HIHEZL: Chapter 18. Ke Bu’s First Time

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

Don’t get me wrong. I just want to try embracing this mentality. If the other person has someone they like, we could immediately break up. Even if it was a date, I wouldn’t ask for such a strange thing. It’s only nominal and nothing more. I’m just curious about the fact that two guys are really dating, that’s all. Just follow the agreement, nothing more. Now that both parties had someone they like, it should be the right time to break up. The joke was over. They broke up, only to be together again. This time, they were serious.

“In this life, your biggest scheme was to make me unexpectedly like a man, which turns out to be you.” Ke Bu spoke of unbelievable lies.

“The more you grow up, the less cute you are. Who was crying and begging me not to go?”

“Don’t dig other people’s scars!!”

Ke Bu, who just recovered from his stirred up emotions, was pushed away by Zhi Li, keeping one step away from him. He then cleared his throat. “Now that we’re officially dating, do you know what’s the first thing to do to become lovers?”

“Get into bed.” Zhi Li carried Ke Bu in his arms and threw him on the bed.

“I’ve never heard of it! I’m talking about commitment.” At times, Ke Bu could be surprisingly traditional.

“What the heck is that?” As it happened, he met someone who did not know the tradition. Zhi Li sat on top of Ke Bu and began to undo his buttons. The panic-stricken Ke Bu pulled over the quilt and covered the two of them. “It’s broad daylight. Have some moral decency, okay? People will be coming in here later.” Ke Bu originally intended to pull the quilt because he did not want anyone to come in here and see this strange scene. His second reason of doing so was because he was shy so that he did not want to let Zhi Li see his own face. However, he never imagined that he took the wrong step in his life, which was an important step, and he was doomed to pay a terrible price for this step which made him experience a horrifying memory. Inside the quilt, Ke Bu constantly struggled covering the two of them because of their movements and change of positions.

“Don’t move.” In spite of Zhi Li issuing an order, this was concerning his first time, how could Ke Bu give in so suddenly? Even more so, the narrow, dark space covered by the quilt made Ke Bu more and more breathless and hot, with a little bit of sweat dampening his clothes. He suddenly realized something very frightening, and sure enough, Zhi Li sat on him and did not move. Ke Bu lifted the corner of the quilt to let the light in, and through the light, he caught sight of Zhi Li’s face.

“Zhi, Zhi Li, listen to me. I heard a cold joke [1] recently. Would you allow me to talk about it?” Ke Bu was really terrific. He came up with this cooling method.

([1] In China, a joke that is funny by virtue of being not actually funny at all. The name comes from the fact that when one hears a cold joke, he shivers in terror instead of laughing because the joke is so bad. From Mandarin Chinese, “leng xiao hua.”)

Zhi Li pushed down Ke Bu’s head on the pillow. “You asked for it yourself. Is this the time to be funny?”

“Calm down.”

“In that case, for going out with another man, use your bastard’s ass to compensate.” Zhi Li leaned over and nibbled on Ke Bu’s lower lip. Ke Bu finally gave up his struggle and closed his eyes in despair. There was nothing in the world that could stop Zhi Li’s dark transformation.

Ke Bu’s eyes were lifeless as he raised his own hands to match with Zhi Li’s as he took off his own shirt, then lifted his own legs up to match with Zhi Li’s as he took off his own pants. It looked as like if someone comes in, then they would be forced to kill that person to silence him. Zhi Li patted Ke Bu’s face with his hand. “What’s with that look on your face? Unhappy?”

“No, no, I’m so happy that I’m about to cry.”

“You should look flirtatious. Do you hear me?” Zhi Li’s fingertips slipped to Ke Bu’s neck, while his other hand slowly caressed from his knee to the inner portion of his thigh. Ke Bu could not help but tremble, yearning for an endless recovery. The tip of Zhi Li’s tongue brushed along his neck as its moist touch continued to slither down. Ke Bu could not hold back the groans that bursted out from his mouth. His fingers combed through Zhi Li’s hair. “Ahh…hmm…”

“Open your legs a bit!”

