HIHEZL : Chapter 20 – The Strongest’s Team Big Crisis [I]

Author: Angelina

Translator: Renkun27chiangyushien

Proofreader: KainGuru

“There’s something I’ve always thought was quite strange. How come I’ve never met your roommate? It’s been three months since school started, and I’ve never seen him before!” This was indeed a question worth pondering over.

“He thinks the dorm’s internet speed’s too slow so he seldom comes back.”

Ke Bu looked around Zhi Li’s dormitory room. The bunk opposite Zhi Li’s bed looked like no one had ever stayed in it. All of that person’s belongings were placed under the bed and some were even valuables. Since he had never seen this figure in his own class, this person should be from the next door class. “You’re the type who’d never lock the door!! Aren’t you afraid that his computer accessories would be stolen? Although the students are educated, there are a few people who knows how to steal things.”

Zhi Li raised his chin. “He’s got a surveillance camera in our dorm room.”

Ke Bu lifted his head up and saw the surveillance camera on the wall. The whole range of the bedroom could be clearly filmed. Ten seconds passed by, twenty seconds passed by, and a minute passed by, then Ke Bu finally muttered, “You already knew.” Zhi Li noncommittally shrugged, then Ke Bu continued to ask, “You mean that thing we did in the dorm the other day was…?” Ke Bu asked very cautiously. He was in control, and Zhi Li answered as a matter of course, “Well, it was filmed.”

“Zhi Li, if I’ll die one day, it’s absolutely forced by you!!” Ke Bu could no longer take it so he hysterically roared. The effect after having sex was triggering a series of shame. Moreover, Zhi Li, this beast, even if he knew that it was going to be filmed, he did not react. In the end, what could make him react!!

“This scene was taken by a complete stranger. If he’d spread it or cut it into a H-film, what would you do?? You just don’t know the severity of this matter. He isn’t always checking on it, right? Now, we could only pray that he hasn’t seen it yet. Also, which pervert would monitor the security of a bedroom? Don’t you think it’s creepy? You’re doing everything and there’s another pair of eyes that could see what you’re doing.”

“I’m just and honorable.”

“The terms that you used are in the wrong place!! It’s perfectly natural, and I don’t care about that.” Ke Bu staying in this dormitory room made him feel horrible. He left the dormitory, prepared to find Su Youyan to complain, and in passing, find out who that mysterious man was in the dormitory. Ke Bu had just left, and Zhi Li hooked the surveillance camera with his finger. If it were not for Ke Bu raising this, he almost overlooked this matter.

Soon, an unkempt person holding a notebook came to the dormitory. When he entered the room, he opened the laptop and tapped on the keyboard. This person was Zhang Luo, Zhi Li’s roommate! Zhi Li kicked the stool that Zhang Luo sat on. “Have you seen it?”

Zhang Luo raised his heavy and thick eyeglasses, and calmly said. “I haven’t.” Zhi Li stared at Zhang Luo. Zhang Luo’s tap on the keyboard slowed down, and after a long time, he raised his eyeglasses once again. “Yes, I’ve seen it.”

“Do you know what you should do?”

“Don’t you trust my mouth and eyes? I already deleted the video, and broke it into pieces, you can rest assured.”

Zhi Li still stared at Zhang Luo. Zhang Luo gulped hard, then changed his words, “I’m ready to delete the video, and ready to break it into pieces.”

Zhi Li stood up to go to class, walked to the door and left a sentence, “Give me a copy.”

“Got it.”

“It should be high-definition.”

“Got it.”

Just after gym class, Ke Bu washed his face with cold water and walked back to the classroom. A short boy and tall boy were standing outside the classroom door. When they saw Ke Bu, they walked straight up, chewing on some gum, and trying to act cool.

“He seems to be looking for us,” Gong Zhu anxiously said.

“Look at the way he walks. Notice how he looks like a bully in the movies,” Ke Bu shrugged and did not take it seriously.

