BHMS : Chapter 7.2 – I’d like to say that I fought for you, Yan Sui.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: chiangyushien , windam2611 , Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

After Meng Ting punched him, he looked at Meng Qi with that kind of indifferent and innocent look in his eyes. He managed to ignore him, then he found his way down the stairs.

There he found out from Uncle Wen that Meng Qi actually did not lie to him. In passing, he acknowledged why they were looking for him. It turned out that the Mengs would be back in the evening, which also includes people from his biological father’s side of the family.

He was walking in the Mengs’ flower garden, when suddenly, the phone in his pocket vibrated. His whole person also seemed to have come to a stop. It took a long time before he could take the phone out because he was a little nervous. He did not know whether Yan Sui was able to understand the meaning of his text message or not.

“I know.”

Only four very simple words [1], but it made Meng Ting’s eyes squint up to a smile.

([1] Refers to “I know.” There are actually four characters for this sentence — 我知道了)

He edited the text message, and only he himself would feel how profound it was so that it was difficult to understand.

“Yan Sui, you’re so good to me, later on, I’ll be good to you, too.”

Meng Ting thought this was just a mild and roundabout way to express his gratitude, but he did not know that he was getting into someone’s eyes, and that he was already entangled in a very touching love story, even if Meng Ting’s intention of implementing it was for the sake of returning the favor for the satisfying meal.

Just when Meng Ting was pleased with his rare progress, his phone started vibrating once more, it was actually Yan Sui again.

“Yan Sui!”

Meng Ting’s voice was full of surprise, and he was really happy that Yan Sui gave him a call, which was more realistic than texting.

“Hmm,” Yan Sui responded with a low tone of voice, and then put the sound right again, “Later on, if you have something you wanted to tell me, just give me a call.”

Meng Ting was in a daze for a little while before he could think through and understand the meaning of Yan Sui’s words. He paused, and then he repeated his words in the last text message he sent to Yan Sui, “Yan Sui, you’re so good to me, later on, I’ll be good to you, too.”

Yan Sui’s purpose for this call, from the current point of view, was clear enough. His purpose was to listen to Meng Ting saying these words with his own ears. After hearing it with his own ears, he thought it might be better talking in person, but that would come a little later.

Thinking of this, Yan Sui’s ears suddenly became very red, but the thought of Meng Ting to him yesterday with a tactful confession, he did not think he wanted to wait too long.

“I never tell lies,” Meng Ting did not forget to add a few more words, “And … I’m a bit slow-witted, it may take a long time before I can understand what I want to say, will you dislike it?”

“No,” Yan Sui immediately said. He thought that if Meng Ting was in front of him, he probably could not help but ruffle his hair. He said again, “I won’t.”

He did not dislike it. He would even like it.

Meng Ting asked himself and pondered for a while, to make sure what could be said and what could not, then he lowered his voice, “Yan Sui, as long as you like me, I’ll like you, too.”

Yan Sui coughed as a response but it was Meng Ting’s two “likes” that shocked him. However, he could not deny that he did not like Meng Ting at first. Yet, he found that he started to like him more and more. Meng Ting looked up to see a black-faced Meng Qi approaching him. He held the phone tighter and said, “Meng Qi’s coming to me, looking for a fight. Once I win, I’ll call you back.”

Yan Sui paused, “Don’t disconnect the phone, keep it connected.”

“Okay”, Meng Ting had decided to listen to Yan Sui since last night. Naturally, he would listen to him this time, too.

He put the phone in his pocket, stood still, and continued looking at Meng Qi as he approached.

Meng Ting gave him that punch earlier. Even though he was still in pain, after recovering a little, he naturally came to give a little lesson to his beautiful brother.

“Little Seventh, do you know what will happen if the Old Master finds out that you laid your hand on your elder brother?”

Meng Qi said this with a cold look on his face as he approached Meng Ting in three steps before stopping.

That punch was intended to warn him a little and to let him know that Meng Ting would not react well to bullying. This white rabbit with cat’s claw was very interesting and not dull at all. Yet, yesterday he did not notice this at all.

“It’s you who wanted to kiss me first, so I hit you!!”

Meng Ting continued to straightforwardly explain what happened. Not only for Meng Qi who was in front of him but also for Yan Sui who was on the phone. Meng Qi’s abdomen was still hurting, but he could not help but laugh. On the other side, Yan Sui was holding his phone in death grip.

“Ha ha ha, Little Seventh you’re so cute that I want to kiss you. Complaining to the Old Master’s useless.”

Meng Qi took a step closer and lowered his voice, “Not to mention… You’re an illegitimate child who was only recognized two days ago, do you think the Old Master will listen to you or me?”



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  1. onefallenleaf

    I wonder why he was so keen on that, eventhough they accept boyxboy relationship he’s still your little brother by blood, hey 😅

    Thanks for the chapter


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