BMHS : Chapter 6.1 – The first love sentence of his life, “You have to eat well.”

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower


“Today, I’ll also go back to the old house. Seventh brother, sit with me.” While he was speaking to Feng Zejiao, Meng Qi glanced and still could only see the top of Meng Ting’s bowed head.

For Feng Zejiao, Meng Qi’s willingness to go back to the old house made her naturally pleased. Meng Qi wanted to talk to Meng Ting. She also could not find any reason to refute. In fact, all the more did she feel that this foolish, slow-witted boy’s luck was pretty good. Both Gu Lang and Meng Qi had a good impression of him.

However, Meng Ting was quite sure that he did not want to sit together with Meng Qi, who forcibly kissed a man and even groped him. That had a great impact on Meng Ting so he shook his head. “I’ll sit with you,” he said to Feng Zejiao.

After Meng Qi was finished talking, he went to the car that Meng Ting and Feng Zejiao got in.

The end result, however, had not changed a thing. Feng Zejiao was coaxed by Meng Qi to sit in his car. In the end, he sat beside Meng Ting. After that, Meng Qi looked at him with a doting face, as if he was looking at a wayward little lover. He was very clingy.

Eventually, Meng Ting lifted his eyes to look at him. It was a strange and puzzling sight. He thought Meng Qi’s expression was rather strange, but he had nothing more to say.

“Hey, turn around and let me take a look.”

Meng Ting heard what Meng Qi had said so he immediately turned his head. His eyes were indifferent, but his body was indistinctly on the lookout. If this Meng Qi dares to flirt with him, Meng Ting guaranteed he would definitely give him a deep impression.

Firstly, he was not as impressive as Yan Sui. He was sitting too casually which easily exposed his weak points. Meng Ting was more than seventy percent sure that he could make a move to oppose him.

Fortunately, Meng Qi was only brave enough to be interested in his face for the time being. Meng Ting was not communicative. He also could not find a reason to force him to be. Admiring his eyes, Meng Qi thought of some beautiful woman who dumped him.

“Heartless beauty, I don’t know whether you’re also like this or not?” Meng Qi asked.

Meng Ting did not reply to what he said. He just fixed his eyes to stare at Meng Qi, but his eyes were erratic. Meng Qi could feel that although Meng Ting was looking at him, his mind had long drifted away.

Meng Qi measured Meng Ting with his eyes again and looked at him a few times, and then he stopped looking. He was a soulless beauty, and was actually boring. He still could not compare to a certain someone who dumped him. This made him think about Su Siyu again. Meng Qi also did not make fun of Meng Ting’s mood anymore.

When they returned to the Meng’s residence, it was almost dawn. Everyone dispersed.

After taking a bath, Meng Ting’s thoughts were like an awful pile of mess. He then stumbled to sleep. He woke up on time the next morning at half past five. He went out for a jog then came back. He picked up two sandwiches and milk, because he did not intend to go out of the door again.

An hour later, he received breakfast and a mobile phone from the person named Gu Lang who had been sent by Yan Sui. A servant in the Meng’s residence delivered it to him. Meng Ting was very nervous when he took it, but the servant bent forward to bow and she did not say anything.

He was dazed for a long time. He was completely at peace down in his heart. After that, he took the food box to the center of the table with great care.

He plopped on the bed and turned on the phone. Of course, the first contact was Yan Sui. Meng Ting also knew these two characters — Yan Sui. He played with the phone for a long time. Suddenly, the phone rang, scaring him so that the phone almost flew out of his hands.

Meng Ting tapped on the answer key, then put the phone next to his ear, “Hello?”

“It’s me,” the voice of a matured man sounded in his ear, and Meng Ting’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Yan Sui!”

Meng Ting was very happy to call Yan Sui’s name. Then he wrapped his body in a quilt and curled up, but he immediately lowered his voice right after that. He was afraid that his conversation with Yan Sui would be heard by other people.

“I’ve received the meal that you’ve sent for me, and also the phone.”

“You haven’t eaten it?” Yan Sui was also unable to say for sure why he made this phone call, but after hearing Meng Ting’s voice, his heart calmed down. He was his soon-wedded wife. A phone call would not be surprising.

For a moment, Meng Ting hesitated to tell him the truth.

