Jubo : Text 003. Developers

Author: Yin Ya

Translator: KrisLo89 , Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

The Zhangs’ steamed stuffed bun shop was located in the bustling section of the market. It was a good location. The steamed stuffed buns had thin skin and ample filling. Early in the morning, the fragrance of the steamed stuffed buns would drift out from the shop, attracting a large number of customers, so the business has been quite good.

When Wang Cheng came over, the steamed stuffed buns shop had already been through its busiest time period, but there were still a few customers lining up in front of the shop, next to a few steamer baskets. The steamed stuffed buns inside of these were basically sold out and Little Sister Wang Ziyu was in the middle of packing steamed stuffed buns for the customers. The fist-sized steamed stuffed buns emitted hot steam, but it still could not prevent his Little Sister from smiling sweetly.

“Second Brother?”

Wang Ziyu received the last customer’s money. Just when she was about to turn around, she noticed the figure of a person, standing in the distance, that looked like Wang Cheng. Her beautiful face immediately revealed a pleasantly surprised smile. If she did not have anything to do, she would have immediately come running out.

“Dad said you work here in Uncle Zhang’s place. I came to see you.” Wang Cheng walked into the steamed stuffed bun shop. Aunt Zhang walked out from inside once she heard someone was walking in. At first, she was surprised, but soon enough, she composed herself and hurriedly warmly welcomed him in.

“Auntie Zhang, don’t trouble yourself. I just came to visit. I’ll go back after a while.” Wang Cheng almost could not stand the other side’s enthusiasm, although the reason for the other side’s act was probably because of the death of the old monk. He was still very grateful to Uncle Zhang for giving his younger sister this job. His Little Sister did not have to go to find a job elsewhere, and it was also quite convenient for her to return home.

“Little Yu, give your Second Brother two steamed stuffed buns to go,” Aunt Zhang said to Wang Ziyu before turning to Wang Cheng. Her facial features were squeezed together from smiling. “It’s rare seeing you come over. Come taste our homemade steamed stuffed buns. You don’t have to be polite with Auntie Zhang.”

“It would be ungracious not to accept your kindness.” But Wang Cheng was forced to accept it.

He had eaten their family’s steamed stuffed buns many times before, and it was really very delicious. If he would be a little slow, the steamed stuffed buns in the food steamer would be sold out soon. Every time he would go back, he gets scolded by the old monk, because the old monk was quite fond of eating their family’s steamed stuffed buns. He would eat it three to four times a week.

“Auntie Zhang, your family’s steamed stuffed buns are really tasty. It’s got more stuffing inside as compared to other families’. Have you ever thought of opening another shop?” Wang Cheng burned his mouth so that he quivered, but he still did not forget to praise them. Auntie Zhang, who used to have a smile on her face when she heard these words, did not have it this time; instead, she just sighed.

“Even if I think about it, there’s no chance for it later.”

“What’s going on?” Wang Cheng was surprised so he asked. This was not the first time he mentioned this. In the past, Aunt Zhang would always say that she would discuss it with Uncle Zhang. Opening up a new shop would require them to prepare a lot of formalities. They would also have to recruit one or two employees and so on. Although they would say it was too troublesome, they still looked very happy, after all, no one would complain of having so much money. Now, this pair of troubled looks would mean that there was clearly a problem.

“Your parents haven’t told you yet?”

Aunt Zhang heard that he was not aware of that matter. Her thoughts fleeted, then she suddenly thought of one thing — the old monk in that temple just passed away and Wang Cheng was his only apprentice. He must have inherited that temple. If this happened, then Wang Cheng could not be… The more that she thought about it, the more that she wondered about it. Aunt Zhang suddenly stood up and fixed her eyes at Wang Cheng.

Wang Cheng frowned, “What should my parents tell me?”

Aunt Zhang again sat down, then she tentatively said: “Little Cheng, after your master passed away, didn’t he set aside his temple for you?”

“Aunty Zhang, about what you said, I was master’s only apprentice. His dilapidated temple could only be set aside for me.” Wang Cheng knew that something definitely had happened, otherwise, Aunt Zhang would not mention his master and the temple for no reason. Not a word or movement was on his face.

Aunt Zhang voiced out an ‘aiyou’ then smiled, “The temple has been run down before. It’s different now. Wang Cheng, you might not know it but, your family may get rich because of this.”

“Auntie Zhang, if you have anything to say, just say it.”

In Aunt Zhang’s explanation, Wang Cheng finally realized that while he was dealing with the old monk’s funeral rites on top of the mountain, this major event happened during that period of time. The developers originally took fancy of Shiquan County and wanted to build a large tourist resort here. Several villages have received the news, and Wangs’ Village was also included.

Mount Feng Xia’s topography was slightly low, but the forest was dense. The natural species were also rich. It had a very primitive ecology. Because it was surrounded by several villages, therefore, in the developer’s plan, Mount Feng Xia was an essential project in the construction of the scenic spots. Aunt Zhang just made a wild guess, this matter had not actually spread out yet.

Wang Cheng immediately thought of the box that he had locked in the corner of the storage room, and if it was true, this was not generally bad, and his first thought was not to get rich, but to rebuild the temple.

Although the temple was run down, that place has been guarded by the old monk for decades. It has been full of memories of the old monk and him. If Mount Feng Xia was sold to the developers, they would certainly take down the temple. Before leaving, Aunt Zhang calmed down Wang Cheng’s heart by telling him that the developers may not want that dilapidated temple. Even if the developers were requested it, it was still impossible for him to sell the temple.




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