His groping fingers made Ke Bu incessantly shrink back. Lust blurred away his reason. He was desirous of Zhi Li. He wanted to touch him, and be touched by him. He wanted to love Zhi Li and he wanted to be loved by Zhi Li. He wanted all of Zhi Li — his enchanting face, attractive body, moving smile, and annoying character. Even amidst the most primitive sensory stimulation, Ke Bu was clearly aware of that. No matter the good, the bad, he loves Zhi Li so much.

“Ahhh…I don’t want to…I definitely don’t want to let you hear it…”

Zhi Li pulled down the zipper of his pants, unleashing that pent up desire that he could no longer endure, slowly into its warm destination. A burning hot sensation wrapped around him. The contractions made Zhi Li unable to hold on to his own calm. He merely wanted to go deeper and hear him let out a deep moan. His hands clutched Ke Bu’s waist tightly. “Call out my name.”

“Uhh…Zhi Li…it feels good…Zhi Li…” This was definitely not because he wanted to cooperate with Zhi Li. He was only thinking out of his own instinct. To his surprise, he felt that foreign body part within him swell up bigger.

“Ahhh…don’t be too hard…inside…it’ll be bad.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Of course it matters!!”

“You bastard, don’t say anything useless, hurry and moan.” Zhi Li increased the strength of his lower body.


“Too artificial.”


Zhi Li frowned as his strength intensified, making Ke Bu’s bent up legs somewhat unable to bear with it. With both of his hands holding on to Zhi Li’s chest, blushing cheeks, and misty eyes which remained captivating, he gazed at Zhi Li with an ambiguous look. “Ah…Zhi Li…gently…!” Zhi Li was dumbfounded for a moment, then a faint smile of satisfaction appeared on the corners of his lips.

Ke Bu lost count on how many times he was ferociously pressed and how he was able to survive on his last legs. Zhi Li’s words kept on lingering in his mind. Lower your waist a little, move your ass up a bit.” “You came out too fast.” “You bastard, focus.” “Lift your legs up, hurry up.” When Ke Bu’s closed eyes suddenly opened, he saw that he was clinging on to Zhi Li’s embrace. Now, the only thing that could move around in his body was his head and hands. It was his first time. Although he never imagined how wonderful it would be, he never thought it would end up in a nearly-violent way.

Zhi Li stretched out his hand and dragged Ke Bu into his arms.

“Painful, painful, painful…”

“What’s the fuss? It’ll be comfortable next time.”

“You talk so irresponsibly. You’re the one who was satisfied.” Ke Bu complained.

“You’re still not satisfied?”

“That’s not what I meant!!” Ke Bu nagged in Zhi Li’s embrace, then finally whispered, “In order to pay tribute to my first time, it’s best to take the responsibility. Actually, even if I die, my butt still won’t let you go. I’ll turn into a ghost and pester you.”

“Then go and look for me again.”


The next morning, Ke Bu got up from his bed to take a bath. When he just took off his shirt, he found Chu Haoyu’s face had turned green as he stared at his body.

“Why, don’t drool at me.”

Chu Haoyu shouted as he rushed out of the dormitory room, “Zhi Li, not good!! Ke Bu got syphilis!! Don’t sleep with him!!! It’s contagious!!”

“Son of a b****! Your voice is too loud.” Ke Bu angrily gritted his teeth. What the hell was going on? He bowed his head and found red marks on his tummy. He rushed to the mirror and saw that his back and neck were full of marks left by Zhi Li yesterday!

“Zhi Li’s a jerk!! Zhi Li’s a big jerk!! Zhi Li’s the biggest jerk in the world!!”



18 thoughts on “HIHEZL: Chapter 18. Ke Bu’s First Time

  1. AbsoluteMeowster


    Lol but I was reading this in lecture and I couldn’t stop smirking. I seriously hope no one saw my phone screen. Ahhh, I didn’t know this chapter would come so fast, but I’m not complaining. I’m going to go and celebrate now, for our cute tsundere Ke Bu’s and our cold on the outside but passionate on the inside Zhi Li’s milestone achievement!

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter XD
    I though their first time will be a sweet moment. But when I read it became a hilarious moment instead. Hahaha~
    Poor Ke Bu~ his first time with dark Zhi Li is his punishment because going out with other man!!

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