TUMBT: Chapter 43

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

The moment Ning Yue saw the Third Prince’s figure, he quickly turned toward the Third Prince and kowtowed: “Third Prince, what this worthless commoner had said was true. My Young Master Xue was really framed. A man who kills his own father certainly has a vicious heart. Although Young Master Xue was usually reticent and treated people indifferently, he is kind-hearted. This worthless commoner still hopes that the Third Prince would make a judicious judgement!”

The Third Prince coldly snorted and, not saying anything at all, directly walked over toward the bedchamber. Ning Yue was still not afraid of death while he was on his knees. He loudly appealed toward the Third Prince, looking quite indignant.

The Third Prince, who looked as if he did not hear, was not interested in what he said. He was already well aware of Mu Xueshi being wronged. Although the Third Prince did not order the assassination, it also did not involve Mu Xueshi’s own hands. The Third Prince was already indifferent about what was right and what was wrong. Anyway, in the end, those people in the imperial tutor’s manor and those eyesore scholars in the imperial palace would die one by one.

A moment later, Ning Yue’s voice faded away in the small courtyard. Su Ruhan was unable to move even a single step. It was absolutely impossible for him to personally put an end to that Ning Yue. On weekdays, some of those imperial guards that Su Ruhan sent were now on the alert. When something unusual emerged in the courtyard, it would be surely resolved right away.

Laying on the bed, Mu Xueshi tried hard to close his eyes while listening to the sounds coming from outside. He vaguely heard someone redress an injustice, but specifically because of what just happened, he had no time to think about it. In his heart, he secretly beat a little drum, hoping that the man could entangle the Third Prince, diverting the Third Prince’s attention, and then stall for time.

But even if he would stall for time, it would still be useless, right? If the Third Prince would see the condition of the room, he would only be more irritated. Thinking of this, Mu Xueshi’s smooth forehead exuded a few big beads of sweat. In his heart, he prayed that the Third Prince would treat the things around him as indifferent as he treated people around him. Even if he saw it, he would also turn a blind eye on it.

The Third Prince moved leisurely as he pushed open the room door. The condition of the room stupefied him. After he recovered, he knew who had done all of this. There was only Mu Xueshi alone in the room, and it was absolutely impossible for someone else to enter. All of the maidservants were standing outside. Without the Third Prince’s permission, they were not allowed to step into the bedchamber even for a bit.

The Third Prince’s footsteps were getting closer and closer. Mu Xueshi’s hands on the sheets were also getting tighter and tighter. The Third Prince saw his curled up body and Mu Xueshi’s nervous face. He could not help but raise his lips to smile. Indeed, he still knew how to be scared. Although those things could be replaced at any given time at wholesale, the mischievous Mu Xueshi still could not be easily forgiven.

“There is no one brave enough to mess around in my room.” The Third Prince said lightly.

Mu Xueshi was roused. Soon afterwards, he deliberately stretched himself, rubbed his eyes and turned around. Toward the Third Prince, he revealed a brilliant smile and said: “You’re back, I just woke up!”

Mu Xueshi’s long hair fell scattered around the pillow and the bed. He just opened his big eyes, inside of which was also a misty vapor. His eyes were clear and glistening, with a trace of ignorance, just like a newborn baby, innocent and artless. His early morning smile was like a ray of sunshine which unexpectedly shone in the room. It was radiant and warm. Contrary to one’s expectations, he really looked like he just woke up, and that he was totally oblivious to the situation within the room.

The Third Prince slightly knitted his dashing eyebrows. With a smile, yet not a smile, he looked at Mu Xueshi, and showed disdain for his childish behavior. It seemed that his condition did not take on a new look, it was still the same as yesterday, but the things that he had done were all the more amusing.

Mu Xueshi caught sight of the Third Prince’s strange glance. In his heart, he even felt uneasy, so without any delay, he quickly started rising up. Mu Xueshi patterned his manner on this place and bowed down toward the Third Prince, in all seriousness, he said: “This worthless commoner pays respect toward the Third Prince. Good morning Third Prince.”

Seeing that the Third Prince meant to not dispense him from curtseying, Mu Xueshi felt his back could not endure it anymore, so he conveniently assumed that the Third Prince had allowed him to be dispensed from curtseying. He naturally straightened his back.

The Third Prince gave a loud shout: “Kneel down!”



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  1. Vun

    Fruits being flung and falling down to roll from within Mu Xueshi’s clothes in which third prince catches two flying fruits?


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