midwife saw Mu Xueshi’s face, she immediately committed suicide by cutting her own throat in front of the bed. After the Imperial Tutor saw him at a glance, he also did not step into the room.

The handsome man that was first under Heaven was once dumped by a number of people. To actually give birth to such an ugly son was simply a disgrace to one’s family. Mu Xueshi grew up amongst the people’s derogatory words. He had an unsociable and eccentric character. He treated people indifferently. He only allowed Ning Yue to stay by his side. It was also because of this reason that Ning Yue could be regarded as Mu Xueshi’s only friend in this life. Although Mu Xueshi had an ugly face, Ning Yue always adored him from the bottom of his heart.

Lofty Gaze Pavilion was situated above the rock garden inside the Third Prince’s small courtyard. The surroundings was a grove of black bamboo. The pavilion’s interior was also built out of black bamboo. The uncomplicated structure conveyed natural simplicity. Looking from afar, the pavilion blended well with the surrounding view. If one did not look carefully, then one would simply be unable to find where the pavilion was situated.

After the Third Prince stood calmly, Su Ruhan immediately kneeled in front of him. His face had no trace of billows. (T/N: not frowning or looks calm) At this point, he just waited for the Third Prince’s decision on how to deal with the intruder, what the Third Prince wanted him to do, and he did not blink for some time.

“Ning Yue sneaked into the Courtyard of Exuding Harmony, was it really caused by your unfavorable protection?”

Hearing these words, Su Ruhan’s knife cut-like face finally had a hint of feelings floating. He should have had expected this earlier. What situation could escape the Third Prince’s eyes? And he, however, was nothing more than the Third Prince’s tool. Whether he stays or goes could only be determined by the Third Prince’s frame of mind.



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