“I want to keep it for lunch, I already ate a sandwich.”

In fact, he went to get sandwiches, mainly because he was afraid that the meal that Yan Sui wanted to send him could not reach the Meng’s residence. The bottom line was because he still did not believe Yan Sui. He felt a loss of guilt.

“I’m sorry, I’m not sure if you’d send it or not. I’ll go ahead and eat it first.”

Holding on to his phone as he spoke, Yan Sui could not help but raise the tip of his eyebrows. Listening to his voice, he could almost visualize Meng Ting’s guilty look. However, they actually only met each other yesterday, but he was unexpectedly so impressed with him.

“You can’t eat anymore?”

“I can eat more.” Meng Ting was still telling the truth. The big portion of fried rice with egg yesterday had completely exposed his appetite. Maybe after being starved for too many times, Meng Ting was not sure when he would be able to eat enough. He had already developed the habit of saving his food.



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  1. Jade

    Thank you for continuing this! Even though the story is still early, it seems to have a lot of fluffy, cute promise. 🙂 Your translation seems quite good too!

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  2. Much thanks for picking this up. I’ve tried to mtl this novel because the first 3 chapters hooked me up but I gave up because I couldn’t make head or tails of it . So thanks again for picking this up now I can enjoy this novel and see what happens next.

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  3. TheGrassIsGreen

    Yaaaasssssssss im so glad you didnt start from the first chapter lol. Looking forward to this and keeping an eye on your wattpad account 😀 thanks for the chappie

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  4. Meng Ting breaks my heart a little – experience has made him a food hoarder; he may trust his future life mate, but he can’t trust that the requested aid would reach him; his own first cousin was considering creeping on him (ew, ick). And then he brings it right back up when he feels guilty, and then admits to being youthfully hungry. He’ll feel better in his 30s when the appetite finally slows down a little…

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  5. Maria

    Yay! I’m so happy that you are picking up this novel, cause when I heard it was drop my heart broke but now I’m happy that is back. I hope you are able to break the curse and I’ll wait patiently for the next update.

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  6. Thanks for picking this up!! 😍💕
    Also, is it just me or is it not possible to read the previous chapters? Because I wanted to reread the translations and then read this chapter again but its like gone now. ;-;

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  7. Nadywing

    Hi! thanks for the novel, I really would like to know, tell me…will MC at some point be more bright? It is good for him to be slow and everything but I still feel a lit unconfortable with it…ahhh

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  8. Hello, I just thought of starting to read this novel but i noticed that after chapters 1 and 2 on NU, it jumped to chapter 6? Can anyone help me check if there is any missing chapters or this is really it? Thanks by the way!

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  10. Milly

    I hope that you might translate chapt 4 and 5.. TUT
    I missed them meeting and him being a glutton.. shaame TUT


  11. Nes

    If i may ask where are chapter 4 and 5? The other translator doesn’t have them, I’m wondering if they’re still going to do it or gave up? Because it’s confusing to try to read from 3 to 6 since things got skipped 💦💦

    Thanks so much for picking this up, hope it stops being dropped until the end 👍👍

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  12. Jingle Belle Cour

    thank you for translating this!
    p.s. what happened to chapters #4 and #5? I can’t find them on novel updates.


    1. Kiai and our group agreed that she will work on those chapters. There was a translator who worked on it before but he/she disappeared. You can find them in aggregator sites. We’re finding time to work on those chapters since Kiai is on hiatus atm


  13. Rereading cuz I needs the fluff in my life. But also still sad chapters 4 and 5 are not out so i can completely reread. But i still renember the jist of them so 🤷 oh well.

    Thankss for all the hard work!


  14. I think human stomach is such a wonder. Like Meng Ting lol Being able to eat while you are able to is the best thing ever, so eat up Ting’er! Hubby doesn’t care feeding a cute rice pot.


  15. Sekstifire

    Thank you so much for posting a genealogy tree if the characters; I tried to make one but it was too complicated. Also is it just me or did the author mix up the order of the young masters and ladies? There’s a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th young master, and a 3rd, 6th, and 8th young lady. If girls and boys are counted separately then there’s 1 missing boy and 5 missing girls, but if they’re counted together then there are 2 3rds?


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