HIHEZL : Chapter 23 – Counterattack!

(Title – ! – fǎnjī! – Counterattack)

Author: Angelina

Translator: chiangyushien , Renkun27

Proofreader: KainGuru

Ke Bu thought a lot about his homeroom teacher’s words. Ke Bu was also a little concerned about the headmaster looking for Zhi Li. When he returned to the pavilion, he saw Gong Zhu and Zhou Xinhe dragging Ying Xiujie, who was just about to go berserk.

“What are you doing?”

“Just now, someone from the Taekwondo Club told Zhi Li to go to the library tonight, and I’m going to kill them.”

Unexpectedly, Ke Bu did not stop him: “En, since the teachers can’t be counted on, we have to kill them ourselves.”

Chu Haoyu also agreed. He stood up and moved his body: “It seems to be fine. Xinhe, put on cheerleading clothes and cheer me on.”

“Count me in.” Gong Zhu joined.

“I, I also want to go.” Zhou Xinhe joined. Su Youyan stood up.

“Youyan, where are you going?”

“Something happened, you guys…” Su Youyan paused: “Pay attention to your little lives.”

“You’re speaking too ominously!!!”

Everyone went back together to get ready, then gathered in front of the library afterwards. Gong Zhu got dressed up and could be called a beauty.

“Tell me, are you coming for a beauty pageant?”

Gong Zhu just laughed and did not say anything. In fact, Ke Bu had a small abacus [1] in his heart. This team was also about the same as a ruined army [2] — the chances of winning was really not much. In a short while, they entered the library. There were people waiting there.

([1]「小算盘」fig. A selfish calculation.)

([2]「残兵败将」remnants of a routed army, scattered remnants)

“I’ve waited for a very long time. I am He Xiaoshan of the Taekwondo Club.”

They gathered around and discussed: “Didn’t they say there would only be four people? Why do they have He Xiaoshan? The gatekeeper should be the weakest. Together, we can beat him.”

“No, if this comes out, how can we act with integrity? How can we become men?”

“Then I’ll go.” Ke Bu volunteered. If he chose the worst, it could be reckoned that the chances of winning was definitely a little higher.

“Let me face this one. I can see his eyes aren’t normal.” Gong Zhu was full of confidence. He Xiaoshan was also not in a hurry. He patiently waited for them to talk it over. He was personally trained by his brother He Dashan, and he also represented the school once in a competition. Gong Zhu went over, he looked back, then his eyes exuded tenderness and love: “Don’t tell Zhi Li Daren about this matter. I can endure humiliation in order to carry out an important mission for his sake.” Gong Zhu stood before He Xiaoshan, beautifully dressed with his pretty face, then he suddenly became pale: “Oh ah ah~ ~ ~” He slipped toward He Xiaoshan. He Xiaoshan supported Gong Zhu with his hands, then held him in his arms. Gong Zhu with rosy cheeks, said: “Thanks, thank you.”

He Xiaoshan was also blushing: “It’s nothing, did you get hurt?” It turned out that the reason why his eyes could be seen as not normal was because he likes men!!

“I’m all right, you?” Gong Zhu’s little face shone with radiance. He was delicate and charming. The outrageous xiaoshou’s stirring method came out: “Is it possible that Xiaoshan wants to hit me?”

“I, I need to heed my brother’s words.”

“Also, who am I to you? I’m only a stranger. Your brother’s more important than me, right?” He blinked with his big eyes.


Gong Zhu pressed He Xiaoshan’s mouth with his forefinger: “Don’t say anything and close your eyes. Just a moment’s good. Let’s enjoy this brief moment. We’re like Romeo and Juliet, destined not to be together.”

Ke Bu’s legs felt weak. He whispered to Ying Xiujie and Chu Hao Yu: “What to do. I’m going to puke.”

“I’m also about to.”

