HIHEZL : Chapter 22 – The Strongest Team’s Big Crisis [III]

(Title – 强小组大危机 [下]– Zuì qiáng xiǎozǔ dà wéijī [xià] – The Strongest Team’s Big Crisis [III])

 Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Su Youyan:

 Su Youyan was in the restroom, looking at herself through a clear mirror, with her fingertips touching her face that was covered with strands of hair. After a moment, she put on her glasses. A tall girl came into the restroom. She turned on the water faucet next to Su Youyan and washed her hands. After she had finished washing her hands, she shook the water off of her hands, and the water droplets splashed on Su Youyan’s face. Su Youyan, with an expressionless face, wanted to leave, but she was caught by the wrist: “Oh, you met an acquaintance, and yet, you don’t know how to make a sound. Do you have no mouth or what?”

Su Youyan still did not speak. The girl dragged Su Youyan against the wall: “Indeed, a dog can’t stop himself from eating shit [1]. Don’t you get along with Zhi Li pretty well? What happened now? I’d like to see what kind of man can make you open that golden mouth [2], Su Youyan.” The girl was the manager of the Taekwondo Club, Qiu Shui. Su Youyan just stared at Qiu Shui, with no fear whatsoever.

([1]「狗改不了吃屎」gǒugǎibùliǎochīshǐ – fig. bad habits are hard to change)

([2]「金口」jīnkǒu – taciturn or unwilling to talk)

“Why are you looking at me like that? It’s great to think that your dad is the headmaster, and you don’t want to think about what other people think of you. They say you’re a waste of your life, slut. You only rely on your dad’s connections to enter a good school. You make a lot of people jealous, because you don’t get bullied. All along, you never make a sound. Your old man probably doesn’t know how much his beloved daughter has suffered since childhood.”

Su Youyan pushed away Qiu Shui’s hands aiming to go outside, but Qiu Shui grabbed her hair and pulled her back: “This big miss is really rude. I haven’t finished talking.”

“Your beautiful long hair has never been tied up, be it winter or summer, just like a female ghost. It’s too bad, this beautiful face, let me see what’s under this hair?” Qiu Shui wanted to touch Su Youyan’s hair, but Su Youyan avoided her. She wrinkled her thin eyebrows tight. Qiu Shui lifted her leg and kneed Su Youyan in the stomach, and took the opportunity to part Su Youyan’s hair. On her snow-white face, between her left eye and her forehead, there was a pale-brown scar that was around 4-centimeter long. It was especially conspicuous. Su Youyan closed her eyes.

“Oh, I really want to let people know about this. It turns out the headmaster’s daughter is an ugly girl. No wonder she always hangs down her hair. She actually wanted to cover this thing up. Disgusting, what women cares about the most is the face. Zhi Li hasn’t seen this, right? If I’ll let him see this ugly you, you’d be afraid he’ll be scared because of it, right?” Qiu Shui took out her cellphone aiming to take a picture of Su Youyan’s face.

Su Youyan coldly stared at Qiu Shui: “Are you done?”

“You’re really no fun, pressing till the end to make me get lost.”

Su Youyan, from the beginning to the end, had no expression, then she calmly left the restroom.

Ke Bu :

It was very strange that Ke Bu was the only one in the canteen. He looked at the students inside and confirmed that the others did not come. The entire group had something to do today?? Usually, he resented that group of animals for being too noisy, but when there would not be any animals around, Ke Bu would feel a bit awkward. The oncoming man bumped into Ke Bu’s shoulder, and when Ke Bu looked back, the man was already gone. He shrugged and went to buy a nice meal, then he looked for a place to sit down.

Not far away, a girl issued out an upset yell: “My money’s gone!”

Her boyfriend comforted her from the side: “You didn’t bring it out?”

“It can’t be ah, it was still there when I was eating. Was it stolen here? This is outrageous, there’s people stealing money in school.”

“Look for it again carefully.”

“I have looked for it a few times, and it’s not there.”

“I just saw this guy take your money,” a boy wearing a hat pointed at Ke Bu.

Ke Bu was unable to make head or tail of it. He calmly looked at the boy wearing a hat who was referring to himself and then reacted: “With which eye did you see me take it?”

There were a lot of students in the canteen. Everyone started gathering up to see the hustle and bustle.

“Why don’t want to admit it? I saw it was you.”

“I didn’t do it, what do you want me to admit?” Ke Bu gently said.

The couple began to look at Ke Bu with suspicion, and another man spoke in the crowd: “I also saw it. It was that kid who took it. He’s in the same class with us. He was always doing filthy things. We also have a few things missing in our classroom.” Ke Bu could not see the person, he only heard his voice. In a split second, Ke Bu felt the eyes of people around him were getting stranger and stranger.

“Do a body search on him! How can we focus on our studies if there’s a thief in school, and if you’re innocent, let’s us search you,” The man with the hat yelled, encouraging the students and the people around them to become agitated.

