TUMBT : Chapter 47

Author: Chai Jidan

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: Zeraphiel25 , KainGuru

The waning moon looked as if it was a hook, the pitch-dark night sky was embellished with a few wisps of light mist, and the swaying, falling gardenia flowers exuded a sweet scent of desolation. The Third Prince sat on the bed, quietly watching that quiet face immersed in sleep.

“Third Prince, our relationship is so good. The Third Prince is the person that I like the most…”

A sentence that was casually said when in a pressing situation had now lingered in the Third Prince’s chest. Just like the delicate fragrance of the night flowers outside, it would be impossible to get rid of for a long time.

Could it be that he really lost his memory? Has he forgotten the humiliation and torment that the Third Prince once gave him and only remembered that he was Mu Xueshi’s savior? If so, then this would be the reasonable explanation for the kind of words that Mu Xueshi had just said, and the reason why, not long ago, he gave the Third Prince that Glistening Honey Locust with sincere eyes.

Should I be flattered? Is that a fluke? For he had not even a word to bestow upon me.

The Third Prince grinned a few times. That was clearly impossible. He was not the kind of person who would be easily moved. At the age of fifteen, the Third Prince led his troops to withstand the raid in the foot of a mountain in the North. When he met with an accident, it was Su Ruhan who had risked his life to break through the tight encirclement and carry the Third Prince on his own back. In that wild, mountainous region, Su Ruhan cut his own arms to quench the Third Prince’s thirst. At that time, the Third Prince only smiled dryly and did not do anything else.

He raised his hand into the air. The Third Prince loathed his own little indulgence. Criminal blood flowed within Mu Xueshi’s body. If he wanted to be forgiven right away, he had to drain all the blood in Mu Xueshi’s body.

Some matters ought to be resolved at this moment.

The Third Prince changed into a white robe before leaving, looking coldly handsome under the moonlight. He also applied, with his own hands, a special silver film to Mu Xueshi’s face. It was similar to a mask but was completely compatible with his face when applied. It did not look strange at all. If he wanted to remove the silver film, he could only do so by using the holy water from Lingzi Lake, infused with Angelica flower pollen that could be found within the Third Prince’s courtyard.

If Mu Xueshi would dare flee from the courtyard, and be seen by outsiders, no one would be able to recognize him for the Third Prince had changed his face once again, and this face that was specially bestowed upon him by the Third Prince would last for a whole month.

In the last few days after the Third Prince paid a visit, Concubine Mu’s condition worsened day by day. The Third Prince specially assigned someone to bring the cold medicine to Concubine Mu. Councubine Mu had it brewed every day at the same exact time as she was told. Because she felt that there was a pair of eyes staring at her in the dark all the time, even if it was extremely poisonous, she forced herself to drink it.

Suddenly, the oil lamp in Concubine Mu’s room was blown out. The room became pitch black. Concubine Mu glanced around, trying to see something within the room. In Concubine Mu’s eyes, the shape of that black shadow had become just like a ferocious monster, staring at her all the time.

Even the talisman underneath her pillow did not have any effect at all. Every day, full of regret, that face that she had poisoned a few decades ago would appear in her dreams at least once a day. Concubine Mu suddenly quivered. She seemed to be in a trance now. She saw a figure.

Was it an illusion again? Concubine Mu muttered to herself. Suddenly, Concubine Mu felt the presence of a face in front of her. It was extremely pale. On top of that, there were two protruding eyes that looked directly into Concubine Mu’s eyes, emitting an empty gaze. Concubine Mu wanted to open her mouth, but she still could not make a sound. She spat a mouthful of blood, then fainted.

The Third Prince snuffed the life out of the maidservant with his own hands as he cast her aside, then he tapped Concubine Mu’s shoulders a few times, and forced her to come to her senses.

Concubine Mu felt fear in her heart. She tried to open her eyes a little bit. The dead person’s face from a moment ago had disappeared; however, another face took its place. The man’s face, though familiar, was much scarier than that dead maid servant.

Concubine Mu jumped down from the bed and threw herself at the Third Prince’s feet. With a hoarse voice, she loudly cried: “Look at me crying out to you for so many years, esteemed Prince, please grant me death! It’s true… it has been so many years… I’ve had enough!”

“Whether it’s enough or not, it’s not you, mother, that has the final say.”

The Third Prince’s eyes were incomparably penetrating in the dark of the night. Concubine Mu could not see clearly what his expression was, but she could feel chill in the air from head to foot.

“But I really don’t want you to live until tomorrow morning.”

Hearing this sentence, Concubine Mu’s wan and sallow face at long last had a trace of expression. She had never thought that she would be so hungry for death one day. She was once ambitious and proud, a stubborn temper, who would never beg for death. If one would expect her to speak soft words, she would immediately tuck her sleeve and leave. Now that she was living in the ridicule and control of others, she would be better off looking for her own death.



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