BMHS : Chapter 6.2 – The first love sentence of his life, “You have to eat well.”

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

“Then eat it. I’ll have someone send you another one at noon, and if I forget, you can give me a call.”

After saying this, Yan Sui once again heard Meng Ting’s sincere words: “It’s really good. Yan Sui, you’re really nice, it’s so good to marry you.” He really wanted to marry him right now.

Not far away, Secretary Wang stood in front of Yan Sui, who swept his eyes at him. Actually, he was startled by his boss’s smile. From whom did he receive this call? He smiled so sweetly! His boss’s smile was so dazzling so that Secretary Wang’s eyes were blinded!

“Hurry up and go eat it. The porridge must be getting cold by now.” Yan Sui’s smile soon disappeared.

He gave secretary Wang a sleepy, muddled look. Was it just a figment of his own imagination? But, he was quite sure he did not misinterpret what he saw. His age-old iceberg boss smiled, and it was even the sweet and gentle kind.

This was a goblin’s great feat. All of a sudden, he felt like admiring it!

“Hmm,” Meng Ting answered, and then he thought for a moment, stumbling to talk about his own thoughts of his first words of love, “You also have to eat well.”

“Good boy,” Yan Sui suppressed the corners of his mouth from smiling, but his eyebrows softened down.

After hanging up the phone, he looked at the astonished Secretary Wang, “What’s the matter?”

Secretary Wang was indeed worthy to be at Yan Sui’s side for fully managing to break the cold air. He still had the ideals of a steadfast Guhui Ji [1] “warrior.” He quickly curbed his look, and then took a few steps forward, “Madame Su wanted to invite you for afternoon tea.”

([1]「骨灰级」”Guhui Ji” is a new term widely used in the online game world. It refers to a gamer who is loyal to play a particular game since the first day the game was issued even after many updates and modifications. – Baidu Encyclopedia)

The Su family was a well-known noble family of scholars in Haicheng. Madame Su’s fame and reputation in the noble circle was excellent. She and his late grandmother were Shoupa Jiaos [2]. In the present time, it was called bosom friends. Yan Sui had to give her this honor.

([2]「手帕交」”Shoupa Jiao” refers to the close, deep friendship of female friends. Its meaning is equal to bosom friends. In China’s upper class society, women often devote themselves to the same-sex relationship with spiritual love, such as between young and niece, aristocratic women and friends. The two women, who likes each other, usually were sworn to the Sisters of Jinlan. The two women were called “Qi Ruo Jin Lan” and also called “Shoupa Jiao.” -Baidu Encyclopedia)


When he said this, his face was completely indifferent, and there was no such thing as a soft control when he called Meng Ting.

This was actually the usual Yan Sui. Compared to ordinary people, he was more like a machine that worked all the time. His calculations were as accurate as a machine’s. There were some human feelings, but they were too faint to be perceived. Therefore, no matter if it would be Gu Lang or Secretary Wang, they would be so shocked when they came across the special case of Meng Ting.

With regard to Madame Su’s purpose, Yan Sui was well aware that she was coming for Su Siyu.

Even if he was not satisfied with Meng Ting, he was unlikely to marry Su Siyu, and he was excluded by He Wan herself out of his marriage candidate list.

It was two o’clock in the afternoon when Yan Sui arrived at the cafe on time, but Old Lady Su had already arrived.

She was dressed in an indigo cheongsam (T/N: Traditional Chinese clothes for women). She had a sense of detachment from time and space, and she was 60 years old already. She was no longer young, but that unusual lingering charm did not fade away on her face.

She was a very classy elder, but right now, Yan Sui could not understand why she wanted to participate in his marriage.

“I’ve kept you waiting.” Yan Sui slightly nodded, then he sat down.

Madame Su smiled and shook her head. “No, I came early.”

She looked around. Her eyes revealed a trace of nostalgia, “This restaurant has been here for a long time. I used to come here with your grandmother everyday to chat and drink tea. She’s always showed off to me that she has an obedient and intelligent grandson.”

Talking about the elder who raised Yan Sui, his indifferent look also eased a little, but the easing was not much.

Madame Su looked at him and gently sighed. She had a feeling to say something, but this time she rather kept it for herself.



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  1. AbsoluteMeowster

    Ahhh, Yan Sui the ice cube is melting! Ugh, Madame Su, I don’t care if your son wants to bone Yan Sui! He’s taken by another cutie!

    Thank you for the chapter!

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    1. Ethernia

      This novel really warms my heart. I’m very thankful for all your effort to translate it. I really love their character as well. Can’t wait to read how the progress will go. Cutie Meng Ting is really adorable 😍


  2. Thanks for the update and your hard work 😄😄😄. Love is in the air, Madame Su,please take your grandson and go knock on someone else’s door. Because is busy feeding his future wife and no one else matters.

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  3. Majin

    I don’t know but this is sooooo cuteee!!
    I only said this before because of Lu Tingxiao but I’m saying it again!!

    I want someone like Yan Sui!!! #eatingbdogfood


  4. love nicki

    thank for update..*3*/

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  5. Maria

    Oh, my heart. It’s melting with all this cuteness, that I just can’t take it. Go away grandma, your grandson is not needed so please leave so Yan Sui can go back to his future wife. Thanks for the update.


  6. PrettyDamnCritical

    Yan Sui has known him for a couple of days, yet he is already so smitten. Such a good and gentle husband. Thanks for the chapter!

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  7. Ohhh….realmente é maravilhoso. Já estou a acompanhar essa história há meses, mas não conseguia acha-la traduzida. Sou extremamente apaixonada por Meng Ting. E a cada dia amo mais ainda pelo amor que Yang Sui cai por ele.
    Obrigada pela tradução e espero que não desista nem que entre em hiatus como o tradutor anterior. Muito obrigada or traduzir. Queria elogiar mais, mas não sei mais o que escrever.
    Um enorme abraço, tamanho do mundo.


  8. aika lee

    huhhh? I surrender. I can’t differentiate their gender thru their names. and the use of him/her are chaotic.. tsk


    1. chiangyushien

      Secretary Wang is a man
      Yan Sui is a man
      Meng Ting is a man
      Su siyu is a man
      Gu lang is a man

      Madame Su/old lady Su is a woman
      Yan Sui’s grandmother is obviously a woman 😀

      Hope that helps you, or maybe you can point out on what part is chaotic?


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