“Why should I let you search?”

A few students with a sense of justice took the initiative to seize Ke Bu. Ke Bu struggled, but he was being ganged up on. The man with the hat searched Ke Bu’s pockets. Several hundreds of yuan and a hairpin fell out. The girl exclaimed: “That’s my hairpin and my money. It’s really you.”

The man with the hat could be described as indignant. He whispered to Ke Bu’s ears: “This is exactly the reason why your parents got divorced. They have a son with such unclean hands. Even your parents didn’t want rotten things still living in this world, what to do?”

“What the fuck did you say?” Ke Bu wanted to struggle to free his hand, so that he could hit the man with the hat, but his arm was caught: “You’ve already been exposed stealing something and still want to hit people. Allow me to be frank, send him to the Director of Teaching Affairs’ Office!”

As they swarmed, Ke Bu unavoidably suffered some fists in the chaos. In the end, he was taken to the Director of Teaching Affairs’ Office. The teaching director looked gravely at Ke Bu: “Can you explain this to me?”

“I can’t, I didn’t do anything”

“So many people saw the money fell out from your pants, and you still won’t admit it? Is it possible that so many people altogether treated you unjustly?”

“I didn’t say that, just one or two of them, they schemed against me.”

“Who would do that? Tell me their names.”

“I don’t know.”

“You’re in trouble with someone else? Although the school is lax in some respects, still, it definitely will not tolerate criminal offense such as theft. You’re wasting everyone’s time by making excuses. Since you’re a first-time offender, you’ll only get a serious demerit record if you’ll admit it.”

“You want me to bear with the accusations of being a petty thief in my whole life? That’s impossible.”

“Then I’ll have to call your parents to come.” The teaching director opened up the student record book and started looking for Ke Bu’s information. Ke Bu suddenly looked pale. He bit his lip. Call his parents to come? He did not want to. He was not ready. Since they were already divorced, if the teaching director would call them, they would only criticize each other for not doing their responsibility as a good parent. He had enough of it. His mother and father had quarreled in front of him over and over again in the past. They argued when they were married, and they still argued after they divorced. Ke Bu, who was in the middle of the argument, could not hide himself. His body was torn. In his heart, Ke Bu really understood. If his parents knew about this matter, they would only quarrel more severely. He did not want to become a burden — his father’s burden nor his mother’s burden.

“Wait a minute,” Ke Bu called the teaching director. With difficulty, he spoke out: “I stole the money.”

This was the first time the team gathered at the school pavilion. Ke Bu looked at the group of people before him. His chest was stuffy. With her dirty hair, Zhou Xinhe was helping Chu Haoyu and Ying Xiujie treat their wounds. There were red and swollen little lumps all over Chu Haoyu’s hands and body. Ying Xiujie’s hands were still slightly trembling. Gong Zhu was not properly dressed. Although he could not see what kind of injury Su Youyan suffered from, Ke Bu realized that she was paler than usual, and did not say a thing.

“Apart from Yu Tai suffering from his own actions, they’re too much to do that,” Ke Bu pinched his hand.

“Where’s Zhi Li? He’s not taken and arrested, right?”

When this question came out, he repeatedly shook his head: “The possibility’s too small.”

“It seems that some schoolmates saw him being called by the headmaster.”

“I’m going to see the teacher. I don’t believe there’s no one in this school that has no concern about this matter.” After finishing his sentence, at lightning speed, Ke Bu quickly ran toward the teacher’s office.

He was out of breath when he found their homeroom teacher. He told the homeroom teacher about what happened. The homeroom teacher twisted the cup lid open and sipped her tea, with a gentle tone, she asked: “Then?”

Ke Bu was dumbfounded, he did not expect for this kind of response in exchange: “What do you mean by ‘then?'”

“Ke Bu, what do you want me to do? Later on, when you go out to the society, you’ll be a bit weak when you’re being treated rudely and unreasonably by other people, when you’re being framed, when people look for trouble with you, are you going to cry and look for parents or teachers to help you solve it? This is the reality of life in the future. Life will be faced with frustrations for a variety of reasons. I have said more than once that this school is different from other schools. This school is precisely a society with all kind of conditions. It’s simply reality. It’s not a greenhouse, and you’re not a flower. I don’t want the class that I’m in charge with to come out and be completely mediocre, unable to bear a little pressure, and want to have protection from me and others. The teachers won’t intervene as long as the problem is not big. Even if they did investigate, did you have any evidence? When the time come, they would brush everything off by saying it was an accident or unintentional. The second year seniors are already clear about the rules.”

Usagi notes: Next chapter — Counterattack. Finally this torture’s over. Lol. Also, if you haven’t read 2 moons, please read it. Our friend Suzushi is translating it. We’re also working on some chapters of the novel that’s in our “Untitled Story” project. XD




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