TUMBT: Chapter 41

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun26

Proofreader: KainGuru

“No, this subordinate has a selfish motive.” Su Ruhan said without hesitation.

“What kind of selfish motive is there?” The Third Prince coldly asked.

Su Ruhan just continued looking at the Third Prince without responding whatsoever. The Third Prince suddenly attacked Su Ruhan with his palm. Su Ruhan spat blood out from his mouth. He looked pale, but he still did not sway even once. He kneeled perfectly straight.

“You have the audacity to go against me!” The Third Prince loudly shouted at Su Ruhan. His anger was not because Su Ruhan had a selfish motive, rather it was because Su Ruhan, who was in front of his face, unexpectedly had his own internal force destroyed. Doing this would endanger one’s life. If it were not for the Third Prince’s palm that had disrupted the movement of Su Ruhan’s internal vital flow, perhaps he would have already fallen to the ground a long time ago to die.

Because of this action, Su Ruhan had easily lost more than half of his martial arts. As far as the Third Prince was concerned, he was nothing more than a disabled person. And so the Third Prince left him behind, but for him it was regarded as an insult. His Ying Jue Sword has been broken into two halves, which signifies that Su Ruhan’s whole person has already been damned.

Su Ruhan closed his eyes, awaiting for the Third Prince’s palm to strike down from across the sky. The Third Prince mentioned before that other servants could die under Su Ruhan’s sword; however, Su Ruhan could only die under the Third Prince’s palms.

After a long time, Su Ruhan did not hear anything. Even though his eyes were closed, he knew that the Third Prince was still around. Suddenly, the sound of tearing came through. Su Ruhan abruptly opened his eyes. He saw that his clothes were strewn around the place, and the Third Prince was behind Su Ruhan, who had already undressed him.

The wind was strong and it was raining swiftly. They were drenched in sweat. The two completely lacked interaction, as if they were only practicing martial arts with one another. After a strenuous exercise, the Third Prince had a calm face as he properly put on his clothes. He leapt into the air, and then steadily fell into the rock garden underneath. Su Ruhan clearly recalled that, at that moment, the Third Prince had uttered a warning: “You’ve seen things that you shouldn’t see, but I will let you stay. I cannot afford to kill you.” (T/N: I think the Prince helped him fix his meridians in here if you will ask what’s going on.)

A gust of cold wind struck the rock garden. Su Ruhan has used up his severed meridians. With this cold wind, he seemed to be a lot more sober. He recalled the time when he got up at night for a walk, he accidentally shot a glance at that young man. Although it was quintessential, it was nothing but a reminiscence of his hidden memories. The young man’s appearance surprised the wayfarer; however, the Young Master was clearly a beauty with an indifferent heart. It turned out that the Third Prince also had a bad judgment at that time. Thinking of this, the corner of Su Ruhan’s mouth unexpectedly evoked a few sneering sounds.

As a matter of fact, the moment that the Third Prince left the bedchamber, Mu Xueshi had already woken up. He walked gingerly around the house. He was looking for books that he could read that were available within it. Now, Mu Xueshi had realized he absolutely should not live as a nitwit like before. This concerned a great matter of his destiny. It was definitely not child’s play. He must pay attention to every detail, otherwise, there might be a day when it may lead to a murderous disaster.

On the table, there were quite a few memorials to the throne for the Third Prince to read. The Emperor had already designated the Third Prince as a Crown Prince candidate, so he would often let the Third Prince read one or two. Mu Xueshi turned everything over. He held all the memorials and spread them on the table, and strenuously read them. From the memorials, above the red seal, it could be vaguely seen when the era was, but the title was what Mu Xueshi had never seen before. He has also translated some volumes similar to the annals that recorded the national affairs and Mu Xueshi had never heard a number of things that were described in them.

“Am I still on earth?” Mu Xueshi muttered to himself. He had a wailer’s look on his face.



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