The short boy was almost looking at people with his chin. He raised his head up high. “Are you the strongest team in the first year?” Hundreds of years ago, they coined that term during the military training. What strongest team? It has long been as transient as a fleeting cloud [1]. The short boy continued, “You don’t know the rules of this school? Freshies honestly nest in their classrooms. You’re just a freshman. Your fame reached our sophomore’s ears. Where do we put the sophomore seniors? A tall tree catches the wind [2] — don’t you understand this principle? Who’s your leader?”

([1]「过眼云烟」guòyǎn-yúnyān – an idiom which meant “impermanent.”)

([2]「树大招风」shùdà-zhāofēng – an idiom which meant “a famous or rich person attracts criticism.”)

Upon hearing these dialogues, all three did not want to continue. Chu Haoyu pointed to Ke Bu. “It’s him, it’s him. Seniors, you can drag and ruthlessly whip as you torture him.”

“You sold me out too fast!!!”

“Don’t grin cheekily. Do you think we’re kidding? We’re only responsible for passing the message. Your behavior makes the Taekwondo Club’s four elder brothers and sister feel very unsightly. We’ll forgive you new recruits if you’ll join the Taekwondo Club. I advise you to be obedient. Who doesn’t know the four elder brothers and the reputation of the elder sister in this school? If you don’t want to be beaten, call Zhi Li and have him kneel to see our seniors.”

They actually knew Zhi Li. It seemed that they had really doubled their investigation. Chu Haoyu continued pointing to Ke Bu. “It’s him. He’s Zhi Li. Quickly, take him away.”

“Yu Tai, how much do you hate me?!”

“Don’t fight with each other. Now’s the time for everybody to unite.” The two were stopped by Gong Zhu.

“Then we’ll pass on the word here. How to treat it is your business. If later on you don’t behave, remember that living in this school isn’t as easy as you think.” After the tall boy finished talking, he and the short boy left together.

“What kind of school am I in?” Ke Bu complained.

“The law of the jungle social form.” Chu Haoyu followed into the classroom. He rarely looked a bit serious.

“You shouldn’t take it seriously.”

“Did they just say ‘the four elder brothers and sister?’ Does that mean we’re not pleasing to the eyes of an elder sister? I don’t know whether her chest is big or not, but whether she sees me as pleasing to her eyes or not, does that matter to me? Isn’t it that what women say with their mouth is usually different from their actions?”

“You’re thinking too much!!”

The short boy and the tall boy unhurriedly got out of this predicament. “There seems to be no one named Zhi Li in that group.”

“To no avail, the seniors even gave him much attention.”

“Looking for me?” The handsome boy, in the face, looked up.

“You, you’re Zhi Li? You’re just in time. A moment ago, those people and I talked things out. You better keep a low profile in school. This has been a warning, otherwise, we can’t guarantee what will happen.”

“Bad things?” A natural ignorant expression.

“Of course. Do you understand human language?” The tall boy beside him interposed a remark. Zhi Li swept a glance at him and, somehow, the tall boy suddenly shut up.

The short boy took a step up the stairway to level his eyesight with Zhi Li. “The seniors said that if you’re willing to kneel before the Taekwondo Club, there won’t be any trouble.”

“I don’t want to.”

“You must think about it!! Do you know the consequences of disobeying the seniors? You’re a freshman. It seems that you don’t know how much you’d be punished.”

Zhi Li drew near, almost closing in to the short boy. He pushed him back to the railings with nowhere to go to, and gently extended his right hand on the short boy’s neck. “Then I really wanna experience it…” The short boy felt he was dazzled. The good-looking Zhi Li was standing in front of his face, bringing all kinds of expressions: Cunning? Insidious? Frightening? Exciting? He was unable to find the right term to describe it. It was not so much that this man seemed to not be afraid because someone came looking for trouble. He might as well as say he had been looking forward to it! In the end, what kind of person was Zhi Li? How could this be?!

“And…don’t touch them, otherwise…” Zhi Li suddenly increased the strength of his hand. The short boy felt he was losing his breath, but struggling was futile.

“Do you understand human language?” Zhi Li asked. The short boy held back his red face as he nodded. Zhi Li let go of his hand, and the short boy freed himself and finally got a big mouthful of air. The tall boy was still standing there next to him all along without any response. The short boy pulled the tall boy to run away and leave.



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