BMHS : Chapter 6.3 – The first love sentence of his life, “You have to eat well.”

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien, Renkun27

Proofreader: Lonelycauliflower

Madame Su restrained showing emotions on her face, looked at the reserved Yan Sui, and spoke out her purpose for coming today, “Sui’er, how do you see Siyu?”

As a matter of fact, for Yan Sui, what Madame Su had asked for really did not matter. Yan Sui, from the age of twenty years, had assumed the role of being the Yans’ patriarch, and it had been eight years now. All of his body and mind were committed to their family business that was entrusted to him by his father.

He actually lived up to the expectations. With the Yans climbing the social ladder one step higher, they became a genuine top wealthy and influential clan in Haicheng who was worthy of their name.

On the other hand, eight years ago, the fourteen-year-old Su Siyu was just officially recognized back to the Su Family. After that, from the age of sixteen, he began to recklessly engage in various sensual occasions. Scandalous news came out one after another. They may have known each other, but they have never been in contact.

Even his appearance, in Yan Sui’s mind was also vague. If not because He Wan previously wanted him to marry Su Siyu, he would not be interested in knowing exactly what kind of person he was.

This question that Madame Su asked about, he also could not answer, but did not intend to answer down to her own meaning.

“Madame, I guess you didn’t know, my mother has decided to marry me to the Seventh Young Master of the Meng Family. The wedding is scheduled on the seventh of the next month.”

Today was the twenty-third of June and it would be on the seventh of the following month. It did not even reach half a month. He Wan scheduled it this way because she was afraid that Yan Sui would suddenly back out of it, but this would be the last time that he allowed her to overstep the boundary, and since it was permissible, there would be no such thing as going back.

The marriage’s overall look was not too hurried. It was originally prepared for the Su Family’s Su Siyu, now only being replaced by the Meng Family’s Meng Ting.

Madame Su’s face froze. It was because she had never heard about any Seventh Young Master from the Meng Family. Of course, she did not have any doubts about Yan Sui’s words. He would not go so far as to fabricate a marriage to dodge her.

“Siyu told me that he fell in love with you at first sight. He’s willing to change his heart for you, willing to disconnect with his past, willing to…”

Madame Su was unable to finish what she was saying. Yan Sui heard what she said but there was not a single trace of change countenance on his face, perhaps because of her, he did not show his disdain. Some people could change for the better, but that also could not erase the absurdities that once existed.

Yan Sui originally did not particularly care about Su Siyu’s past. Since he was the one that He Wan came up with for the strategic pass, until he met Meng Ting. He seemed to be really not too pleased with Su Siyu, and the important thing was that he knew that he and Meng Ting oversaw Su Siyu and Meng Qi break up.

No matter how one would look at Su Siyu or Meng Qi’s temperament, for quite a long time, both of them would be in a “lotus root snaps but its fibres do not break [1]” situation. Although he may not care much, he would also feel annoyed. There would absolutely be no “obedient” Meng Ting that would spare him the trouble.

([1] The lotus root snaps but its fibres don’t break. — (of lovers, etc.) still in contact though seemingly separated; separated but still in each other’s thoughts)

Yan Sui, after facing Madame Su, suddenly realized how good Meng Ting was. It was an empty feeling… No, he liked him.

“Sui’er, marriage isn’t a child’s play, it needs a serious decision, it’s a life-long contract,” Madam Su was concerned about how He Wan managed things. She was unable to put up with it any longer. It was for the sake of Su Siyu, and also for the sake of an old friend’s grandson — Yan Sui.

Yan Sui was silent for a moment, and then he replied to Madame Su’s words, “I know, at least for me, I’ll carry the responsibility that I ought to carry, but now, that man is the Seventh Young Master of the Meng Family.”

In other words, no matter who married him, he would not avoid his responsibility, even if it would be the likes of He Wan. Drawing a clear bottom line, he would not give up the responsibility when it was unbearable.

Understanding the meaning of Yan Sui’s words, Madame Su once again heaved a sigh, but it was because she felt sorry for Su Siyu. Yan Sui had underlined to take the responsibility upon himself. He would indeed be a pretty good husband.

“He can come to realize the truth in time. You don’t have to worry about his future going bad. Following me into the mire-like Yan Family isn’t necessarily as jolly as he thought.”

Yan Sui also said those words because of what Madame Su had said, but the discussion had already ended there. It was not necessary to continue this topic.

Madame Su lightly nodded, and Yan Sui said a few words more. This meeting was over.

Madame Su still wanted to sit in the cafe for a while. Yan Sui stood up and left. Just when he almost reached the door, he came across a very exquisite person. This exquisiteness was not only evident in his appearance, but also in his apparel and in his disposition. He was truly a refined wealthy young master.


He had not finished calling Yan Sui’s name yet when Yan Sui turned sideways. He did not even exchange a bit of a greeting and immediately left.

He just glanced over coldly as if he did not know him and did not recognize him in general. They already agreed upon the marriage to that extent previously. It was impossible that Yan Sui had not seen his picture, and impossible that he could not recognize him. This kind of ignorance gave Su Siyu a very bad feeling.

When he was dumbfounded and could not believe it, Yan Sui already got in the car, and in an instant, disappeared in the end of the street.



25 thoughts on “BMHS : Chapter 6.3 – The first love sentence of his life, “You have to eat well.”

  1. Alexis

    In the past life Yan Sui didn’t marry Meng Ting but someone else. Since Meng Ting was being worked like a zombie in the past life. So who was Yan Sui’s wife? Was it Su Siyu? And at this moment why is Meng Ting suddenly picked as Yan Sui’s wife? Did I miss something or am i confusing this with other novels. hehe.

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    1. 1joy

      I don’t remember any mention of Yan Sui’s marriage before the reset in chapters 1 thru 5. I’m sure Crescent Moon will update those chapters when they get those done.

      Thank you for the chapter!

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      1. Kiai is currently working on 2-5. We intended to translate chapters 6 onwards to pay respect to the first translators but antibait suddenly closed her accounts without prior notice. We don’t want to repost her work so we agreed with kiai to have this arrangement. In the distant future, we will work on our own version of chapters 1-5 but not now.

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  2. PrettyDamnCritical

    without anyone knowing, the stonefaced king Yan Sui has already been conquered by his kitten wifey. His love for Meng Ting is really sweet.

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  3. Thank you for the hard work.
    The MC is a mysterious creature to me, but he is really adorable with the ML, so I can’t wait to see them married. Will there be a sugar overdose? there is a good chance of that lol.


  4. Mr/Mrs Vungtautwi

    Thank you for the update. I really want YS and MT to get to the arrangements so the real drama can happen.


  5. Thank you so much for translating this novel! I love it, and I can’t wait to read the next chapters! Wanna see more cute scenes between MC and ML!
    And Su Siyu…, get away from ML, you don’t deserve him, you never did!!! ML alreasy has someone he loves!


    1. Yes we will finish this story. But we won’t be posting here for a while, you can check on our wattpad account @mikazuki2017. That’s where we will post the updates for the mean time while we are working on this account.

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  6. Nadywing

    I don´t know if it is for tone…but somehow I expect for Meng Ting to be able to get pregnant hahaah I should check in the tags if this has some m.preg there…xD

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  7. akumakawa

    I wonder, who did he marry in the original timeline?

    I actually feel bad for Su Siyu, it feels like he wants someone to love and care for him and he realizes Qi can’t do that.


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