He Xiaoshan affectionately closed his eyes, then Gong Zhu slightly retreated, took a deep breath, and kneed He Xiaoshan’s family jewels like crazy, once, twice, thrice, four times, and five times. Even Ke Bu felt his little brother was also aching. He Xiaoshan was lying on the ground because of the pain and curled up his body. Gong Zhu also did not forget to kick him a few times to vent out his anger: “Taekwondo Club’s people, let me tell you this. I like men and like to be fucked by men, but not all men can fuck me, you’re more disgusting than me.” The outrageous xiaoshou also could not be underestimated. The group walked inside together.

“Hello.” A foreign student with dark skin appeared.

“My name is Did.”

“D~~id? D, you motherfucker!” Ke Bu cursed. Today’s events kept him in the position where he could not vent out. It would count as a major demerit anyway, so he might as well as throw caution to the wind.

Chu Haoyu stopped Ke Bu: “Let me handle Xiao Hei [3].” Chu Haoyu just stepped forward, then Xiao Hei punched Chu Haoyu in the face. He covered his face as he suffered from the pain. That good-looking face was disfigured.

([3] Means “Little Black,” a bit racist but yeah)

“Hey, what’s with your reaction? Hurry up, don’t you usually eat shit?” Ke Bu said.

“Yes ah, aren’t you still a man?” Ying Xiujie said.

Unfortunately, their team was a group, rapacious as a wolf and savage as a cur [4]: “I haven’t told you to start yet. You really don’t know how to follow the rules.”

([4]「狼心狗肺」lángxīn-gǒufèi – literally “heart of wolf and lungs of dog” which meant “cruel and unscrupulous.”)

Xiao Hei, “Sorry, are you ready? [5]”

([5] Said in English.)

Chu Haoyu gestured an OK sign. He had not fought for a while, and yet, he was kicked back again.

“You might as well as go home,” Ke Bu consoled Chu Haoyu.

“There’s just no way. He’s very strong. If it was an ordinary person, I would have beaten him down.”

“That, uhm, Hao Yu.” Zhou Xinhe called Chu Haoyu. A few people looked back and saw Zhou Xinhe take off her outer clothes. Inside, she was wearing a blue cheerleading outfit. Her cleavage, belly button, and thighs were all exposed. With both of her hands, she covered her body, then she shyly looked at Chu Haoyu: “Is this okay?”

Ke Bu seemed to see the blazing flames behind Chu Haoyu. He looked as if he was resurrected: “Yo, dude, can’t you see? It’s the time for my Little Yu to come back,” Chu Haoyu’s speed greatly increased as he rushed forward. He swept his left leg, and Xiao Hei jumped to avoid him, but it was too late to react. Chu Haoyu reached out and grabbed Xiao Hei’s collar, then pulled him in front of himself. Xiao Hei threw a fist but it was dodged by Chu Haoyu. Chu Haoyu head-butted Xiao Hei. Xiao Hei fell down but he was caught. Once again, Chu Haoyu knocked his head against Xiao Hei’s, and wrapped his hand around his neck. He pressed his legs behind Xiao Hei’s legs, and then pinned Xiao Hei down to the ground.

“By all means, don’t overlook the power of boobies. I fell because of boobies, and I also rose because of boobies, and in China, please speak Chinese,” Chu Haoyu made a dashing speech. Everyone swarmed on top of Xiao Hei and tied him up with a rope. Nevertheless, there was still strength in numbers.

Not far away from them, Ying Xiujie was suddenly kicked, sending him flying backwards. He knelt at the corner of the table and covered his belly. He Dashan clenched his fist: “Haven’t been beaten enough yet? It’s not as useless as it is now. I’ll ask you one last time, do you want to follow me?”

“What do you think is the reason why I was chosen to join this group?” Ying Xiujie’s voice was deep and low. He slowly stood up, took off his coat, and took out a white bandage and wrapped it around his fist: “When Zhi Li and I carried out a righteous man’s duel, yes, I was the loser, and when he earnestly invited me to join the group, right there and then, I knew that he was the man that I should follow.”

To recount, the scene that Ying Xiujie described and what Ke Bu saw was, in reality, very different. It was just that Ying Xiujie unluckily came across Zhi Li’s dark transformation, who dragged him to the restroom, and finally stomped on him to make him join the team.

