BHMS : Chapter 7.3 – I’d like to say that I fought for you, Yan Sui.

Author: Jianjia Nizi

Translator: windam2611, Renkun27

Proofreader: lonelycauliflower

Meng Ting shook his head, “I’m not him, how would I know.”

Anyway, he did not ponder about this for too long. For his own good, he would not force his opinion nor try to figure out people’s minds. His experiences showed that this was completely useless.

Meng Qi still felt the punch on his side. It was a wonder that yesterday, he felt that this beautiful younger brother was boring.

“Smile at me and say something nice, then I’ll let go of the fact that you hit me.”

To know that before he was here, no one was daring to do what Meng Ting did. In the entire Haicheng circle, only a few dared to go against him and were not afraid of paying the price.

Su Siyu was a beauty, yet his little brother was more beautiful.

Meng Ting continued to stare at him, and before long, he said, “Nice.”

Meng Ting looked deadpan and serious. Meng Qi was stunned for a while and then laughed again, “Ha ha ha.”

He laughed and took a step closer, intending to pat Meng Ting’s hair, but unfortunately, extreme joy begets sorrow. Before his hand could even touch Meng Ting’s hair, Meng Ting had already raised his hand to grab his wrist, angled his elbow and, jabbed him directly on the solar plexus, the same place where he was punched before.

Meng Qi, who was in pain, squatted on the ground. Meng Ting retreated three steps and looked at his eyes saying, “You didn’t keep your words.”

He said “nice.” Meng Qi did not only make fun of it, but also wanted to raise his hands against him. Naturally, he would fight back.

Meng Qi took a long time to look up. He could not see Meng Ting’s back anymore, “He slipped away pretty fast. This matter’s not over.”

Having said that, he really did not intend to find and tell the Old Master about this. He wondered, this beautiful little brother was special, he could not use the usual way to make him surrender. If he really used the Old Master to tease him, it was expected that he would suffer another punch.

Meng Ting did not want to stroll in the garden anymore. He returned directly to his room, locked his door, and took his phone out of his pocket.

“Yan Sui, are you still there?”

“Yes,” Yan Sui said for the first time while holding the phone for so long. His whole body exuded a killing intent that made people want to run as if the Devil was on their heels. His secretary, who was waiting for quite a long time, did not dare to breathe let alone reporting anything.

“He’s too weak, and I’ll win again.” Meng Ting was pleased to report the good news to Yan Sui. So far, when he encountered people, it took him five strokes to suppress them. Yan Sui was the only exception.

In front of Meng Qi, he endured it. He did not tell Meng Qi “You’re too weak” but there was no problem telling Yan Sui this.

“He just wants to kiss you again?” Yan Sui asked. His body’s evil aura increased by two levels.

“He reached out. I didn’t want to touch him, so I punched him,” Meng Ting felt vaguely concerned, “It’s not good, is it?”

Meng Ting’s fighting history started when he was in the orphanage. He had a dull appearance. Those tall boys not only wanted to bully him, but also wanted to grab his food. To keep his share, Meng Ting often must raise his hands against them. However, because he was not articulate enough, he could not explain the reason why he raised his hands against other people.

In the end, everything would be his fault. The yard supervisor said that the punishment for his fault was for him to stay in the black room. Yet, all he wanted was not to be robbed of food.

At first, he tried to explain why he fought. Later on, he did not care to explain why he fought. No matter what, he was always punished, and no one was defending him.

Later, he was brought back to his grandmother’s house, where the town was very chaotic and some of the teenagers loved bullying him. The fights became a habit as he did not intend to be bullied. It was the same story when he was in bording school.

He systematically studied Sanda [1] afterwards. This only taught him where to hit people that would cause the most pain. His fighting skills were mainly based on his own experience accumulated over a long time.

 ([1] Freestyle grappling or mixed martial arts)


Meng Ting’s apology was interrupted by Yan Sui, who lowered his voice, “Don’t be sorry, Meng Ting, you’re in the right.”

When he heard Yan Sui called his name, Meng Ting’s ears suddenly felt itchy, but that feeling was overshadowed by the joy he felt when hearing Yan Sui’s words.

“Thank you. You’re the first one who said that when I fought.” This kind of joy made Meng Ting wanted to roll around on the bed, but in the end, thinking that he was an adult, he held back. “Yan Sui, you’re nice. I like you. I really like you. “

I’d like to say that I fought for you, Yan Sui.



11 thoughts on “BHMS : Chapter 7.3 – I’d like to say that I fought for you, Yan Sui.

    1. ree

      I don’t think Meng Ting is slow-witted or inarticulate, people just don’t bother to understand him and help him. After all, he even passed a good university and entered the science field. Ah, I’m glad he met someone like Yan Sui. In this world, please live happily, you two ToT

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  1. I think rather than say Meng Ting is stupid or inarticulate in speech, it is more of the adults not listening to him much as he grew up. Later, entering Meng Family, that become even more severe as he is molded ‘listen’ to them. Either being worker under their establishment or married for business or the strict school for illegitimate children of the prestigious figures. Yan Sui is the first to listen to him, in retrospect Ting’er words keep piling up towards him too and we can see that Ting’er is actually quite perceptive about his surrounding and people personality.


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