TUMBT: Chapter 46

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25

Mu Xueshi put up an extreme struggle in his heart. On one hand, he was confronted by the servant’s fierce visage, while on the other hand, it was the Third Prince’s grave and stern visage that confronted him. Furthermore, each and every brutal act the torturers did made him flinch and feel sorry for the prisoner. He wanted to keep his eyes closed but doing so did not prevent him from feeling sympathetic to the prisoner’s suffering.

The torturer used every inch of the stick, making the condemned criminal feel the full extent of pain the stick could inflict before moving on to the next hit. It was not even ten strikes yet but Mu Xueshi felt like it had been going on for a longer time.

Finally, Mu Xueshi slowly knelt down before the Third Prince’s questioning eyes. With a look of desperation, he said toward the Third Prince: “It was this worthless commoner who turned over the shelves and made the Third Prince’s room become like this. Third Prince, please end the punishment outside. I would like to take the place of that servant, who took the blame for me.”

After he was done talking, Mu Xueshi cried out ‘huhu.’ While wiping his tears, he said: “This worthless commoner knows he’s guilty… This worthless commoner will no longer dare to do it again… Huhu…”

The Third Prince raised his hand, temporarily ending the punishment outside. With a look of doubt, he asked Mu Xueshi: “Do you have a good relationship with that servant?”

Mu Xueshi inhaled sharply and honestly answered: “I only met him today.”

“Then why do you want to be punished in his stead?”

Mu Xueshi suddenly looked up, he whimpered then loudly said: “How could I make him take the blame? He didn’t do anything… I clearly made him get hit for more than ten times…”

Without a doubt, Mu Xueshi’s indignation originated from his own self — he and his own morality. He felt that he was particularly despicable. In order to avoid the beating, he pushed the blame on others. If this had happened in the modern era, this would definitely be considered as a frame-up which was punishable by imprisonment.

Apparently, the Third Prince had no longer investigated Mu Xueshi, who had caused this little disaster, rather, his train of thought shifted to Mu Xueshi’s identity issue.

Could it be that there was really someone else?

It was impossible to easily change one’s countenance. That could only be done by someone who was possessed; however, if it really was like that, there was still a part that did not make any sense. If he was possessed, why did he let himself be found out? Was it because he was questioned by the Third Prince?

While the Third Prince was still thinking, Mu Xueshi suddenly hugged his thigh. On top of that, he was weeping and wailing: “Third Prince, please forgive this worthless commoner. Our relationship is so good. The Third Prince is the person that I like the most… And I know that I should correct my mistakes, and also consider my service to make up for the… When I saw that stick, I got scared. I was afraid that something bad will happen. You cannot convict me for this crime… I was not in the right mind, so I cannot be held liable…”

Mu Xueshi garrulously muttered. All of a sudden, his eyes brightened up. His mood immediately changed. In a split second, he became wild with joy. He suddenly tugged the Third Prince’s arm and shook it: “I remember, you said you cannot punish a convict during the eight-day festival, oh oh!! Anyway, you cannot go back to your own words. The Prince should be a good role model…” After he finished talking, Mu Xueshi made countless numbers of funny faces as he faced the Third Prince. He was excited to see the Third Prince’s expression change.

In the end, the Third Prince had no choice but to request for a spiritual teacher to come over. A spiritual teacher was an indispensable post in the imperial palace. They were usually responsible for offering sacrifices, performing magics, and so on. In the imperial palace, if there was a supernatural event, most of the spiritual teachers were willing to obey the master’s will to punish someone; however, in reality, this situation was rare, because once it was discovered, the spiritual teacher and the instigator, regardless of the level of the position, would all be sentenced to death.

“Third Highness can rest assured that this young master’s body is strong. No ghost entered my body. I’ve expelled a billion spirits before.”

Mu Xueshi also heaved a big sigh of relief immediately afterwards, and right now, he only wished to be safe and sound. If the Third Prince would sense again that his identity was peculiar. He was certain that he would not be punished by a simple flogging.

Scenes where tendons were pulled and skin was stripped suddenly came to Mu Xueshi’s mind. He could not help shivering at these thoughts.

“As for the Third Prince’s description, this Young Master’s temperament had greatly changed. Before, he was indifferent. Currently, his way of thinking and personality has changed a lot. It seems to me that he lost his memory after suffering from a serious illness. He is now reacting to things differently as compared to before. Did the Third Prince forget? Your mother, Concubine Mu had previously suffered from this disease. After recuperating for a few days, she had regained her memory.”

After Concubine Mu was mentioned, the Third Prince’s eyes immediately flashed a chill. He looked at his side and looked at Mu Xueshi’s leisurely face who was lost in his thoughts.



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