“Just say it with your mouth.” While He Dashan was still talking, Ying Xiujie threw a punch, slightly arched his body, and nimbly danced about from left to right, but the equally flexible He Dashan also dodged. Ying Xiujie blocked his face with his fists, only exposing his sharp eyes. The two exchanged punches. The onlooking Ke Bu was somewhat dazzled. Even though He Dashan’s body was strong, in the long battle, there was some gasping for breath and significant decrease in his speed, but Ying Xiujie never changed from beginning to end. He quickly threw a punch: “Too slow.”

He Dashan dodged Ying Xiujie’s first punch, but the second punch ensued. After the third punch, He Dashan began to get tired. Ying Xiujie jumped and elbowed He Dashan’s shoulder. He Dashan screamed loudly and waived his fists. Ying Xiujie retreated: “Too slow, you’re too slow.”

He Dashan roared like a black bear. Hearing it would make one fearful. He charged toward Ying Xiujie, and the force of such vehemence and He Dashan’s strength should at least make Ying Xiujie’s injured body suffer, but Ying Xiujie suddenly pointed behind He Dashan: “What do you think that is?”

He Dashan blankly looked back. Ying Xiujie threw a hook punch an He Dashan’s head: “This is what Zhi Li taught me.” He Dashan fell to the ground: “That is what you call ‘being a man’!! Did you see it clearly?”

“You learn nothing worthwhile but you certainly soak up all the crap pretty quickly.”

Several people pushed He Dashan down; however, he was too strong. They could not get his hands tied. Ke Bu heard a sound coming from the second floor so he went up. A few books surrounded a table, and in it, a man with a gloomy face was sitting on a stool. Qiu Shui was sitting on the table in front of the man, with upturned slender legs.

“You must be the president of Taekwondo Club?”

“My name is Bi Fang. Are you afraid?”

“I’m only afraid of one person in my life, and I’m sorry, it’s not you. Was it really you bastards who sent those people to get us in trouble?”

“This, I won’t deny. Mad barking dogs should certainly learn their lesson, otherwise, how would you recognize your master?”

Bi Fang walked forward, and looked straight at Ke Bu. This man’s body exuded an aura that would make one shudder. With indifferent eyes, Bi Fang’s deft hand quickly stretched out to Ke Bu, but he was blocked: “You’ve underestimated me. I’ve known Zhi Li for so many years. Even if I didn’t want to, I unintentionally honed my self-defense capabilities.”

Bi Fang did not expect that, before him, this frail Ke Bu could block his hand. “I almost forgot, you’ve been following that monster. But I’ve been practicing taekwondo with all my might since senior high school. Many people knew how much I’ve suffered and how many injuries I’ve received just for this, but no matter how hard I try, people always take me and your school’s monster into comparison. He clearly did nothing, but in others’ eyes, he just surpassed me. I really don’t want to be a person who has not even seen the face of the person who’d defeat me.”

Ke Bu’s eyes became red. He clenched his fist and swung it to Bi Fang’s belly: “Don’t call him a monster. He’s got a name. All of you always do this. It’s always been like this even if Zhi Li never thought of comparing himself with anyone else. You’re there talking to yourself, acting out your own script, can’t you just give him a little peace? He’s definitely not a monster. Have you ever seen such a good-looking monster? Inevitably, there would always be idiots like you who’re too weak and blame others for being too strong.”

“Ha ha ha, you actually talk big.” Even if Bi Fang was unaffected by his punch that was just like a gentle fan, he punched again. Ke Bu’s arm only felt the tingling of the shock. This man was very powerful and Ke Bu knew it in himself that he was no match for him. He stretched out his legs wanting to kick him, but he was caught off guard. He did not expect Bi Fang would take a step back catching Ke Bu’s leg, and lightly flung it up. Ke Bu fell back, falling into a warm embrace. Ke Bu was startled so he looked back only to see a clean-as-before face, followed by Su Youyan from behind. Zhi Li stared at Ke Bu, then shallowly said: “Sorry, had to take a long detour so I came late.”



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