BHMS: Chapter 7.1 – I’d like to say that I fought for you, Yan Sui.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

Su Siyu stood there for a long time, before he turned around to push the door and entered the cafe. In this situation, he then knew the reason from Madame Su why Yan Sui ignored him.

Beforehand, he was so happy to have the prenuptial. Now, he just had so much regret. He originally wanted to save some of Yan Sui’s impression of him. He did not expect that He Wan would have such evil intentions. He linked a lot of things together, and he was finally able to see it. He used to not care too much about Yan Sui.

“It’s not that you’re not good, but because you… suddenly changed for the better.”

That was what made He Wan dissatisfied. At this stage, Yan Sui could not completely break off his relationship with He Wan, and would not refuse the marriage she had arranged for him. With his temperament, it was quite difficult to imagine who he would like, so whether it was Su Siyu or Meng Ting, there was no difference for him.

“Seventh Young Master from the Meng Family… Meng Ting…?” He had never heard of this figure in the Meng Family before. Perhaps, the Mengs had always had this illegitimate child, but his existence in the family records was obscure, or his own impression of his existence was very weak, otherwise, by means of his relationship with Meng Qi, it was impossible not to know him.

Madame Su looked at Su Siyu’s disappointed look, but all the more was she convinced that he had once told her that he really fell for Yan Sui and that he wanted to live well with him. In the end, they were destined to meet but not fated to be together.

“It’s good that you’re changing for the better. I’ll look for somebody else for you.”

Su Siyu was the type of person who would really need someone to take care of him. If he would look for it by himself, it would be the same as loafing about as he once had. She might as well as come and look after him. The background would not be as good as Yan Sui’s, but would not also be too different as his. The most important thing was that the character should be appealing.

However, Su Siyu shook his head. His facial expression was full of strong unwillingness, then he whispered, “There’s still a chance, there is.”

He looked at Madame Su again and his tone eased up a bit, “I’m still young and there’s no need to hurry.”

Nowadays, it was considered normal for a man to be married at the age of thirty years. He was just twenty-two years old. He need not to worry at all. Furthermore, it was mainly because he was convinced that Yan Sui and that no-one-knows-which-corner-he-came-out-from Meng Ting would not last long. It would be just like them previously.

By that time, it would be his chance.

Maybe, it would be better this way.

The still-not-married, and the one that was firmly believed that would be divorced from the main lead, Meng Ting, at noon time, sure enough received the lunch that was sent to him by Yan Sui. A large portion of rice, with two meat dishes and two vegetable soup. It was all packed up using an insulated box. It was steaming hot and extremely appetizing.

In addition to these, there was also a portion of afternoon tea.

Perhaps Yan Sui had a deep impression toward Meng Ting’s words “big portion,” so that he sent all of these in big portions without exception.

Around three o’clock in the afternoon, Meng Ting, scoop after scoop, dug into a lunchbox-sized chocolate cake, until there was nothing left, and then he rubbed his belly. He also did not forget to express his gratitude toward the person who had given him this food. He wanted to thank him but he could not plainly say ‘thank you.’ This was rather difficult for Meng Ting to say.

He pondered for a moment. While he was just editing a text message and had not send it, his doorbell rang.

Meng Ting pretended he did not hear it. He continued hesitating for a moment and then hit send. Just then, he got up to open the door.

The door was slightly opened with a little slit. After he took a glimpse, Meng Ting was about to slam the door shut again, but it was stopper by the person outside.

“Little Seventh, I’m your big brother!”

Meng Qi’s voice was somewhat serious. Seeing that Meng Ting no longer resisted, he satisfactorily let go. After he had let go, he took a step back, and once again, the door slammed shut. Meng Qi touched his nose. He had never been so disgraced like this before.

Meng Qi continued to stand back. He leaned on the wall at the side, and kicked the door, “Little Seventh, I’m here to help Uncle Wen pass a message, are you sure you want to hide …”

He had not yet finished his words when the door was opened again. Meng Ting came out the door with a white-hooded sweatshirt, slightly curly short hair, along with his footsteps gently swaying. At that time, there was a kind of soft and gentle feeling that was beyond words, bewitching the person in front of him to step forward and lightly touch him to hold him close.

All the more did it make him fix his stare until he was rendered speechless. That was still the same face from last night under the dim light. Meng Qi already perceived his face was really good-looking. Now in the daylight, he seemed to be two times more beautiful, his cheeks were ruddy, and his lips were plump enough to satisfy one’s fill. Not only was his eyes were good-looking, even his lips were also good-looking.

At first, Meng Qi was only bored so he wanted to come and tease Meng Ting; however, he now really felt he was bewitched.

Almost without hesitations, he drew near and evoked an unrestrained smile of a bewildered person, while on the other hand, he took advantage of Meng Ting’s body. He lowered his head. His lips had not yet touched his beautiful Seventh Brother’s lips when his tummy was severely punched. In a flash, it was extremely painful. This even made him scream but not to call out. Suddenly he also dropped those charming thoughts due to the deadly pain.



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    HAAHAHAHAH serves you right, pervert! Ohh damishh don´t tell me this pair will bully our Mcs…
    “no-one-knows-which-corner-he-came-out-from” I love this kind of expressions…they are really funny…


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    😨What kind of incestuous bullshit is this bitch trying to do.😒 Punch and kick the shit out of him until he learn some moral concepts.

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